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    ACEGoons Mission Collection (ACE/ACEX/ACRE)

    Here are a few more missions. I haven't been updating these as quickly as I'd like, but I hope to get the others done fairly soon. Some of these are earlier missions of mine, so expect the quality to be a little rougher. Download: ACE Goons Mission Pack 2 Armaholic mirror: - ACEGoons Mission Pack 2 (@) Clafgan Lingor Tora Bora
  2. Hi there. This is a loose collection of missions I made for the Something Awful ACEGoons group. I've been sitting on them for a while, and I figured it was about time to release them publicly- I'm sure there are some groups out there who haven't moved on to Arma 3. These are all small to medium-sized co-ops and TVTs scattered across a variety of islands. ACE, ACEX and ACRE are required for all of these missions. I've hidden the precise details in the spoilers to avoid clogging up the page. Anyway, I made a good number of these missions while learning scripting, so expect the quality to vary some. I've torn apart countless missions to learn mission editing, and I think it's only fair to return the favor. Feel free to edit or share these missions in any way- God knows we have plenty of edits of our own floating about. All I ask is that you credit me if your changes aren't too egregious. If you do make any edits, please leave a comment! I'd like to see what people do with them. :) This first pack contains six small to medium-size co-ops and two medium-sized TVTs. I have about ten six more missions, but they all have some sort of outstanding balance, pacing or scripting issue that I want to tackle before releasing them. I'm releasing this first pack now because I feel that these missions are pretty much done. Please let me know if you encounter any serious issues I might have missed. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3803707/arma2/missions/ACEGoons%20Mission%20Pack%201.7z As a bonus, here's an I44 mission I made when we were experimenting with that. Requires ACRE. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3803707/arma2/missions/co13_i44_besieged.MCN_Neaville.pbo I spent a lot of time making these missions. I hope you enjoy them! Mission details: Chernarus Clafgan Fallujah Podagorsk Takistan Tora Bora
  3. Looks really good! The biggest thing that bothered me about All-in-Arma was the bizarre oversaturated lighting. Keep up the good work.
  4. SnuffyTheEvil

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Me and some friends are having trouble getting the spectator script working on player death. One of two things happen when a player dies; either they get stuck on a black screen or are stuck looking at their mangled corpse. Contents of description.ext: class Header { gameType= Team; minPlayers= 3; maxPlayers= 37; }; // We want to use the ACE Spectator script... respawn= "BIRD"; respawnDelay= 2; // Don't want AI Players disabledAI= 1; //debriefing debriefing = 1; Contents of onPlayerRespawnAsSeagull.sqs ; This script is triggered when a player becomes a bird... ; ie they die. ; ; We want to run the ACE Spectator Script in that situation. ; and switch their ACRE radio to the death one... ; This is run from the onPlayerRespawn.SQS.... ; ACRE bit first... Puts them into the death channel [true] call acre_api_fnc_setSpectator; ; Then the ACE Spectator... ; see http://wiki.ace-mod.net/Spectator+notes _this call ace_fnc_startSpectator; We've tested this in various dedicated/hosted environments using pretty much every script permutation available. Can anyone tell us what's going on?
  5. SnuffyTheEvil

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Does the ACR DLC use content from BWMod? Because I saw this on the Dingo's turret screen. http://i.imgur.com/oA1bN.jpg?1 Considering how lackluster a good chunk of the content in this DLC is already, I'm really hoping you don't tell me I paid ten bucks for something which is already free.
  6. SnuffyTheEvil

    Confirmed features now cancelled - your thoughts?

    I wouldn't exactly say "fix everything with DLC", but I agree that basic stability and polish are absolutely needed, but not as important as post-launch support. We don't need Arma 3 to go down the same path as Cliffs of Dover and Red Orchestra 2.