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  1. Had a quick play this weekend. Brilliant mod!
  2. melbo

    Mag Repack

    Thanks for the update, outlawled! Top man! Now, any chance of an updated The Fourth Wall? Will love you long time if so!
  3. Seeing as there are no DTAS events for the next 3 weeks, I've organised a server running DTAS with RHS:E for tonight. Anyone going to be interested?
  4. I simply created an empty pod called drop1 with the init as this allowDamage false; this setpos [(getpos this select 0), (getpos this select 1),1000]; In the playable unit init: this moveInDriver drop1 Should give you something like this:
  5. How did tonight go? Wanted to try it out but was busy :(
  6. Looks great fun! Would love to see some tweaked (Predator-esque) thermal vision instead of standard night vision and I'm guessing you're totally invisible when cloaked? Maybe something like this would be good...http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185707-Optical-Active-Camo Yes, Predator is one of my favourite films!
  7. Thanks for the update, NeoArmageddon. Will check it out tonight after I finish work. As for putting the map into the next version I'm not so sure. I've had a couple of people who run these Life servers asking to use it "exclusively" for their servers to which I said no to. Their reply? "I'll wait till you release it and just rip it out of your mission." So for now it's getting all pulled serverside so they can't get their grubby hands on it. Edit - More than happy to give it to you to use so you can see how poorly I probably used your addon!
  8. It's all WIP mate. Read the first post.
  9. Fantastic bit of kit this! Had a bit of a boring weekend and remade the Crash map from CoD4 to see what it was capable of. Must say I am impressed Need volunteers for people to run around in VR suits and shoot lasers at each other now!
  10. Not a problem guys! I'm already running about Kunduz with British forces assaulting a Terry Taliban compound. Me likey. Really looking forward to see what is in store for PR:A3!
  11. MEGA link up - https://mega.co.nz/#!AwMWUZpT!iiZpy9uPU0plXBdwoFmTSOJED4Ibf-HzBsst53bCqUc Really looking forward to seeing how this one progresses. Looks good at this early stage.
  12. I can have a Mega mirror up in...15 minutes if you want?
  13. No other mods needed. Now checking it out in the editor.
  14. Hi guys, my mission/mod is ready for a good testing session. We are hoping for tomorrow (Saturday) evening 2000 UK time. The mission is small infantry based sector control. Think *shudder* Battlefield 4 conquest but not as gash. Each team has a limited number of tickets, capture the majority of the points to start bleeding the enemy of their tickets. Each death removes 1 ticket from your team also. It's also not vanilla, it's using the Clafghan map and some other mods but I have made a single download containing all you will need to play. Download link - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ZmAtz1fru8WEZHMk1kRnFzakk/edit?usp=sharing Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ContactFront Details for server is in the Event on the Steam group. Will update any details closer to the time such as TS if you wish to join us. Hope to see some of you on the server over the weekend!
  15. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, LordJarhead. My only requests are clear working parts noises when you're in first person and get rid of that "battle rattle" when you move/change stance! If I sounded like my KFS were bouncing off my mess tins I got a punch in the back of the head for being a crowbag!