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  1. After some hard work and many discussions we decided to make all our ArmA II files Open Source. Yes this includes our easy to use Persistent Stat Save Server for any ArmA II Multiplayer mission, This includes all Life servers such as Takistan Life, Zargabad Life, Chernarus Life etc, Also for Wasteland. Also included is our Dynamic Item and Weapons spawning scripts, Wasteland Persistent DB and Life Server Stat Saver. For more information visit our website: http://www.za-gamers.co.za, You will find all related items in our forum under the Open Source Projects Category. If you find our files usefull please don't hesitate to click on the contribution link on the main page. If you are unable to donate consider using our email and forum signature! You are welcome to contact me: bollazee@za-gamers.co.za Thank you / Kind Regards Happy Gaming ZA-Gamers
  2. hi there We have started hosting a Takistan Life server with stat save for those who want to take a break from Dayz. filter: ZA Gamers. No mod downloads are required, for those who dont know what Life server are can view clips youtube. we got over 120 players in under a week. Stats are saved and persistent Check it out :) Thank you / Kind Regards
  3. Hi there, im new to hosting etc we are running a charnarus life server, we would like to integrate this persistent Database to save the players money on him, money in his bank, the items and licenses,his location and vehicles, is there anyone that can assist us in this please? what must we change to enable this? or will this mod automatically save all those stats? Thank you / Kind Regards
  4. Hi there we want to run a custom created user mission called charnarus life. we got everything working except saving the stats of the players, you can disconnect and reconnect and you will still have all your items, but as soon as the server restarts you lose everything, is there a way we can save player stats locally or on the server? so that if the server restarts that they can just rejoin and continue with their game? Thank you / kind regards