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  1. thanks XxAnimusxX I really appreciate your help I will try this soon. =)
  2. MadM0nkey

    Domination for Single Player

    I have always wished Xeno would have made all versions of it for SP that would have been really great. I just tried this out and I must say it's really nice to finally be able to play domi alone without all the kiddie cheats spoiling my game. I hope you decide to add co40 DomiA2! West or TNTversion someday! thank you for sharing it with us. :)
  3. thank you for the lightning speed reply with explination & I will try skype. thanks.
  4. Mission makers one is open = The address type is unknown or unsupported in otherwords dead link =( what we really need here is an ArmA multiplayer scripting guru help center hotline for Armaholic Dummies group
  5. I know life tends to get in the way, that being said we hope you will continue to surprise us with new stuff like releases & any news on your future planned ultra top secret projects. =)
  6. hi wesley, you can use only predefined factions and group classes for factions at BI Wiki here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/faction group classnames here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgGroups as far as creating your own Custom Civilian Groups you may need to do some custom rework on the the script _skill = [0.2, 0.8]; _side = civilian; _units = ["Citizen2", "Citizen1", "Citizen3", "Citizen4", "Doctor", "Profiteer2", "Rocker1", "SchoolTeacher", "Damsel1", "Farmwife4"]; _ccg = [_skill, _side, _units, [], [], _skill]; {[_x] joinsilent (group _ccg)} forEach (units group this); // Custom Insert faction if (_faction == "CIV") then { _unit setVariable ["infantry", ["_ccg"], true]; };
  7. MadM0nkey

    Problems with paratroopers ...

    follow twirlys paradrop Test_Para_Drop.utes scripts with demo example in this topic here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?129636-Eject-script&p=2085298&viewfull=1#post2085298 if you just want to look at the code itself read my post #9 in the below link, it's the same as in the demo above but with exception of the changed vehicle name "truck" rather then "plane" http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?115778-Start-squad-in-transport&p=2528984&viewfull=1#post2528984 the syntax should still work in ARMA: ARMED ASSAULT but may need to change .sqf to .sqs ?? <edit> omg did I just necro reply? *face desk*
  8. You need to Obey Rule #1 pretty sure this belongs as a post and not a thread in Modding 101 Suggestions with Questions and Answers in "Another" forum.
  9. MadM0nkey

    my cd-keys get instantly taken from me

    did you fail to mention if the game was purchased at say a used video game store? or a used game purchased at a store that sells used games? I'm not sure how that works exactly but pretty sure the guy who sells the game to the store "keeps the key" and simply returns home to download the game off the net. = why it was stolen. (that's my guess) <edit> my advise is to reformat your pc (write zeros) then update the OS "then" install a fresh brand new copy of "ARMA X" onto your PC ..after which avoid any sites offering free dayz ish cheatish types of exe ish aps. that should have been done right off the bat. If it gets stolen because you fail at being suspiciously cautious when installing "ArmA tool.exe" then that becomes your fault. for not being suspiciously cautious in the first place.
  10. 41 views & no help? I take it Splinter Cell sound fx editing falls under the category: not cool enough to help you *bumb*
  11. make sure you drop down a functions module and name it BIS_fnc also add a preload manager module name your player: tester test each sound in your editor by placing down a trigger switch near your player when you load into preview. in the trigger switch On Act empty field put: tester say "gate_close"; you should hear it unless your sound files are screwed up in some way. are you sure your path to the file is correct? "\sound\gate_close.ogg" and not-> "\sounds\gate_close.ogg" <edit> K never mind what I wrote above, I see your problem in the code you do not need all the "quotes in the class CfgSounds part of the syntax at the top. (don't change below that) class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {[color=#ff0000]"[/color]gate_close[color=#ff0000]"[/color],[color=#ff0000]"[/color]ping[color=#ff0000]"[/color],[color=#ff0000]"[/color]sg_flash[color=#ff0000]"[/color],[color=#ff0000]"[/color]sg_thrue2[color=#ff0000]"[/color],[color=#ff0000]"[/color]sg_voda[color=#ff0000]"[/color],[color=#ff0000]"[/color]sg_chevronlock[color=#ff0000]"[/color],sgc_alarm}; it should look like this class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {gate_close, ping, sg_flash, sg_thrue2, sg_voda, sg_chevronlock, sgc_alarm};
  12. things you may see in arma2 ca warfare example missions
  13. taken from twirlys old utes mv22 paradrop demo, yes it works for vehicles too. loadsquads.sqf //move sqd1 into truck for "_i" from 0 to (count (units sqd1)-1) do { _unit = (units sqd1) select _i; _unit assignAsCargo truck1; _unit moveInCargo truck1; sleep 0.5; }; //move sqd2 into truck for "_i" from 0 to (count (units sqd2)-1) do { _unit = (units sqd2) select _i; _unit assignAsCargo truck1; _unit moveInCargo truck1; sleep 0.5; }; need to kick them out at a specific waypoint? ejectsquads.sqf //basically do the reverse of putting them in //eject squad 1 for "_i" from 0 to (count (units sqd1)-1) do { _unit = (units sqd1) select _i; unAssignVehicle _unit ; _unit action ["EJECT", truck1]; sleep 0.5; }; sleep 1; //eject squad 2 for "_i" from 0 to (count (units sqd2)-1) do { _unit = (units sqd2) select _i; unAssignVehicle _unit; _unit action ["EJECT", truck1]; sleep 0.5; }; to load in the troops add to init.sqf: nul = [] execVM "loadsquads.sqf"; to kick the squads out at waypoint: in the [On Act] empty field of a waypoint add: nul = [] execVM "ejectsquads.sqf"; lastly make sure each leader has this in their init field: team leader of the first group Init field: sqd1 = group this; team leader of the second group Init field: sqd2 = group this;
  14. best bet is to PM the author .. sometimes I get frustrated with lack of explanations so I get your issue.
  15. MadM0nkey

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    I didn't know it was a "blouse" as you say it is, all I do know is there is an error there.. so I reported it just to make sure it wasn't something I did wrong on my end + double make sure it wasn't released with an error ..Now I regret reporting ..people in here are starting to give me a good stare like- 'look at this guy all upset because he can't wear 'his blouse..''O_o` oh btw don't forget to make us some camo issue purses to match our m16's *runs out of the room crying* MM