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  1. That Is great news. But as suggested by TonyGrunt, Please don't do this...I _WANT_ the kids to get banned on DayZ, then buy A3 especially since they got banned and have nothing to play, only to find out they are banned on that too. The rage/crying/saving on mommys credit card will be very satisfying indeed.
  2. Day#1 Joe spams VOIP with the gangnam style tune Admin permanently bans player for being retarded What system? :)
  3. IMO trying to keep a mission under lock and key and trying to "copyright" it to give to who you choose is not the way to go. I've seen myself a handful of Life missions where communities have tried to "copyright" them and put their name as the footer for every SQF. Half of the SQF's in these missions where written in 2011 for god sake, probably used in OFP Life missions before that and moved over! I haven't seen any enforcement in the fact of "stealing" missions (stealing; ie using/editing the mission without the developers permission) in ArmA 2 at all (Well, I have infact. In the form of "sending hackers to fuck a server up", But i'd hardly call that enforcing), so there is no reason why people _should_ care about asking. I agree, I would ask and I'm sure many others would out of politeness. There is one slight advantage to being the developer of course, you have the latest content/updates/bug fixes to release, and people will join because of that. You shouldn't have to worry about others using your mission, because you will always be the founder, and have the latest content.
  4. Whilst I disagree with the massive in-game advantages some offer in return for donations on Wastland/DayZ/Life, You don't have to ask anyone for permission to edit/use a mission file...
  5. TW_

    Altis Life Server [Live]

    Join the server and you will download the missions it's running....?
  6. TW_

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I've been watching a livestream for the past few hours. It looks amazing. You can have trailers on cars, tow trucks with working tow hooks... :D 18wheelers and go on a rampage down the highway chasing deer! Police lights look much better, i'm glad they improved them Amazing!
  7. He (DM) is a BI employee... as per my last post in this thread. I agree, It was very much a anti-climax for me indeed, and i'm sure a LOT of others.
  8. One had the first reply, and look what it says smh KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! WE LOVE THE FIRING RANGES!!!!!!
  9. Why would you kick someone if you aren't certain they are hacking..... What I think you have done is copy and pasted some BE filters that don't correspond with your mission file into your BE dir and think they will work off the bat. Set them up properly for this mission, and then things like this will get auto kicked etc if you wish. It's _your_ server, read the logs and determine weather what it says should be happening in that mission.
  10. You've already asked this here... Download a PBO tool and unpack, then search for the sqf containing the starting money. "Admin Commands".... AKA "I am a super admin and I want hacks"? The only commands/filters you need for a server are from battleye, nothing clientside I suggest you use your favorite search engine to find the answers to any questions you have. They have been asked loads, and answered.
  11. Why post a reply then? You obviously have no idea what he is asking. He isn't asking how to download the mods... (and no, you don't _need_ addonsync, there are other, quicker ways of downloading them) He is asking for the BIKEY..... They don't own any mission. I would be ashamed to put my name beside that mission anyway! Outdated POS, Not forgetting the Admin Hacks (or as they call them "perks") they have in the mission as well LOL. As for your question tylerturton, TCG haven't released the key to public, so you won't get it from anywhere unless a server admin (Not necessarily from TCG) has it and can give it to you.
  12. If you want to keep your hair stick to Linux :) Windows is just complete ****, there's no other way to put it. If you look here and take a browse through the thread, I'm sure you will get your answer about BEC. As for the mission/mods, It depends what they contain as to weather you can run it on Linux or not. If it uses call extension for example on the mods, you wouldn't be able to use it on Linux.
  13. How to get any scripts to load (They are not loading?), or you want to load 'a' script you added?