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  1. strelnikoff

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for such quick replies to you both, stagler and Ronin! :) From the video? I'll try. :) Got a question though (haven't watched the teaser yet - it IS almost an hour long): there aren't any "heavy" sniper rifles and other non-SVD systems right now, which are sorely missed. Russians have MANY different sniper rifles, like SV-98, KSVK, OSV-96, VKS / VSSK Vychlop, Lobaev SVL, MTs-116M, ORSIS T-5000... Are any of these planned for future releases (not talking just about 0.3.5)? - Another question (yes, I know, sorry): the long braking distances/somewhat weak brakes of vehicles (like the humvee) are these intentional? Does the AGM mod interfere with the settings? Or is it a bug? I appreciate these are cars at least twice as heavy as normal everday vehicles, but normally brake systems are adjusted to that. Like scooter brakes vs Fireblade brakes. :D
  2. You can disagree all you want, can say I'm wrong, but fact remains I still died and there was no AI anywhere in line of sight and no other enemy AI unit within 600m. You can draw any sort of conclusions you want from that, as will I. :p Possible. Or maybe there were some issues with the rendering of the terrain and it wasn't as bullet-resistant as it should've been. Fact is, I died and there were no other suspects. Um, yes, they do. Their ability was very noticable in A2 for example on Chernarus. And through buildings... does that mean in your opinion everyone that has, in this and other threads, confirmed they were spotted and attacked by enemy through walls even though they had not been in enemy's LoS before that, is wrong? Yes, *nods vehemently in agreement*, 360 degrees. Yes, I would call that ridiculously high. :) Your reply comes across like you've taken on the duty of disproving and negating everything everyone else, who has had issues with AI, has ever said on this and other threads. ;-) It's a tough one, one I don't envy you, so let me wish you the best of luck and happy winter solstice holidays. ;-)
  3. strelnikoff

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Where can I find a summary of those features? EDIT: checked on FB and there's talk about 0.3.5 (a teaser) not 0.3.1?
  4. strelnikoff

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I tried to integrate this mod into LEA, but not having much luck. Has anyone successfully done it?
  5. I tried to integrate this mod into LEA, but not having much luck. Has anyone successfully done it?
  6. strelnikoff

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    When IS the next release or even fix? :)
  7. A theory stops being a theory when it happens. Then it become empirical. There was no other AI around and I got killed by gunshots from AI. Just because you yourself never experienced it doesn't mean it hasn't or can't happen. Which I guess means you're still either regarding me as a liar or a fool. :icon_rolleyes: Well, I guess you're pretty lucky then, because many people HAVE been. Just look around, scroll through the forums and talk to players on servers. I have and I've long since confirmed through personal talks and listening to others talk among each other that it's also happening to them. Otherwise I wouldn't have been making these claims.
  8. Sure, call me a liar, why don't you? :( Which wasn't as frequent as the all-present superhuman AI in A3... It happened, but not every time. Enemy combat AI in A3 is tons worse than in Opf as it's evident from other threads and even from the posts of people in this thread. Frustration with stupid pathfinding (re the time it takes for squad to board a chopper in A2, many times ending with them standing around uselessly because even in A2 they are basically saying "Can't get there!") is a different type of cake than combat AI of the enemy that can and will sour the game with already-mentioned superhuman abilities. Like the first parts of the Medal of Honor series (which took place in WWII) where a German sniper would kill you from 1km the very first fraction of a second your first hair peeked out from behind a house as you turned that corner for the very first time. IIRC most of the early MoH games were notorious for ultra accurate and fast AI. There was also the Delta Force series by Novalogic, which I otherwise liked, where they would hit you with an RPG head-on at 300m, but just wouldn't see you when you were standing in front of them. No joking, I actually tried it in Black Hawk Down part - located an enemy in an alley and rushed towards him, stopping about 1.5m in front of him and waiting. What did he do? He continued crouching and looking around for enemy, took him more than 10 seconds to get a clue I was getting into his face. and even then he didn't care to terminate me with prejudice, rather taking a few haphazard pot-shots in my direction. You can get around friendly AI pathfinding problems by eventually just leaving them at the starting position or letting them get slaughtered and then finishing the misison by yourself, but you can't get around AI spotting and attacking you through hard cover considering that contact with them is the very goal of the mission and thus unavoidable. I personally find AI killing me in every possible and impossible way much more frustrating than a friendly AI that doesn't want to cooperate. Either I leave him there or simply shoot him in the head to save myself complaints about being too far and loot his body for weapons; but AI that's slaughtering me every step of the way doesn't leave me much chance to dealt with except for eventually giving up. Agreed. To each his own. :) I personally loved the challenge of adapting to varied terrain and conditions. Got more thrill out of devising tactics for new situations and then executing a perfect assault, using every advantage and then finishing with no casualties, than the fast-paced combat of CQB. If I had a wish for that I had America's Army and CoD to fulfill it. Well, of course it was inexistent in Opf, what with urban environments consisting of 5-10 houses sparsely thrown around and the maps being mostly rural or wilderness. :p :D
  9. Thank you for mentioning that as I completely forgot about one very weird problem I had 2 weeks ago while playing Wasteland. I don't know how, I don't know why, but there was some conflict between A3 and Teamspeak. End result was that I had absolutely no sound in the game from the start, which I started with TS already running. Only when I closed down the game and steam and restarted both, then reconnected to the server did I have sound again. Absolutely puzzling. Now that you mention it, last night I played on a server (I won't say which for their and my protection ;-) ) where, after the end of the round a pilot complained about having been shot and killed by a ground AI with a rifle while he was flying. I've never played with him before so I can't say whether I believe him (it does sound pretty unbelievable), but the others who know him did. Then again, with what I saw online after I wrote my last post last night, it is possible. And I can remember my own experience in A2 about being killed by an Land Rover mounted SPG on 2 or 3 km while flying a Cobra perpendicular to it at 190 kmh - those deadly accurate SPG's had me cursing a lot in A2. One can imagine what it was like having to explain to the ground leader (who was also the community leader) that their only CAS has been killed by an unguided rocket. I read recently (I think on this forum, another thread) a good description about AI: it's got only two modes: aware and combat and nothing else.
  10. Will try, the problem is though I'm quickly running out of hard-drive space and since I play online it will mean letting FRAPS (with it's gigantic filesizes) record for hours on end in hopes of catching that single moment. xD Thing is though, from discussion just a few hours ago on some server, it's obvious exactly these AI superhuman abilities have been noticed by other players as well since there was a lot of anger over being shot through walls when the AI shouldn't have even known they were there. The problem is I'm playing online and the servers themselves don't have these mods. :( The bigger point, at least from where I'm looking at it, is, that it's not modders (players) job to fix these bugs, shortcomings, flaws, etc., but that of developers. They are, after all, getting paid for that and it is, literally, in their job description and contract. For the last few years I've also been getting the impression with the increasing number of devs that they consider us players as not just buyers, but also beta-testers that are paying to beta-test and also free fixers of most of the bugs at the same time. Thus, free labor that is on top of it paying to work for free... Then there's the fact that free demos are a thing of the past what with payable Alphas and Betas, second-hand market is being systematically destroyed or disabled and I'm not sure I like where everything altogether is heading in the gaming industry. To paraphrase Hamlet, there is something rotten in the land of multimedia. Don't worry, this time it's not up for discussion or debate, just an expression of my PERSONAL OPINION. :) Agreed! Not to repeat myself, I'm old fashioned in the regard that think Betas should be free demos and released games should also be finished products with as little bugs as possible. I still remember time when bugged-out games (for example SIN) were an abberation and exception rather than the rule and the demos were free to play, rather different to how it is nowadays. Personally, I would rather wait another year for a game to be released, than get an unplayable, unsable or "unfit for purpose" product. :) Sadly I have to admit I am of the same opinion, I don't see the game reaching a satisfactory state for years yet. It HAS been 15 months since release (and more since it became open to public with payable Alpha - has nobody noticed these problems in Alpha and Beta already? how did the game even get through the bug-searching stage and get released in the first place?), which is a lot of time for something to still be in such a state, and we still have this situation. The best temporary, ONLINE, solution for the AI problems would be large-scale TvT (please note I'm not talking about Life or Wasteland or anything like that, but more along of Domination, etc.), but until a suitable successor to ACE arrives (I know for example that a certain community is waiting to see what will happen with the Veterans mod - VTN, that they consider the biggest potential right now) the biggest TvT A2 communities will wait with moving over to A3 and still continue to play A2. Until then we can only hope that the devs will instead of giving us nice, but not urgent candy like shooting from the back and vortex ring effect (for minutely realistic flying there is DCS which provides realistic simulation for REALISTIC and real-life aircraft instead of futuristic aircraft for which I at least am not even sure if it should act like that), rather concentrate on the truly pressing issues, problems and bugs. I'm not saying this game is a steaming pile of dung, there's a lot of good stuff in it and stuff I like, sadly it just has issues, long-standing and ignored issues, that in some situations can become game-breaking. After all, how long would anyone want to play against an opponent that sees and kills through walls before the player can even make a bit of difference, before getting to the point of giving up and walking away?
  11. strelnikoff

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Very good news, thank you. Was there any word on when the update is out? I haven't been around any and 134 pages is quite a lot to go through for one piece of info. Until then, do you perhaps know of a tutorial on how to write those CfgWeapons.hpp and other Cfgxxx.hpp files? I might just give it a shot myself.
  12. strelnikoff

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Anyone who plays on a server where other mods and vanilla stuff are used as well?....
  13. If you can't figure that out yourself, then I can't help you, sorry, mate.
  14. strelnikoff

    2000+ Hours

    I wonder how many of you guys, claiming how amazing this game is and so on, have gotten into the series only with A3?