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  1. Thanks for these mate, keep it up buddy, would love some for the cars if you could, the templates you provide make my life so much easier. Good Job buddy.
  2. brucehamill

    Mission Trigger in Altis Life

    Thank you for the response's guys, unfortunately they dont work, i can still use the message but by activating it in the effects tab, the Colour doesn't work, It works if i trigger it as a hint, but i can live with that... The damage thing is the one bugging, me, In Altis Life i have tried going through the EMP scripts to see what is called when the Emp disables a vehicle but as i said in my OP im no coder, i can copy and paste pretty well and fix a line if i get an error. Its frustrating to be honest as its the last thing i need to really polish before my mission is ready....Is there a way to maybe trigger a missile warning without it actually happening, or even making it happen but having the vehicle completely hidden on the map so nobody can use it but its still functional for this purpose only... Im basically just trying to make it hard for people to bust Crims out of jail without completely sealing off the jail. I want them to have a chance but they need to work for it. another idea i had was to maybe put some objects on the ground, like 4-6 hammers or something and create a trigger that sets off loads of smoke but then realized that everytime someone was jailed it would set it off as i cant trigger the marker off an empty vehicle....Or can I ??? Plus i wouldn't even know how to actually do that anyway, :-(
  3. Hello all I know the basics of making a trigger but im really looking for something specific and need a pro's help to do what i require. What i would like is to have a trigger over the Federal prison that warns aircraft they are entering restricted airspace, this i can do via the effects text tab, but i want the text to show in red ??? How do i go about this. Also I need another trigger that after say 45 seconds of an aircraft entering, it disables the tail rotor or somehow damages the aircraft enough that it becomes either really hard to fly, or disabled completely. I have made some efforts to try this and done some research but ive drawn a blank, as most damage triggers that are documented get linked to a named aircraft or vehicle, in Altis Life that is not quite possible unless i have to do it via a script, which I cant write either. Any help much apreciated.
  4. Cant get this to work, download, click exe, nothing..Doesnt work.
  5. Guys while your on the subject, I was wondering if someone can tell me how to change the color of the text displayed in a Trigger effect, I have the trigger working just want the text to be in red not white ??, Im using the effects tab as i think its better as opposed to putting a hint in on activation ?? For example will this work "<t color='#FFFFFF' >";WARNING!! This is Restricted Airspace, You have 1:30 seconds to Leave or your aircraft will be disabled"
  6. Hi guys, quick question, Is there an easy way to add more spawn locations/redeploy locations, I need to add 5 to be precise, any help majorly appreciated or at least an idea where to look, cant find anything on this.
  7. brucehamill

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    Hi guys can anyone give me a good set of Launch Params for my Rig, been having issues recently on a number of servers, and think this will help after reading a few threads on it Intel i5 4670k haswell Nvidia GTX 580 Ram 8gb Win 7 64 bit
  8. To be honest I try and avoid as much of the content as possible that involves me being grouped with AI squads, they are diabolical when it comes to doing anything relatively simple and serve no purpose what so ever on most missions other than a distraction so I can complete it solo. What I find more frustrating is on missions that require you to call squads in, they seem to do ok, but its the guys that are placed in your squad that seem to have a spaz out with most commands you give them. They do need a massive rework, or at least the missions need adjusting so you don't have to use them at all, let me call squads in or air support. I love ARMA and have played now for years, but I also have a lot of friends who refuse to play this game based on the AI that is present in campaign missions. Not all players come to a game and jump into multi-player, and the solo campaign side of ARMA is very much the shop window for perspective players to get an idea of what is to come, this game is at its best in Multi-player, but people trying to learn the game and figure it out will use the Campaign as a training ground... If it sucks,or becomes a bad experience by having a player constantly fight to get the AI that's there to help, actually doing what it should be, then they leave. For me it should be an absolute flawless showcase for players to experience, by giving a bad impression you are only losing paying customers, and I have seen first hand, a few of my friends refuse to buy this game based on there experience with previous AI in ARMA 2... Now it appears that 3 is suffering the same flawed mistakes, and really should not be an issue for content that is produced as part of the base package. Its not a very good advert for the rest of the game is it. But instead of just complaining I would like to offer some of my thoughts on fixing it... A complete redesign of the AI UI system, Imho there is simply to much info there to get them to do a simple task, when i ask them to copy my stance, they dont, when i ask them to shoot at something they miss, and to accomplish that process requires a menu system that is not clear. The game would benefit from a more refined menu. Only yesterday I played one of the showcase missions and after 10 mins two of my squad were out of ammo, I made one of them pick up a Kataiba on option 1, where he then proceeded to run almost 600m to a weapon before getting himself killed, I was standing next to a Kataiba, so surely the number 1 option represented the closest weapon to me, this was not the case. On replay I did the same thing, this time I followed the AI to the weapon, this time he did retrieve it, then completely refused to use it after I had actually placed the mags for the weapon in his backpack. Sorry but this is basic stuff, and is not helped by the confusing menu system that imho offers far to many options or keypress options to get them to do what you want. And there is to much on offer, I do not need to split them into teams, i do not need to see lists of potential targets that offer no relevance to what is closest or furthest away, In getting the AI to rearm, they are completely incapable of going to the closest possible point, and just randomly run off ignoring any danger. Im sure most of you have experienced these issues, and for me it is the core to why the system does not work, if the AI can not perform simple easy tasks that are right in front of them , why is there even the option to have them scan a horizon for an enemy they can not hit, engage properly, or provide any feasible feedback to the player without getting themselves killed. Its an overly complicated system that has the player trawling through over complicated menus and commands to get the AI to the simplest thing. Some players have provided and worked on MODS to help with the situation, and I stress the word HELP, as it does not fix it. But!! as I said earlier, a new player to the game is not going to know about the mods and is going to play the campaign and showcases as they are....If they do not work or involve the player spending 30 mins of a 15 min mission trying to get the AI to rearm, then its not a very good advert for the game itself. I know about mods, and appreciate that ARMA is about the multi-player. I have played for years, and always offer up advise to new players if I meet them, but how many get lost based on a poor showing in the single player game ???
  9. Please update the PlayWithSix version guys :-)
  10. Hi i was in the middle of editing when all of a sudden the game crashes every-time i try to load into multiplayer then edit a mission, i thought i had broke the mission but have removed them all, and noticed a small steam update, its still crashing, have verified my files and no issues but cannot edit a mission at all ???? ---------- Post added at 00:58 ---------- Previous post was at 00:49 ---------- Fixed it, it was a corrupted map file...:-(
  11. brucehamill

    Cant join MP - files not signed

    No doubt the srevers you are trying to connect to are running mods, if you dont have the correct keys and correct mods you get get the unsigned message i believe, check when you select a server that there are no mods running on it.
  12. @Saul Ok mate, yeah i was in it alone and in the pilot seat, buddy came on later and we duo's in it and everything worked fine, dude cant thank you enough for this Mod, what are the chances of you doing the Eurofightter :-)
  13. Hi, great mod, absolutely loving this, in response to some posters about lock-on, there seems to be a bug with the F18 F model, when flying the E i get all relevant locks on ground and air targets but in the F i get no targeting boxes or lockon.....Maybe something the guys can fix, for now am using the E ::-)
  14. brucehamill

    Arma 3 released, what are your opinions?

    Finally its here and from what ive seen so far on Dev build its looking good, and cant wait to see what else has been added, its a rather large download so should all be good, more importantly I cant wait for a stable ACE / ACRE and JSRS so me and my clan can get into to some proper mission running :-), game is optimized perfectly and runs like a dream on my DEDI and P.C. Good times ahead :-)