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  1. Sc0rc3d

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Just my 2 cents. :) @McRuppert: Link to makearmanotwar in the Video Description! :)
  2. Sc0rc3d

    KGB Camo Faces

    Nice Cartman! :)
  3. Sc0rc3d

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Hi Guys, are there any "AI-Mods" AI-improvement Addons how work good with Upsmon like TPWCAS in Arma3? Cheers Sc0rc3d
  4. Hi Guys, i made an Intro Video in Sony Vegas (mp4). The quality is great but if i code it to ogv (what i need to play it in Arma (right?)) the quality is getting worse. Is it possible to Render it in ogv in around 1080p? If so with which settings and Tool? And i have a question about the AI. I'm not sure what mod or Scripts is it worth actualy. Does UPSMON a good job or i need an additional Mod/Script that the AI don't kills with one shot and act a bit more natural? Thanks for your help. :) Cheers Sc0rc3d
  5. Hello people I wanted to ask which of these modules will work in multiplayer? Or pulling it too far down the performance? Are there good settings?
  6. Sc0rc3d

    Arma3 Videos

    Gmwo's MechWarriors aka (Wanderpanzer) :D cheers Sc0rc3d
  7. @gmwo Your Mod is Great! Here my 2 cents to it. :) cheers Sc0rc3d
  8. Sc0rc3d

    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    @gonza I already viewed this video but this is Singleplayer only. In Singleplayer i get it working too like the guy in the Video. Meanwile i get it working that the Zeus UI is showing in Multiplayer but i actual only can place Bluefor Units....
  9. Sc0rc3d

    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    Hi Folks, Zeus is great to play with in Singleplayer. But i wannt to make a Mulitplayer Match (and not use the zgm 16+2 master altis (nato)) Missions. But what Modules i need to place? I find it a bit pity that there is no Multiplayer-Editor-Example. And why is the mission files (zgm 16+2 master altis) not found to reverse eng.? Maybee some smart guy has figured it out. :) Cheers Sc0rc3d
  10. Is it possible to define zones where is no 'module' active? I had a strange problem in my MP-Missions that sometimes triggers be activated without any human player nearby.
  11. Sc0rc3d

    =BTC= Revive

    Thanks a lot =KCT=BlackMamba :)
  12. Sc0rc3d

    =BTC= Revive

    Iam not sure what i did wrong. I wannt no respawn just a black screen and only revive with medipack/first aid kit like "ACE2". But there is no blacksreen and respawn works -.- Maybee someone can see my isue? :) ////////////////// EDITABLE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BTC_r_new_system = 0; //WIP - set 1 to activate it BTC_r_wait_for_revive = 0;//If BTC_r_new_system set to 1 you can choose if you want or not a revive time available after death (Similar to wounding system in ACE) BTC_r_action = 0;//[NOT IMPLEMENTED] - 0 if you don't want the healing animation (ACE style), 1 if you want the animations (You can't stop the animation) BTC_r_med_fa = 1;//0 for only first aid kit, 1 if you don't have a medikit you need a first aid kit, 2 only medikit BTC_r_cpr_time = 60; BTC_r_trans_ratio = 100; BTC_revive_time_min = 5; BTC_revive_time_max = 800; BTC_who_can_revive = ["Man"]; BTC_loop_check = 0; BTC_disable_respawn = 1; BTC_respawn_gear = 1; BTC_active_lifes = 1; BTC_lifes = 20; BTC_spectating = 0;//0 = disable; 1 = units group; 2 = side units; 3 = all units BTC_spectating_view = [0,0];//To force a view set the first number of the array to 1. The second one is the view mode: 0 = first person; 1 = behind the back; 2 = High; 3 = free BTC_s_mode_view = ["First person","Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_black_screen = 1;//Black screen + button while unconscious or action wheel and clear view BTC_action_respawn = 0;//if black screen is set to 0 you can choose if you want to use the action wheel or the button. Keep in mind that if you don't use the button, the injured player can use all the action, frag too.... BTC_camera_unc = 1; BTC_camera_unc_type = ["Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_respawn_time = 0; BTC_active_mobile = 0;//Active mobile respawn (You have to put in map the vehicle and give it a name. Then you have to add one object per side to move to the mobile (BTC_base_flag_west,BTC_base_flag_east) - (1 = yes, 0 = no)) BTC_mobile_respawn = 0;//Active the mobile respawn fnc (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_mobile_respawn_time = 30;//Secs delay for mobile vehicle to respawn BTC_need_first_aid = 1;//You need a first aid kit to revive (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_pvp = 0; //(disable the revive option for the enemy) BTC_injured_marker = 1; BTC_3d_can_see = ["Man"]; BTC_3d_distance = 30; BTC_3d_icon_size = 0.5; BTC_3d_icon_color = [1,0,0,1]; BTC_dlg_on_respawn = 1;//1 = Mobile only - 2 Leader group and mobile - 3 = Units group and mobile - 4 = All side units and mobile BTC_objects_actions_west = []; BTC_objects_actions_east = []; BTC_objects_actions_guer = []; BTC_objects_actions_civ = []; if (isServer) then { BTC_vehs_mobile_west = [];//Editable - define mobile west BTC_vehs_mobile_east = [];//Editable - define mobile east BTC_vehs_mobile_guer = [];//Editable - define mobile independent BTC_vehs_mobile_civ = [];//Editable - define mobile civilian };
  13. That means in the init.sqf i change enableSaving [false,false]; in enableSaving true,true]; and in the description.ext i change disabledAI=1; in disabledAI=0;? :)
  14. works great thanks. sometimes it's easier than you thought. :) Now the only question remains regarding the disconnects. Complex does not sound impossible. :D
  15. Hi Gekkibi and thanks for your answer. :) 1) Yes the human players are the bluefor they attack the opfor and the resistance is the third party in this case the police and they should attack bluefor. 2) No after this two waypoints is nothing just the "_chase = this execVM "chase.sqf" in the second waypoint (get in). Ahh ok Careless means in that case they they should not attack i think thats my fault. :( thanks that. ;)