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  1. Update: IP Address has changed to Server updated the hardware.
  2. chrismgtis

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    That is absolutely false. Doing so has absolutely no effect on AI. The server is launched at the lowest setting every time. Like it or not it happened, you can BS me all you want. I was looking through an AT launcher at 1900m and watched it happen once they realized I was firing on them. I was dead in less than 2 seconds of it noticing me from 1900m. The first or second round ended me from the MG. As for people that think this is realistic, all I can say is, you're off your meds. It would take a human quite a while to figure out where that fire had come from, to scan the area, to locate the target, to actually zero in at that distance (or ANY distance) and respond accurately. Either way they would mostly be firing suppression shots until they could get zeroed in. You aren't going to find a human in existence that can spin a turret around in <2 seconds from receiving fire directly at the head of the enemy, knowing where they are, and fire accurately, killing that person, all in less than 2 seconds. More than likely getting that kill from 1900m would end up taking well over 30 seconds. Honestly, it should at least be a case of AI spending a little time figuring out what is going on, dealing with a bit of panic and missing quite a lot of shots and MAYBE getting lucky now and then. They are nothing short of aimbots straight out of Call of Duty.
  3. chrismgtis

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    More BS from AI (and this is just from the past hour): - Getting aimbotted by an APC from 1900m - AI refusing to get in mortar while standing 5 feet away - AI in AT defenses killing their own team Crap like this and the neverending 10,000 other problems with AI in this game is why it's goddamn impossible to populate a server that isn't 100% player based.
  4. chrismgtis

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This is all with nearly no CPU load. AI are very frustrating for most players, causing most of them to rage quit in under 30 minutes, if not 5. Tanks do still kill players from hitting a pole at 10mph. Tanks still randomly fly into the air. Etc. These are things I've witnessed in the past week. Though that's unrelated to AI. AI is mostly broken and unrealistic. When they actually do what they should, it's the exception. Yea, AI go prone and fire, but then they refuse to stand the **** up and they go prone because you told them to attack a target 3 miles away, so they never actually get there. You tell them to stand up. They might actually listen, but if they actually get to the target, it's a miracle either way. It's nothing short of a game of just "dealing with the BS" and trying to have fun, along with learning to basically play the game in an unrealistic way by learning AI's quirks and trying to get around them with silly little tactics that don't make any sense. Those times when things seem do go somewhat well for 30 minutes, your fun is suddenly ruined by a bug or AI getting you killed because they are completely useless. If BI wants to sell us a beta, fine. I'm still playing one. I was playing Arma 2 in beta until I picked up Arma 3. The fact that they don't seem to address these issues is what irritates me. Address them and work on them, instead of never addressing these issues to such extent that they still exist in the next game. I can't imagine a more important issue to address in this game that I've personally come across than the AI. I can deal with vehicles randomly exploding, ending a 12 hour session game because the HQ just destroyed itself for no reason. Those little quirks are kind of funny sometimes. Whatever. The AI is a problem I've dealt with since Arma 2 and I would bet my entire bank account that it's an issue that existed in Arma 1 and probably OFP. It just needs to be addressed. I can't even play with actual people for very long because it pisses them off and they rage quit.
  5. chrismgtis

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    There are so many things wrong with that situation that annoys me. It's a burdening process to switch to the gunner seat especially when your AI either decides to randomly start driving in whatever direction it pleases, destroying your ability to aim: now you're dead... or you accidentally step out and then they immediately run over you... or etc etc. Getting AI to actually fire anything but the MG on a target is impossible 95% of the time before you're dead, because the enemy AI, well they're always aimbots that nearly never miss. Yet your own AI is useless. One solution I had in the past is to sit in a tank 1200m away and take out targets that way, but even that doesn't work very well most of the time. As soon as you expose your tank, you're dead even from that distance, or after the first shot, you had better be in a position to move behind something in a split second since it will take about 1.0 second before the other armor has nailed you (assuming you actually managed to kill one). If you're on the gun and you tell AI to back up, they move forward instead or start driving like a drunk. Then you're dead. And yea, I've sent vehicles out so many times only to have them drive straight into a ditch and get stuck, completely avoid roads or actually go in the opposite direction for whatever reason, completely ignoring the orders.
  6. chrismgtis

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Alright, so I've mentioned this to a certain developer a few times. I've spoken to a lot of other players about it since Arma 2 (and nothing has changed in Arma 3). The developers, if one's opinion is any indication, feel that the AI are perfectly fine as they are or "it's too hard to fix" more or less. That seems to be the opinion. AI are not realistic. They are not even fun. For most, outside of missions like Altis Life, we require AI in our missions, whether playing co-op, warfare... it doesn't matter. This is not a pure PVP deathmatch/TDM game. In fact I can't say I've ever played a mission outside of Altis Life or other similar ones that have no AI that players have to face in "combat". Games have had AI in them for decades, otherwise we'd have been playing against nothing until multiplayer came around and then it would be only against actual players. From the experiences I've had since Arma 2, I know that most, if not 90% of players feel this way about the AI. They are nothing short of 360 degree spinning aimbots that are more or less all knowing. The nature of Arma makes it impossible to raise your weapon, a rifle, an anti-tank weapon, turn a turret, etc in time to respond to an AI's attack. If they don't know that you're coming up behind them, the moment you pass from behind the corner of that building they have spun around and fired on you. You can't bring up your weapon, reticule, scope or whatever the case may be in time to respond. They know you're there even if their back is turned almost all of the time. As soon as the first bullet comes out of your weapon you can rest assured that they will have spun around on you immediately and fired accurately. Not to mention, AI don't follow orders worth a damn, they can't drive, they can't shoot (unless of course they're shooting at you instead of your AI - then they're Clint Eastwood). It was a pain in my *** when I had to deal with it myself, but in multiplayer I've noticed the last few years how many people rage quit games and empty out servers because of this and it's getting ridiculous. The developers need to take note and actually do something about it, instead of creating such famously bad AI in their games. Hell, it's one thing when the game is so famous for its bad physics - tanks that randomly fly 20 feet in the air or explode when they hit a wooden pole (or simply just kill the driver). At least those quirks are kind of funny at times. Two Arma titles in and many years later I'm still beta testing these games for a developer that will never fix the issues in the first place.
  7. Yea, read this http://marikswarfare.enjin.com/home/m/21529288/article/2604509. Should help.
  8. What was your in-game name? I just banned one person who kept joining/leaving and trying to switch teams repeatedly. That one I removed earlier.
  9. The server uses a modded version of the BeCTI Warfare mission by Benny/Zerty (currently and adds new weapons and other items to the mission along with makes some changes to the mission and its parameters. It surprises me how few people know about this mission. It basically turns Arma 3 into a kind of RTS FPS where you can build bases, defenses, earn your way to better weapons, vehicles, aircraft, capture towns and win the game by finding the opposing player teams' bases and destroying them. It's the only mission I've ever really liked in Arma 2 and Arma 3 and the sole reason I purchased both. Check it out. Server IP / Port: (Slots: 30) Site: http://marikswarfare.enjin.com/ Visit the site for update information and help setting up everything to work. You will need NATO SF/Spetznaz weapons mod or you won't have access to many of the weapons as I have replaced most of the Arma 3 weapons with those in the mod. Setup instructions: here. The things that I have added or is supported on the server: US Weapons for BLUFOR Russian Weapons for OPFOR M4/M9 and AK74M/Makarov starter weapons New weapons that can be purchased from the gear menu such as the FN FAL, G3, Stinger, PK, HK416, SVD, M4A1, L119A1, MP5, M249, Mk200, etc. Modified purchase prices for upgrades, vehicles, aircraft, etc AI should act more realistic and random Support for Blastcore, JSRS sound mod A little bit of re-balancing to my taste Thanks to some mods, players and AI will "stumble" when suppressed at times. So AI won't just stand there like Steven Seagal while bullets fly all over the place. Current Mods: ASR AI3, FFIS, Blastcore, JSRS, CBA_A3, NATO SF/Spetznaz Weapons, AGM. Note: US Helis, FA18E and SU35 should be back on the server soon once I figure out some issues. Updates: TMR replaced with some AGM modules.
  10. 90% of people I've known that have tried to host Arma 2 games have had the same issues and they seem to be incredibly common (from numerous Internet searches). I never have any issues with any other games or servers that I've hosted (be it HTTP, FTP, games, etc).
  11. As I thought, still no one knows how to legitimately fix this.
  12. chrismgtis

    NAT Negotiation failed

    There is very little that you can do until Bohemia recognizes that this issue is on their end and needs to be fixed.
  13. I realize that this is an issue that has been talked about rampantly across the Internet. Including this forum, DayZ forums, other Arma 2 forums, etc. But I feel that I personally must make some points of my own. One being that this issue is not one that can be corrected by the numerous list of "solutions" that are given. This is an issue (a bug) with the game itself that just can't be corrected by us (the user). That said, I'm still open to suggestions, but every one that I've read thus far has been one that I've tried on my own prior to ever even seeking out help. I've been working on Chernarus maps (very basic) in which I wall of areas of areas like Elektro or Berenzino, place playable Independent players and a ammo boxes next to each with specific weapons (mainly basic assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc available to players of DayZ) with a simple script. Nothing fancy whatsoever. One friend has been able to connect to my servers every time with no real issues. Numerous others (in my DayZ clan) have not been able to. Personally I have these issues too with some servers or just randomly. Random servers I can't connect to. Others I get the failure to connect message 5-6 times before the 7th or so attempt works. It doesn't matter if I'm in Arma 2 vanilla (Arma 2 Free before I purchased the game had the same exact issues) as does Arma 2 (paid), Combined Ops/Arrowhead and DayZ (with expansions/mods on or off). Servers Used: Manual creation of server from the multiplayer menu inside the game Tophes Dedicated Server Tool using unpatched versions, numerous versions of beta patches, etc. Versions of Arma 2 this issue has been present in: Arma 2 Free (prior to buying the game about 2 months ago) Arma 2 (paid) w/ no mods or expansions used Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead w/ or w. out expansions or mods With or without beta patches (several versions including the latest tried) Example of solutions attempted: Opening of all ports needed Placing IP/server in the DMZ Complete re-install with no mods, patches or beta installed Repeated power cycling of router Repeated restarts of system Checking or unchecking of every box, option, etc possible everywhere possible Etc. Like a lot of people, I've read dozens of posts on dozens of forums and have yet to even see this issue be resolved by anyone. I know it to be an issue with the game itself and it is not client side. It is nothing we are doing. This really needs to be addressed. The game has been out far too long for this problem to be ignored.