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  1. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    If at all possible though, could you group them up or can that be done on our side with your permission?
  2. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    New update on the Helos look and perform quite nicely, good work! Only small issues that have been noticed, hard to see where M320 is being aimed (just following tracers easy enough) and just a bit tricking to IR / Laserlock for hellfires, BI issue? Have to say though, FLIR turned out better than could have asked for. Keep it up and looking forward to what you've got planned next.
  3. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Just got a chance to get the latest update in for the UH-60 pack, getting this error when I try to load them into editor or pull up a mission that has the zeus module down, " bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ModuleCurator_F/Arguments/Addons/Values/AllMission.default". Getting this error only when I run the Helos, doesn't seem to effect anything, they still show up in zeus and operate just fine, just giving you a heads up. First time I've ever seen that message before.
  4. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Can't wait for the next helo release!! Could you put the cursors back on the HUD for when the pilot has to take manual control if the co-pilot dies or uncon? Didn't see them with the new release, but great job on the armor fix and thank you for being so prompt with it.
  5. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Right on, seems like a pretty accurate test. Was getting hit by 4+ AA missiles and still going till some loan sniper or gunner shot me through the door...or tried something stupid and found power lines lol.
  6. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Thank you Ericj for getting to the armor issue so quickly, looking forward to the next update!
  7. crow_x

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Any chance in the future of adding more sniper/marksman rifles such as M107 or XM109? With how well you've done with your current weapons, just curious to see how well those would turn out as well.
  8. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Ericj, as as stated before love Helos and your projects. Only have one request for helos in the future, make them a bit less indestructible? Its nice taking 4 AA missles out of the groups you couldn't flare off/avoid, but can only seem to destroy one when its on the ground with AT or crash it.
  9. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Good deal, 2 great projects in progress and can't wait to see how they both turn out in the end. Keep it up!
  10. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Was just meaning to for the time being until you get the FLIR for co-pilot where you want it to be, give the pilot ability to lock on with hellfires and have main control with all weapons. Sorry wasn't very precise on the question.
  11. crow_x

    EricJ Release thread

    Love the MH60s bud, keep up the good work! Do have one question though, any chance of at least allowing/helping to set the pilot up to lock targets? At least until you get a chance to get the co-pilot fixed?
  12. Been reading through all the posts since latest update, haven't found exactly whats happening on my end. Whether it is COOP or SP, every time arma is relaunched, have to reset ACE settings. Anyone else having this issue or a have an idea how to correct this issue?
  13. Its good to see that this mod is being worked on again and thanks for that TeTeT. For anyone on the thread here, I've tried all options for respawning planes linked with cables and catapult on dedicated server, with no luck of it working passed the initial plane at the beginning of the mission. Anyone have a script of maybe a trigger setup they're willing to share to activate the catapults when an F-18 that respawned is close by or another possible way? Would greatly appreciate the help. Looking forward to the next update gentleman, keep it up!
  14. May have missed it through the thread, but is there a way to turn off the hint that comes up with name of town and population currently there? Other than that, works pretty damn well. Just looking to turn off the notification for realism purposes. Disregard, found it in the init.sqf, sorry about that.
  15. Anyone else having issues with the eject for the pilot not working properly? Having and instance where the canopy comes off then multiple ejection seats repeatedly fly out of the cockpit but pilot still stuck flying the plane.