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    Arma3 Videos

    made a battle wagon lol
  2. fackstah

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    awesome job man , i tried it the other day really enjoyed it!
  3. I used method and placed loot in all buildings in Stratis as a template for easy merging with other missions each "plot" of loot has 3 invisible helipads 1 for items 1 for weps 1 for ammo they all have a 50% chance of spawning currently and are currently set to .05m height to ensure they are above the floor in buildings (still need fine tuning in some spots) *to mass edit changes use a html editor or something of the like i used Dreamweaver 8 with the find and replace function you can edit 1000's of lines of code in one swoop Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?20j82i4qg5lb9v9 Change height with this isnt the cleanest or best method but Figured i would share as i don't get much use out of it since i only work on 1 mission lately lol Cheers , Fackstah
  4. it happened to my wasteland server and all our other fussion wasteland servers and we had to lock them Point your pitchfork in the right direction
  5. holy crap not often i run into somebody from back then haha , wouldn't of been possible without your GOT version ! Cheers!
  6. Hello, you can define the image when loading your mission with the description.ext file http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext loadScreen = "loadScreen.paa"; or loadScreen = "loadScreen.jpg"; and place your image & the description file in the mission directory
  7. thanks, but im pretty sure the variable is already set since its a wasteland mission im hooking into the cmoney with a second script to add the money when the trigger is set . my old version worked but i cannot get it to give it to only the side that captured the territory it gives it to everybody in game when somthing gets captured MY old code: player setVariable["cmoney", (player getVariable "cmoney")+200,true]; hint format["You got 200$ for capturing the territory!"]; so i tried adding if(str(playerSide) == "WEST") then so that it would only give to "WEST" Side but now it is just not working Cheers
  8. in the mission i have been working on there are areas that can be captured with seized by side trigger after 5 minutes and it Exec's a script The script i am using is : if(str(playerSide) in ["WEST"]) then player setVariable["cmoney", (player getVariable "cmoney")+200,true]; hint format["You got 200$ for capturing the territory!"]; I also tried : if(str(playerSide) == "WEST") then player setVariable["cmoney", (player getVariable "cmoney")+200,true]; hint format["You got 200$ for capturing the territory!"]; but i seem to be having trouble getting it to work as now it does not give money at all Originally i had player setVariable["cmoney", (player getVariable "cmoney")+200,true]; hint format["You got 200$ for capturing the territory!"]; but that gave it to everyone in the map anyone have any ideas of how to fix this ? Cheers, Roman
  9. Based off of GOT'S wasteland based off of 404's Based off Samantra's Based off of Tonics (that was a mouth full lol) Custom Wasteland mission with territory capture and treasure hunt and more! VISIT US: http://www.wasteland.fussion-networks.com/ all credits go to their respective creators ================================================== ====================== UPDATE9.4-9.5 ================================================== ====================== -removed teargas and intro as it was causing lag -tweaked many scripts within the files to fix issues with car respawns despawns populating weapons etc. -Stabalized Build significantly -Added The C1aws Favela ================================================== ====================== UPDATE9.3 ================================================== ====================== - removed mission end time untill i can get a better solution - Drop money values go from 50$ - 50k - added money bag to r3f so you can place them inside vehicles - Removed NV's from spawning in vehicles - tweaked spawning system a bit more - Tightend the Cap points even more - Moved Gun stores to help with camping issues - North and south Agia Cap zones to increase tension around the area ================================================== ====================== UPDATE9.2 ================================================== ====================== - Complete revamp of spawning system away from capping zones - New vehicle respawning system to help reduce dead cars on server - Tweaked Some code here and there to improve Stability - Tightend the Cap points - Southern Cap zone for agios town split into 3 cap zones ================================================== ====================== UPDATE9.1 ================================================== ====================== -reduced size of radar on stores -added count down timer for mission restart after 8 hours -moved main gun store near AF into big building he was beside -added smoke grenade/Tear gas to gun store -added tear gas (thanks to ArmaIdiot's script) Changed to use event handler ================================================== ====================== UPDATE9.0 ================================================== ====================== -added fob display for who owns it in top right of map -added some towers around the map in key locations -added tunnels to the airport -added GOT new mission updates -Small Tweaks here and there ================================================== ====================== UPDATE8.5 ================================================== ====================== -Changed some class names for the bags in the store -Changed Prices of key items in the Store -Added boat repair area -Changed R3f Boats can now be lifted with choppers and towed -small rescue boat's can be loaded into vehicles -Mortar can be loaded into vehicle for easy transport -Assault boat can be loaded with gear now -KA 60 un armed made into heavy transport with loadin functions now has 45 space -fixed minor things here and there -Secret fob's capturable now (they will not show on map like others but there will global msg that it has been taken and you will get money) -added Refuel boats -Updated Briefing ================================================== ====================== UPDATE8.4 - TheC1aw's Update ================================================== ====================== -TheC1aw from the midnight Crew has addded Bags to the gun shops! -Tweaked Starting vest to one with 180 slots (Thanks for TheC1aw for the idea!) ================================================== ====================== UPDATE8.2 - 8.3 ================================================== ====================== -More optimization to help stabalize the server -new capture points added -new medical supply building added down south - Gun Runner added down south -Refuel Helicopters Added they have a 50% chance of spawning each mission start for a dynamic feel -AF now capturable 2 part North and South both are worth twice as much as normal areas -Civilian Garage added to gas station Vehicles without mounted weapons can access this -Garages in Civilian Cities will repair refuel now (enter garage with vehicle to trigger) -removed needless walls and Lamp posts from r3f -Towable helicopters (not sure how this will work) -removal of starting backpacks get them in the shop (this helps reduce server load) ================================================== ====================== UPDATE8.1 ================================================== ====================== -Optimization of the mission file. -removal of AI from drug and gun runnner bases going to add this to a mission in a later patch -added runner and smuggler bases as capturable -Fixed Grouping error in independant -removal of EMP fields due to server load issues -Fixed Capture Money script HUGE THANKS TO thec1aw from midnight crew & Giallustio from the Bi forums ================================================== ====================== UPDATE8.0 ================================================== ====================== - fuel trucks added (be inside a vehicle approach the fuel truck and use scroll to select refuel option) the fuel trucks will only work 10 times then are useless so use them wisely - mhq spawn items changed to cube h barriers to avoid destruction - Emp fields added to the map it will down your choppers if you are not aware - Helicopters can take 10 doses of EMP before being disabled this does not degernerate (thanks to Taijan for the script) - hmg at AI bases changed to GMG with nearly no ammo (must get to garage to get ammo) - New captureable point with a second Repair/rearm/refuel point Palmbeatz impoundlot - MHQ Icon will follow it same with fuel truck - still having issue with localalized money when capturing points if anyone has any ideas please let me know ================================================== ===================== UPDATE7.0 ================================================== ====================== - new Island FOB added - added houses and ramps from the water to the island FOB's. - added Genereal store to the map at 2 locations - attempted to fix money issue with capturing - 3rd MHQ added - maybe 1 or 2 more things i dont really remember ================================================== ====================== UPDATE6.0 ================================================== ====================== - 3rd & 4th treasure hunt added leads to a secret FOB islands. - Capture territory should give you money now. - jumps added to airfield far run way - Sound effect notifiction for when in healing area of medical supply buildings - 2 mobile spawns added use the long H barrier located beside them to spawn to it ( bring it with you and place it in key locations) they are located in the open hangars at both ends of the airfield - Churchs will heal now like the medical supply buildings - MHQ's have a black retexture ================================================== ====================== UPDATE1.0 - 5.0 ================================================== ===================== -2 secret treasure hunts that lead you on journeys across the land in a search for key assets to help your team ( look in buildings for clues) -Territory capturing , there are yellow areas around the map over towns etc capture them and claim them for your team ( stay on the area for 5 minutes to capture it) -2 new AI bases Drug smugglers and Gun runners , they have good assets and each have a custom skinned HMG hunter (be prepared for a good fight this AI use UPS) -2 medical supply buildings where if you stay inside the building for 30 seconds you will be fully healed (30 seconds is enough to breach the glass front and kill anyone inside to avoid abuse) -Houses and different buildings added around the map to give variance. -Manual Dead object clean up script in case you do not want to wait for the auto script access with 0 - 0 - 1. -NV's added by default incase of alpha Lighting bug (flicker them on and off to remove the blue/white light bug when alt tabbing somtimes). ================================================== ================================================== ============== a huge thank you goes to 404 & GOT for their versions of wasteland without them i would not have been able to make this variation of wasteland. For most current updates feel free to check : http://www.wasteland.fussion-networks.com/ Or check Github : https://github.com/Fackstah/FussionWasteland_Nearfinal we have a test server running the most current version of the mission feel free to join us filter host name fussion wasteland UPDATED LINK TO 9.5 Pre Exploit DEV update
  10. fackstah

    [COOP]Operation : Treasure Hunt - 16

    ye the end can be tough underwater as the revive system does not work the best underwater haha Glad you enjoyed it =) Cheers, Roman
  11. fackstah

    [COOP]Operation : Treasure Hunt - 16

    sweet! , let me know if you have suggestions for improvement after playing =)
  12. fackstah

    [COOP][MP] CQC Training Agia Marina - 32

    New update !! Updated the original links up top ChangeLog: V3 2 missions now included Added actual briefing with objective added new objects and roadblocks Reworked some of the AI paths Added new AI waypaths Skinned Mobile respawn to tell it apart easily Secondary mission has 2 objectives please let me know if you have any new ideas or improvements you would like to see in this mission . Thanks, Roman
  13. fackstah

    [COOP][MP] Airport Warfare - 24

    I found the issue with the night version updated the link above. it should be fixed now thanks for the heads up Cheers, Roman
  14. fackstah

    [COOP]Operation : Treasure Hunt - 16

    that is not a mission issue but a minor arma issue that you should be able to just click past ,it is a known issue with Version .52 it is fixed in the most current Development branch of the client http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5482&nbn=1
  15. [COOP][MP] Airport Warfare - 24 By: Fackstah / Cousin Roman Description: This is all out war like no other waging at the airport, Bring back up grab your favorite gun and Roll out! mortar rounds strike every 60 seconds selecting 1 of the players at random and will hit within 100 meters so be on your toes! For those who cannot view the video due to not available in your country here is another link ~No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain. Features: BTC revive Opfor & Blufor AI quick action mission 24 players total 18 BluFor 6 Opfor BluFor can respawn / OpFor Cannot Day/Night Version Mines/IED/Trucks with Extra Explosive's in them Spawn Randomly Tonics Virtual Ammobox 1.7 UPS AI SPUn / LostVar's Militarize area Script Intro Dynamic mortar Strikes Many buildings and strutures added to the area Tunnel Template From Armaidiot Win condition when 2 Opfor left or less Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder. [COOP][MP] Airport Warfare - 24 Mirror