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    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Kind of a mission editor noob here, but a tinkerer. I'm trying to port the mission over to Lythium for my private use, but am kind of failing. It seems like it has something to do with corrupting the mission.sqm when importing the mission into the modern version of the 3d editor? Because shouldn't porting be as easy as moving the flagposts, renaming them to match the map's town names and moving the start location game logics to new places? The problem i am facing after exporting the mission is that the server fails during the init scripts and the screen stays black.
  2. Just dropping by to say that i was kind of shocked you did not make it into the top 3. ALiVE, for me, is the most gamechanging mod since OFP, because it turns this game about war into a game that can actually be about war, not just a simulated small fraction of it. Any way to donate to make up for you not getting anything from MANW?
  3. Man, i'm really sorry for you, because i think you absolutely deserved it. Not sure what the jury's final decision was based on, i mean the winning entries are excellent as well, like Pilgrimage for example. But counting by replayability value, complexity of the mission (code-wise) and support from its creator it just had to make the top 3. Same thing with ALiVE btw., the most gamechanging mod ever created and it doesn't win anything, so sad. Don't let this drag you down, so many people love this mission. If you really were after money as a compensation/appreciation for all the hard work, set up a donate page and i will happily donate to make up for this.
  4. I know i'm asking for stuff not officially supported, but why is it that ALiVE runs great using only custom objectives on some unsupported islands (Napf) while on others (Sauerland) i get an eternal loading screen? All using the exact same mission copied over in the editor + scripts in the mission folders. Bornholm is broken for me as well btw., it either loads and gives me 0-5 fps in editor preview mode, horrible rubberbanding running on a dedicated, or doesn't load up at all.
  5. Is there any trick to get the military logistics module to work propperly? I do get troops incoming to whatever objective OPCOM thinks needs them, but it seems like the groups spawned just get stuck. No matter if virtualized or not, the trucks with troops don't move and most, if not all helicopters simply do not despawn. Seems to be like that in every mission i create, no matter if vanilla or using mods.
  6. kavoriken

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Thanks for all your hard work LordJarhead, you've set a high bar for anyone working on sounds for any game out there and those that are still to come. No problems with the download on my side. Used the torrent and had it in no time. Again... thanks a LOT!
  7. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your efforts and hard work. I'm having a blast playing with IFA3 in combination with Alive. Playing WW2 missions with 2k+ units spread across the whole map of straszow is such an incredible experience and is far superior to anything IF had to offer in terms of graphical fidelity, performance and immersion.
  8. I've got a couple of feature requests/ideas: I'd love to have an option for the AI commander's general expansion strategy. Right now it sends groups all across the map depending on objective priority. Sending infantry to an objective 10km away just because it's 100 priority and the objectives around our base are 30 priority is kind of questionable, although i see why it does that. An option for a more territorial based expansion strategy would be great (Expand "borders" around starting point by attacking close objectives, chosen depending on priority). Also, some kind of limitation options regarding the intel within the C2istar module would be great. I've got a 3 sided mission with 1 occupying force (OPFOR) and 2 sides with randomly placed bases (BLUFOR and INDFOR). Playing blu the intel will automatically reveal the ind base position, which kind of sucks for my mission. Being able to exclude sides from the intel would be nice. And a question: Is it somehow possible to keep the debug mode of AI commanders, with its objective map markers colored depending on ownership of the objective, on when playing on a dedicated server? Or, alternatively, keep the intel coverage of objectives from fading out? As checking ownership of an objective via function is not possible via API's, this is the only way to get it to work for me right now.
  9. Alright then, thanks for the answer! Definately would love to see that implemented! Talking about indexing: Was "Moellevangen" on Bornholm left out on purpose?
  10. Sorry in advance for my very limited knowledge of scripting in Arma 3, trying hard to improve, but as a non-programmer with little time i'm having a hard time. That said, is there an easy way to check the current "ownership" of a custom objective? What i want to do is modify a marker based on the faction ownership of a custom objective. Is that possible with Alive's APIs?
  11. Great changes to 0.9, congrats on the release. Fixed a lot of issues i had with my mission plus the new task system looks pretty awesome. The troop transport task keeps bugging out a lot with only few soldiers getting into the vehicle or soldiers getting into wrong vehicles like combat support vehicles you're RTB'ing with. Also sometimes generated troop transport tasks are pretty ridiculous with troops requesting a transport for a distance of 250m from you while you are 4km away from them.
  12. It's not a single mission's problem, it happens in every mission. I started noticing it in the more complex mission i'm currently working on and then checked most of my back catalogue of Alive missions i made over the past couple of months. It must be something with my Arma 3 that completely broke Alive, i've pretty much excluded everything else by using trial-by-error. I even tried some of the official missions... same thing :(
  13. That's what i did, my simple test mission only has 15 profiles with 6 BLUFOR profiles moving into a town guarded by 6 OPFOR profiles, that's it. I did let it run for 15 minutes each try, never did any profile vanish or move after "engaging" another profile. I'm not saying there's something wrong with Alive in general, but there's something wrong with my Alive installation that i just cannot seem to find a solution for.
  14. I could really need some help. ALiVE is broken for me right now, i can't seem to solve the problem i posted about 2 pages ago. Non-spawned profile-combat just does not work for me right now, not at all. At first i thought it was my mission, so i created a basic sample mission with just some blufor profiles attacking opfor profiles without me in the area - didn't work. Then i thought it might be my mods, so i disabled everything except for ALiVE, latest CBA and the standard DLC (Karts, Zeus) - didn't work. Then i thought my Alive install might be corrupted, so i re-downloaded and re-installed Alive - didn't work. I am now in the process of updating to the latest devbranch Arma 3 version, if that doesn't work i'm all out of ideas. Alive did work before, i know that, i think the combat problem came up with the latest patch, not sure though.
  15. Thanks for the quick answer, but that's definately not it. I'll admit that i didnt add the parameter to my client/dedicated, but doing so and leaving the game running without tabbing out didn't change anything. Got the IND base up north, and a little to the south the IND profiles "marching" south hit 1 OPFOR infantry profile. They stop moving and line up around it. The mission started at 12:00, the first IND group reached the OP group at 12:02. Here's a screenshot from 12:11 (had the mission running until 12:20, no profile in the screenshot moved or vanished): http://abload.de/img/unbenannt-1ofkcs.png
  16. Hm, i just realised that non-spawned profile combat doesn't get resolved at all for me, is that a bug with the current Alive version in combination with 1.26? I made a test run of my mission on my dedicated server, start went well, profiles all went off to attack objectives. I then alt-tabbed out for a while and after 30 mins the placement of the non-spawned profiles looked exactly the same, nothing seems to happen, neither for BLUFOR, nor for the independents (got both attacking OPFOR). It's even worse for the ind's, theyre attacking a small town held by 3 infantry profiles with like 20-25 profiles including armor and nothing is happening. When spawned in, combat is fine (of course)
  17. Im in the process of making a mission with the custom military objective as well. It serves as the main bases for 2 factions with lots of support fighting against CAF aggressors all over Altis. The bases are randomly placed on the island each time the mission starts. So first of all, thanks a lot for the custom military objective module and its compositions, that's such a great feature for the plans i have for a misssion with ALiVE. Not sure about morkith's problem, but opcom definately has problems giving the troops spawning there orders when the game starts. It seems like the first time tacom is supposed to give orders to profiles, the profiles spawned at the custom objective aren't yet registered by opcom, because tacom reports "no groups availible". The second time opcom triggers tacom everything works. That means that the troops spawned there won't move anywhere for the first couple of minutes. Is there any way to delay the first run of tacom any further, so that it doesn't run before everything is perfectly initialized? And is there any way to read and modify the troop pool value? I'd love to add random missions that decrease/increase the troop pool value depending on the mission resulting in success or failure.
  18. kavoriken

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    The issues Big_Jas describe are definately mod related. As ive written on the last page ive had the same issue as well with the russians mod enabled. Further investigating the issue i found other mods to break Pilgrimage as well, like VME_PLA and CAF_Agressors. It seems like something changed regarding weapon configs and most mods need to be updated. As to why this leads to the splashscreen not fading out and the sound not working... i have no idea, but you definately need to be careful what mods youre using if you want to play Pilgrimage at the moment.
  19. kavoriken

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ah, i see, point taken. Well, forcing the sting at night could be an option. There are times near dawn or dusk where it`s dark, but definately playable without any source of light. But if it`s pitch black, restarting the game is pretty much all you can do, except of you are absolute saddistic. So for me that option wouldn`t have that much of an impact, as i just keep manually restarting the game anyways. Oh and for anyone playing with the russians mod: It breaks Pilgrimage since the latest version. I get an error when starting the mission and the splashscreen just stays there. Saving and reloading kind of works, but then the sound is broken.
  20. kavoriken

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Suggestion: I love using the random time option, but playing at night without any source of light is kind of crazy. Could you maybe implement a time of day check that automatically adds a flashlight or a weapon light attachement to your inventory when it is dark?
  21. Is there any way to quickly execute the mission wizard with some predefined parameters or at least modify the default parameters within the mission wizard? I'm playing my own mission with Alive for simulating a war scenario on the entire map and my team being sent behind enemy lines to do missions generated with the MCC mission generator. Unfortunately it`s a bit of a hassle to modify the mission parameters to my liking every single time i want mcc to create one for me.
  22. Hmm yeah, you could do that of course, but i'm mainly looking to increase performance using Alive to be able to increase the number of ai`s playing per side. 12-16 Ai`s per side with teams of 10 is just nothing on a map the size of Altis. To be exact i`d want the opposite team and their progression with capturing towns happening entirely with profiled units. That alone would be an incredible performance boost. Let your Ai`s attack in different directions triggering multiple towns and you get to scenarios where only Alive can assure propper gameplay at all. In WFBE in Arma 2 that was a huge problem. With the game progressing the AI's would split up all over the map and trigger a lot of towns resulting in insane AI counts. Another question: Is there a way to keep the Opcom debug view from fading out? I much prefer that way of getting intel over the military sectore module as i always get an idea which zones are occupied by which faction. The military sector module just tells me where troops of which faction are. Just tried coming up with something stupid like a neutral opcom with enabled debug that keeps reinitializing itself every couple of minutes, but i couldnt pull that off.
  23. Well, i just tried and failed horribly. Tried both crcti kb and becti 0097. I doubt that getting those more complex versions to work will be that easy. Probably requires some extra magic scripting tricks or even a full rewrite. The problems i encountered: -It starts with the spawning of your ai comrades: As long as you force-profile them, they just dont spawn at all because it seems to conflict with some of the init scripts of moving the units around on the map based on random starting locations. Not profiling them is not really an option of course, because non-profiled ai units cannot fight profiled units within towns because they dont "trigger" them. -Profiled units dont work with the cti game mechanics like spawning units in towns when blu or op units are within a certain range. -Spawned independent units in towns don't automatically get profiled, so there is no performance gain with Alive as of now. The way i see it the following things would have to be fixed before any of the cti missions i tried would work propperly with alive: -Map initialization needs to be fixed to work with profiled ai units in your team. -Make the "basebuilding" ai commander independent from its in-game unit (crcti_kb only i think, becti seems to handle ai basebuilding differently). -Make profiles work with the mechanics of cti missions, like "town captured because number of independant profiles within town range = 0" -Remove the logic of spawning units in when you approach a town, because that is unnecessary when using Alive. -Make sure that all scripted commands given to the ai work when theyre profiled. That includes waypoints and giving them the ability to buy units from the base. Unfortunately none of the things above can really be fixed by me with my very limited scripting skill. That`s why i was asking if anyone was maybe working on that.