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  1. Hi there @Larrow, could you explain how to manipulate the "Sector Control"-module's created HUD at the top-right area of the screen, which displays the module's "Designation"-field's input (a single letter), please? _designation = sectorVarName getVariable "designation"; I would like to change the letter via script (initServer.sqf), but it seems to be too advanced for my knowledge. I tried to get infos from the module's function and looked through the config viewer, but can't even say for sure, if I focused on the right stuff there. Thanks a lot! EDIT: It seems to work with the following code: Is it the right way to do, tho? :D sectorVarName setVariable ["Designation","X"] ; [sectorVarName,"BIS_fnc_moduleSector_sector"] call Bis_fnc_objectVar;
  2. Hi everybody! Is there a problem with the fadeSound command? I wanted to use it in my intro.sqf to disable the vehicles sound and have just my custom music played, but it seems not to work for me. 5 fadeMusic 0; does work properly. 5 fadeSound 0; has no effect. I even tried it in a trigger, without success. Edit: Or is there another way to have the vehicle sound disabled? Regards
  3. Hello everybody! How am I able to let the camera do a 360° rotation around a fixed point? I fixed a position (F key) and want the camera to circle around it without losing focus, just like it does, when you are in the cam view, pressing F and then A or D to rotate around the position. I'm trying for hours now, without getting it done right. When I only use two camera positions, the cam takes the shortest way from a to b - "cutting" the wanted circle, when I use more positions, I'm still unable to flowly move in a circle. _camera camPrepareTarget [[color="#008000"]14327.86,13054.25,-0.00[/color]]; _camera camPreparePos [14355.92,13060.78,0.84]; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; _camera camCommitPrepared 0; Green is the fixed point I want my camera to circle around. Thank you and regards.
  4. Hello everybody, I would like to spawn in BIS Interactive Targets "TargetBootcampHuman_F" via script, but without their default settings. (Using Zeus you get a few options to change settings for the object) I managed to change the texture, but failed to make the targets not popup again. This is what I have so far: I guess the solution is somewhere in BIS_fnc_target (?) Maybe someone of you can help :) Kind regards.
  5. Finally I've conquered my cluelessness. Maybe it's not possible to achieve it from within the function itself, but probably I'm just too stupid ^^ So it's done in the same script, where the function gets called: [] spawn { nul = ["t1","spawnMrk",[ [[1896.26,5750.96,0.00143862],107.79,"MM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp; nul = ["t2","spawnMrk",[ [[1895.26,5747.83,0.00145149],108.039,"RM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp; nul = ["t3","spawnMrk",[ [[1897.43,5754.45,0.00144434],108.174,"LM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp; nul = ["t4","spawnMrk",[ [[1898.59,5757.97,0.00143862],108.174,"S","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp; t1 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t1 spawn {sleep 0.01; t1 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t1 animate ["terc",1];};}]; t2 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t2 spawn {sleep 0.01; t2 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t2 animate ["terc",1];};}]; t3 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t3 spawn {sleep 0.01; t3 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t3 animate ["terc",1];};}]; }; Good night. :)
  6. Hello again, so I decided to not use the interactive targets, since the provided informations are quite useless in my opinion and now I just go with the "standard" ones (static and moving), but unfortunately the eventHandler solution for nopop seems not to work with them? I've made a function and everything looks like it's working, but I can't get the last part to work, I've googled and tried a couple ways, without success. Any help would be highly appreciated :) Kind regards. Edit: Using just noPop = true; in init.sqf will work for the static target "TargetP_Inf_F". Using BIS PopUpTarget.sqf gives the possibility to make them popup again. Still the moving targets aren't influenced by that, unfortunately. This is what I've changed so far: if (_popUp isEqualTo "YES") then { if (_type isEqualTo "TargetP_Inf_F") then { _obj addEventHandler ["HitPart", "[(_this select 0)] execVM 'PopUpTarget.sqf';"]; _obj setVariable ["_nopop", false, true]; } else { //code for moving targets }; } else { if !(_type isEqualTo "TargetP_Inf_F") then { //code for moving targets }; }; The following commands do work (e.g. in the console) for "Target_Swivel_01_ground_F" etc. but I can't get them to work within the function/eventHandlers. t1 animate ["Terc",1,true]; t1 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled", false]; // prevents pop-down after bullet hits t1 setVariable ["BIS_isPopping", true]; // prevents left-right swinging +(all other possible animations(?) including popdown)
  7. The handling is so great, plain awesome! Just wanted to say thanks again for this master piece Silola! Also outstanding support here and with your website and I'm looking forward for the update! One tiny thing; maybe give the changing cursor hints for shortcuts half a second more to get read :D Also +1 on the 2-or-more can build together on a dedicated server (and save the project) idea. That would be mind blowing if possible :P (I know it's a terrainbuilder tool in the first place :P ) Does this mean to host a session and let the friend/s join on one's computer? Best wishes for the new year Silola and the rest of you of course and droelf medals for your passionate detailed work :)
  8. killshot

    Save Zeus Map?

    The scripts posted in this thread work great for singleplayer/editor, but is it somehow possible to make them work on a dedicated server, so that 2 or more players can build something and one of them can copy the work to his clipboard?
  9. Having this in initPlayerLocal worked. But I have problems to get it to work in the actual script like you said, but nevermind, I will go with the eventHandler-solution, it seems to work great. Thanks again. :)
  10. Thanks for your response. I actually used your idea from a script of you (popup.sqf). [t1] call fnc_noPop; Would the eventHandler solution be the better one? There will be round about 25 targets get spawned.
  11. killshot

    Little function issue

    Oh yes, you are right, I changed from if else to two ifs here in the forum version. Thank's I corrected it in the first post.
  12. Hello people, could someone help me with this small function, please? I want to have the possibility to give an argument to choose between "ACE_Wheel" and "ACE_Track". [player,"track"] call fnc_grabSparePart or [player,"wheel"] call fnc_grabSparePart fnc_grabSparePart = { private ["_caller","_sparePart","_choice"]; _caller = _this select 0; _sparePart = _this select 1; if (_sparePart isEqualTo "Track") then {_sparePart = "ACE_Track"}; if (_sparePart isEqualTo "Wheel") then {_sparePart = "ACE_Wheel"}; _choice = _sparePart createVehicle (position _caller); [_caller,_choice] call ace_dragging_fnc_startCarry; }; Spend a couple hours without success. Kind regards.
  13. killshot

    Little function issue

    Thank you both for your responses. I can't believe I was too lazy to press shift-key all these hours, it's working now, thank you f2k sel. :bounce3:
  14. killshot

    Arma 3 wont start in native resolution

    I started Arma about 30 times since then, no problems after drivers update. I start with Arma3-Sync, my graphic card is GTX570. Hope you guys get it fixed for you.
  15. killshot

    Arma 3 wont start in native resolution

    After installing the newest Nvidia drivers and restart of computer it's good for me again.
  16. killshot

    Arma 3 wont start in native resolution

    Since update today I experience the same problem, never had this before. Resolution is on 640*480 at game start... restart "fixes" it (sometimes).
  17. Hello everybody! When playing with MBG Killhouses (by Mondkalb) and you breach/destroy a door or penetration point (white x), you are not able to walk through it. That's because the animationPhase will stay at 0, making it an insivible wall. So I use an "handleDamage"-eventHandler to call a (poor ^^) function to set animationPhase to 1 after breaching damage is given (>0.7). But this does only work for the doors so far and not for the penetration points, because they are not animated(?) This is what I got now: fnc_fixMBGKillhousesBreaching = { _target = _this select 0; _damage = 0.7; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit1") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit1",1]; _target animate ["door1",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit2") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit2",1]; _target animate ["door2",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit3") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit3",1]; _target animate ["door3",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit4") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit4",1]; _target animate ["door4",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit5") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit5",1]; _target animate ["door5",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit6") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit6",1]; _target animate ["door6",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit7") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit7",1]; _target animate ["door7",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit8") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit8",1]; _target animate ["door8",1];}; if ((_target getHitPointDamage "hit9") >= _damage) then {_target setHitPointDamage ["hit9",1]; _target animate ["hit9",1];}; }; "hit9" is "breachSegment_1" and the last line of code isn't working this way to fix the "invisible wall". I tried also setHit on it. This is only for object "MBG_Killhouse_2_InEditor" (Killhouse, Medium) - 8 doors and 1 penetration point. This is the config part of (only) this building: Maybe someone can give the solution for the penetration point problem? Also I guess it would be better to have a function, that is more complex, counts by itself and so includes all killhouses at once? I saw this post by Heeeere's johnny! and I think it's quite close to a solution for this problem, too? So I tried to use it and of course due to my lack of skill failed to succeed: _fnc_fixMBGKillhousesBreaching = { _target = _this select 0; _damage = 0.7; _houseType = typeOf _target; _animationSources = configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _houseType >> "AnimationSources"; _sourceCount = count _animationSources; for "_i" from 0 to _sourceCount - 1 do { if ((_target getHitPointDamage (_sourceName = configName (_animationSources select _i))) >= _damage) then {_target animate [_sourceName, 1];}; }; }; Would be cool if you could help to make the code work! And maybe it's even possible to filter the AnimationSources to doors and breachsegments only? Because for example _sourceCount for this building results in 17, but only 8+1 (doors+breachsegment) are needed? But I don't know if that's even relevant ^^ Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post. Kind regards.
  18. killshot

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    I tried adding an EventHandler "handleDamage" to one house to set damage of hitPoints to 1 if they are > 0.7. No success. Then I added to the script, that a door in another house opens/shuts, if hitPoint damage in house1 is > 0.7. That's also not working for me unfortunately. Edit: The problem happens on both, A3 maps and A2 (AiA) maps.
  19. killshot

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Do you guys experience problems when breaching/shooting doors/penetration points (white x), so there is an invisible wall you cannot pass until you open/close another door or in editor press ESC (which doesn't work in MP)? I tested again with only AllInArma Terrain Pack and MBG Houses. 1.Place NATO Soldier 2.Place any Killhouse 3.Shoot the door / use grenades / explosive device 4.Try to enter the building As mentioned, in editor you can press ESC, open another door or sometimes wait for about half a minute - only then you can make entrance where you intended to. That quite neutralises the breaching tactic, as of course you want to go quick after opening. Does someone know the root of the problem and can even provide a solution? Kind regards.
  20. Hello everybody! I have an object - a wall with steel door - which I want to be only affectable by two kinds of explosive devices and not by any other possible influences. If it gets hit by DemoCharge ("DemoCharge_Remote_Mag"/"DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo") I want only the door to be breached. wall setDamage 0.7 or wall setHit ["hit1",1] If it gets hit by SatchelCharge ("SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag"/"SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo") I want the wall to experience full damage. I've searched and tried for a couple hours now, but unforunately without success, so I hope one of you can reach a helping hand. Maybe it's important too to mention, that I am using ACE3? I noticed with this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { hint parseText format ["Target: %1 <br/> Selection: %2 <br/> Damage: %3 <br/> Source: %4 <br/> Ammo: %5",(_this select 0),(_this select 1),(_this select 2),(_this select 3),(_this select 4)];}]; that there is no (_this select 4) "Ammo", when using the explosives. Is there any way to solve/workaround the problem? Kind regards.
  21. Thank you for your response. In Arma 2 it was just possible with this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{if ((_this select 4) == "ACE_C4Explosion") then {_this select 2}}]; I like your idea for a solution, but it's not what I really want. For now I decided to check for the amount of damage instead of ammo type with this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {_this call fnc_test}]; fnc_test = { _target = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; switch (true) do { case (_damage >= 2.1): {_target setDamage 1}; case (_damage >= 1.1): {_target setDamage 0.7}; default {false}; }; }; Kind regards.
  22. Thank you so much kk, you made my night, I was getting kind of frustrated. I would have never thought of combining them...
  23. Hey everybody! I have saved 4 different positions and their relative directions to spawn a unit, but unit's direction never matches the one I saved. First, this is the code I am using: _pos = [ [3144.13,3984.86,1.24656], [3148.41,3982.62,1.1283], [3148.64,3979.73,1.10767], [3153.13,3977,1.0178] ]; _dir = [16.0291,308.932,328.367,320]; _dice = count _pos; _dice = floor (random _dice); _grp = createGroup EAST; _unit = _grp createUnit ["O_G_Soldier_F", markerPos "marker", [], 0, "NONE"]; _unit setPosATL (_pos select _dice); sleep 1; _unit allowFleeing 0; _unit setDir(_dir select _dice); _unit setUnitPos "MIDDLE"; I check unit's direction after it's creation with _dirTarget = getDir cursorTarget; hint str(_dirTarget); For example my last 3 spawns: Instead of 308.9 it's 338.9 Instead of 328.3 it's 358.3 Instead of 16.02 it's 0.011 How is that possible and how am I able to stop this behaviour? It's driving me crazy, because I need them quite accurate. I tried with different sleep values, with and without allowFleeing or setUnitPos. I don't get it. Kind Regards.
  24. How am I able to remove the "Inventory"-action of the crate, so only the "Arsenal"-action shows up? (For post #8 script) Thanks. :)
  25. Hello everybody. There's a point in my coop-mission, where I want to reset the players ratings. The script in which I want to do so is run only by server (executed in initServer.sqf). init.sqf resetRatings = {rating _x} forEach playableUnits; script.sqf ... {if (side _x == EAST) then {_x addRating - rating _x}} forEach playableUnits; resetRatings = {rating _x} forEach playableUnits; publicVariable "resetRatings"; Testing on a dedicated server, the new result of resetRatings is not broadcasted to my player unit. Some help would be much appreciated :)