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  1. I don't know if this has been here all along, but I just noticed a section in the editor with deployable respawn backpacks in the form of sleeping bags and tents, which provide player and group respawn point, respectively, similar to some rally point scripts. I've yet to test them, but if they work they seem like an elegant BIS-implemented solution to respawn. No need for pesky scripts on the part of the mission editor, and also allows flexibility for the players. Not quite as gimmicky as a spawn on team member function (I think they have to be deployed before death), as complicated and risky as a HALO drop, or as annoying as having to necessarily respawn at the start of the mission. Since it's deployable, intelligent deployment, such as only before an expected firefight, could make things interesting. Of course, if you hate respawn with a passion, just don't deploy it. Thoughts?
  2. Kildar

    COOP 05 Shipping & Mishandling

    Updated with version v1.1.0.
  3. Thanks for the headsup! I thought I'd heard that the briefing gear was reimplemented since beta, but did not know it had been disabled for MP. I did notice that weapon selection would sometimes fail in A2 MP, but I suppose as long as I give people the right loadouts by default this would not be an issue. I definitely think that BIS should reenable this even if this persists. I also miss being able to access gear while inside a vehicle as was possible in A2. It would have at least made gear selection enroute during initial transport an option, as I dislike having to spend time huddling over something to gear up. I dislike VAS as well. Never liked Mary Poppins boxes that can magically hold everything, and for small tailored missions like mine, can mess up the author's intended gameplay. Worst of all, it takes forever for everyone to get things just right, and then people forget to save their loadouts... It does have its uses, though, for persistent server missions where gear needs to be unlimited and potentially have access to everything.
  4. Kildar

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Would like to add that 9mm pistols are compatible with the 30rnd 9mm magazines from PDWs in game. Not sure if you want to reflect this in LEA, but just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the great work!
  5. After making my first mission, I've noticed some interesting things. In single player, I can access my and my teammates inventory through Map > Team, and can also perform team switching for playable units, and can perform briefing gear selections. However, in multiplayer, the map inventory and team switching access disappears, and as a result, briefing gear selection is unavailable. Has any other mission designer come across this problem and perhaps found a way around it?
  6. Hello fellow soldiers! Here's the first of hopefully a few more Arma 3 missions. Destroy an enemy shipment of UGVs. MISSION DETAILS Cooperative up to 5 players Single-player compatible No Respawn / No Revive Altis No addons required FEATURES Dynamic patrols* Tailored loadouts** Briefing gear selection CHANGELOG v1.1.0 2014-04-19 Added enemies along coastal approach Added enemies in buildings Fixed campfire spawn heights v1.0.0 2014-04-07 Initial release DOWNLOAD Available through the Steam Workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=246995137 I may upload a PBO later for the tinfoil-hatters out there if there is a demand for it. * UPSMON by Cool=Azroul13, Beerkan, Monsada, Rafalski, and Kronzky ** Loadout Editor for ARMA 3 by [s.o.E] Team
  7. Kildar

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    It seems that something has changed with helicopter weapons. AI pilots no longer use rockets first on the APCs. Can anyone reproduce this?
  8. Kildar

    Anti-Air Soldier Converter

    The heli should fire on the first pass as long as it has time to line up its run. Try starting the heli farther away, but make sure it also detects its target in time, maybe using doTarget or a destroy waypoint if necessary, and make sure its line of fire isn't obstructed by another building. If you get it working please do share. I imagine this could come in handy at some point. Edit: I have a mission in the works where 2 AH-9s attack 2 IFRITs, and after the new stable release they don't use their rockets first anymore even though the targets are vehicles. What a pain.
  9. Kildar

    Anti-Air Soldier Converter

    All this script does is give a unit, be it AI or player, the RPG-32 with some AA ammo for shooting down choppers (and cars). I'm not sure what would happen if the script was run on a vehicle, but only infantry units can use the launcher. What you're looking for is best done using the editor. Right now there's an Invisible Target Soldier under the Objects (Training) class that the AI will fire at, although it won't use rockets because it thinks it's shooting at infantry only. Until someone creates something similar like a vehicle target, this is the closest I can get you to what you want. Somebody more experienced may know better. Edit: After some more experimenting, AI pilots will use rockets after expending all minigun rounds (which takes longer than you think, even on 4x speed). If you can figure out how to remove all the bullets but leave the rockets (the ammunition slider affects both proportionally), you can force a rocket run.
  10. Just a very, very, simple script for converting soldiers into anti-air specialists, since there isn't a unit fulfilling this role by default in the A3 Alpha. Anyone who knows the least bit about scripting would be able to write this for himself, but maybe some of you will find this convenient. Simply copy the following code into "scripts\gear\aa.sqf" in your mission directory and follow the instructions. CHANGELOG v1.0 2013-03-24-2345 Initial release v1.1 2013-03-25-0045 Fixed missing semicolon, used addMagazines instead of addMagazine. /*//=========================================================================== ANTI-AIR SOLDIER CONVERTER v1.1 Created by Kildar --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: Effectively converts a target soldier into an anti-air specialist by giving him a RPG-32 with n surface-to-air missiles. The actual number of missiles provided is contingent on available inventory space. Magazines cannot currently be loaded directly into weapons, so there must be room for at least one missile prior to running the script. USAGE: Place the following in the init line of target unit, where nMissiles is the integer number of missiles desired: null = [this, nMissiles] execVM "scripts\gear\aa.sqf"; EXAMPLE(S): To provide an AA soldier with 2 missiles, use: null = [this, 2] execVM "scripts\gear\aa.sqf"; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGELOG v1.0 2013-03-24-2345 Initial release v1.1 2013-03-25-0045 Fixed missing semicolon, used addMagazines instead of addMagazine. *///=========================================================================== // Get arguments _soldier = _this select 0; _nMissiles = _this select 1; // Remove pre-existing launchers and munitions _soldier removeMagazine ["NLAW_F", 1]; _soldier removeMagazine ["RPG32_F", 1]; _soldier removeWeapon "launch_NLAW_F"; _soldier removeWeapon "launch_RPG32_F"; // Provide ammunition and launcher if (_nMissiles > 0) then { _soldier addMagazines ["RPG32_AA_F", _nMissiles]; }; _soldier addWeapon "launch_RPG32_F"; Chopper pilots watch out.
  11. Kildar

    Mission Requests?

    Group and side respawn simply means once you die you shift control into available (usually AI controlled) units of the appropriate category. When there are no more units, you become a seagull, and when everyone is dead the mission is failed. I feel that respawns beyond these are more appropriate for more persistent game modes such as Domination and TDM that allow players to jump in and out at their leisure and where restarting a mission can be detrimental to high player counts. The missions I have in mind are more along the lines of: your squad is sent in to take an objective, do your best with what you have. As such, I generally have group respawn missions, although I have started adding AI controlled friendly forces to give my missions more ambiance and scale. With regards to getting a second chance, Arma does have a save function dependent on difficulty, although I try to limit its use to saving gear loadouts at the start, or if I've had to travel a ridiculously long distance to the objective. As for starting over, well, you can just restart. That being said, hopefully you'll enjoy my missions nonetheless.
  12. Kildar

    Mission Requests?

    Whoops forgot to add that tidbit. Don't worry Variable :) Actually sorry Desaix. Should have read a little closer, but dynamic objectives are a bit out of my current abilities, and not exactly what I was going for. I don't know if you've ever played missions by Sanders but I can only hope to emulate him.
  13. Kildar

    Mission Requests?

    Thanks for the welcome Variable! I'll try to get around to fixing my A2 missions. If you just revisit that thread (link should be in my sig) and make sure all the bugs you remember are listed it would be much appreciated! That's exactly what I'm striving for. If you had specific scenarios in mind feel free to share. All the weapons are pretty much equal, but I'll consider starting off with ironsights, or at least unmagnified optics to force better maneuvering and suppression more. Also, has anyone noticed if gear is selectable in briefings a la A2/OA?
  14. Kildar

    Kildar's A2F Missions

    Don't want to necro anything, but since Variable and Phantom have asked me to fix the bugs I left with my A2 missions, I just wanted to compile a list of outstanding issues for when I get around to it. Right now I have: - Belly of the BMP Briefing - Switch and Bait (I think the whole concept is perhaps more trouble than its worth) - Make briefings JIP compatible Has anyone tried Hedgetrimming yet?
  15. Just wanna give you a headsup the link is empty.