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  1. RuairiAU

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    It doesn't quite work that way. Think of it like a car. Having multiple engines (cores) ain't gonna give you a linear speed increase (MOAR FPS!!), but a faster engine will (higher clock speed). You could try to be clever and connect a separate engine to each wheel, thus lightening the load on each an getting more performance, but that requires a lot of coordination and synchronization. Also, you're still limited by the maximum RPM of each engine. The same is true with multi-threaded development. Taking advantage of multiple cores is a tricky task, especially in the realms of a realtime game environment that does a lot of simulation that needs to be synchronized.
  2. Add MCC(http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150909-MCC-Sandbox-3-Dynamic-mission-creating-tool-for-ArmA-3); I've been playing with that a bit.
  3. RuairiAU

    ADF Uncut

    Umm.. You're welcome?? Just fixed them as per spec (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines#New_config_parameters_.7Bconfig.cpp.7D) then adjusted the levels to make it sound right.
  4. @Roy86 Good luck with the revamp! Looking forward to it. @Everyone I've been getting a few messages about the customised version I have. So here's the deal; my version is a constant work in progress and I change it every few days (if I get time). I've stolen bits and bobs from different scripts and added support for the best mods I could find. Because it's in a constant state of change, it's a bit pointless me uploading it to dropbox all the time - I just can't be bothered. So with that said, if you want to play my modified version, just jump onto my server for a few minutes and let Arma download the latest version to your MPMissionsCache directory (C:\Documents and Settings\ your windows user name \Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA 3\MPMissionsCache). You can then put this PBO on your own server. Check back from time to time for new stuff. You're free to to make any changes and distribute it as you wish as long as your actions don't conflict with the license terms described in the initial post. In short, I don't want credit and you don't need to ask my permission for anything; go have fun. My server: (potatoes); there's no password - you'll need: @cba_a3; @lkr_ammo; @asdg_jr; @pomi_pmc; @task_force_radio; @alive; @tmr; @cse; @r3f_armes Feel free to play on my server, but don't be a d%$# or I'll ban you.
  5. RuairiAU

    Bad Vehicle Sync

    Before you go messing with your server, it might be worth looking at what mods your running. If you're running without any mods, then you can ignore this. Mods and the golden rule Any mod that persists information on the network must be running on all clients - the server is a client too. What does this mean? If you're running a mod that gives you new weapons or uniforms, all players must have that mod and so must the server. But it works already, why do I need to do that? Because any machine without the mods running will start spamming their log files about the missing mods. What has this got to do with desync? Any client (including the server) that is wasting processing time writing to the log has less capacity to keep the game running smoothly - hence desync.
  6. RuairiAU

    [R3F] Logistics

    Is there a way I can restrict the object movement to only items created by the object factory?
  7. RuairiAU

    ADF Uncut

    Thanks for for the heads-up. The chaps at Day0 are aware of the patch I've made, I posted it in their forums (see http://day0.com.au/forum/general-discussion/2254-arma-3-1-24-patch-breaks-sound-and-animations). Hopefully it will lessen the workload for them when they get around to doing an official release.
  8. RuairiAU

    ADF Uncut

    Hey Everyone, I'm not a developer for ADF Uncut. But I did have a look at the issue yesterday and fixed a lot of the sounds. I also tried to normalize the sound levels, so they won't make your ears bleed anymore. You can download a ZIP of the updated PBO files here: http://www.socomd.com/pws/@ADF/addons.zip. Probably best if one person from each clan downloads it and then put it on dropbox (or some other file share) so that our website doesn't get smashed. Just replace the files in @ADF\Addons with the ones in this ZIP file and you'll have (most of) your sounds back.
  9. That seems to have worked. I did a lot of testing and reducing the transport/CAS and other choppers as well as spacing their landing zones seems to make them act normal. I did find another issue with the CAS. I set up an A-164 wipeout and give him a SAD order, then tell him to RTB. He lands and taxies back to a ready position (seems to be the end of the other runway). However, he will no longer fly after this point no matter what order I send. If I do a SITREP, he replies that his fuel is RED. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom! My mission has quite a lot of choppers around with landing pads. 4 Alive Transport, 2 Alive CAS and several player controlled choppers. I did change it to have 2 Alive Choppers and 1 CAS and the issue went away. I might go ahead and cull things a bit more and space them apart.
  11. Hey Alive Dev team, A few pages back I mentioned that the CAS/Transport choppers will occasionally fly off into the sky. It was assumed at the time it must be a conflict with a script or mod. I've since managed to replicate it (though not consistently) with just alive running. I place down 2 transport choppers and 2 CAS (with landing pads). I then give the CAS a SAD order, get into a transport chopper (hummingbird) and give a land (engine off) order. Then I give each unit an RTB order. As the choppers come in to land, occasionally one will bug out and keep ascending. Roughly about 3-5 minutes later the chopper will descend and land. Sorry I can't get a reliable set of steps to reproduce the issue, I spent literally hours trying to nail specifically what set of events caused it, this was the best I could do.
  12. @Blackswater You can disable it in the init.sqf. Just comment out the 2 lines about AIS. @Roy86 I hope you don't mind, but I've been using Patrol Ops to learn Arma scripting and make a cool mission for my clan - I'm a dev, however this language is very foreign to me; but I think I've got the hang of it now. I wanted to make something that my clan could jump in and train on or group together and do a mission. I'd like to be able to make it available for others too, so I'd like to get your permission to post it up here or I'm happy to just give it to you and you can steal the bits you like. It's not suited for public servers, it's best as a solo mission or private servers - due to the lack of restrictions. Anyhoo, here's a summary of what I changed: * Patrol Ops task manager is off by default. No missions start and no ambient patrols will spawn. * The map at the base serves as a mission HQ, from here you can start patrol ops, stop it or skip missions. You can also change the time of day and recruit AI. * Patrol ops is weighted towards infantry combat * Added a configurable loadout system based on class (I intend to add this into your squad mod). Loadouts detect the time of day and configure appropriately (e.g. chem lights, NVGs, silencers) - It's all easily customizable - handy for milsim clans who have specific gear. * Added Virtual Arsenal to VAS boxes * Added ALiVE Combat support - CAS, Arty & Transport * Added fast roping (AI can fast rope too!) * Replaced the halo system with one that supports chemlights/IR beacons. If you're the squad leader, nearby squad members (players and AI) will jump with you (looks awesome at night!!) * Added a shooting range with hit indicator feedback (theres a feedback target beside you that shows a pointer where you hit). There's also a minigame you can start from the notice board - you get a score broadcasted at the end on Side chat - handy for doing examinations. * Added a marksman range - direct/indirect shots get broadcasted. * Added a halo jump area - there's a landing area and you get told when you land how many meters you are from it (broadcasted) * Added a test range - has some respawning vehicles to let you test out launchers, explosives, CAS and Arty. * Added CSE Logistics, player tags, attachments, wind deflection (awesome on the marksman training area) and medical (Disabled AIS).
  13. ok, figured it out myself. For any developers new to Arma, the config viewer and function library are your friends. Config Viewer: http://arma3scriptingtutorials.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/config-viewer-what-is-it-and-how-to-use.html Function Library: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Functions_Library_(Arma_3)
  14. One of the targets that comes with the bootcamp update (I think it's called the Human Target (interactive)) has a scoreboard available in the action item list. For obvious reasons I don't want people walking on to a live firing range to get this scoreboard. So how I can script it to open that scoreboard from somewhere else. And whilst I'm on this topic, how do I find out what properties, events, methods, animations and whatever else exist for arma objects. For example, I can animate the popup of a target by calling: _rtarget animate["terc", 1]; But I have no idea where to look to find out what else this object can do or what events or properties it has. Can someone point me in the right direction?