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  1. Update as of 26.02.2018 Situation Report: The last few months has been quite a climb for us. We have managed to rise from a constant 8 members, to now having fully fitted 20-man operations every weekend. We continue to strive to being an competitive and fun ARMA 3 milsim community, with many aspects which you cannot find in a regular milsim unit. We recently held the second elections of our community to decide our direction for the upcoming months and have decided to move on to the modern era, playing as the French Foreing Legion. In addition to adding more members to our group, we have changed our name and rebranded ourselves, to keep us clear of being tied down to a single military unit. Thus we try to keep ourselves constantly on the move and changing while offering every single person in our unit the freedom to change to whichever role they want. This means that leadership constantly changes and people in lead are there because the community has chosen them, and has put their trust in their lead. Picture from our latest operation, Operation Liberte. Here you can see Fireteam Blue and the Squad Leader valiantly holding their position in an oncoming Russian air assault. Join Here! https://goo.gl/forms/CnPV6V29B2UzUG223 Teamspeak: Contact me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002851967/
  2. Update as of 18.01.2018 We have officially travelled further in time and reached the Modern era! Recap of 2017 2017 Has been a great year for our community and the world. For us it marked the beginning of a small brotherhood of fellow ARMA 3 enthusiasts. Which has now formed a band of 20 friends and companions, all with the intent of creating an awesome community for everyone who loves the ARMA series. We have become self-sustaining with an active server, constantly up 24/7 and with further plans to increase capacity to 2 servers, in order to play with headless clients. After many meetings with all the community members we have decided to change the direction of our organisation, to better fit everyone's ideas and expectations of our unit. The Improvements So, we have decided to keep our community constantly on the move. WE DO NOT WANT a stagnating gameplay environment. The main goal is to keep things fresh, this means that everyone can play different roles within the unit. You can play as a fireteam leader or lead the whole unit during a mission. If you wish to play different roles such as machine gunner or medic, You can! Flexibility is the goal here and we encourage you try different things! This means that we will NOT be bogged down to a single era in warfare. We will be changing eras from a month-to-month basis, keeping gameplay fresh and interesting. As currently stands, we are conducting operations in different parts of Indochina, depicting the events of the Vietnam War to our best imagination, in order to offer a great realism experience along with interesting twists, an persistent storyline and dynamic gameplay elements which feature a multitude of different objectives during our missions. Hand-crafted by our mission-makers. Novelty items In addition we have increased funding in both server maintenance, including our game server and Teamspeak server. We have hired personnel to build custom assets and maps exclusively for our community. Here is a rather long video clip of a small unit size operation in Doung Rung Island, when we played as the Australian Bushrangers. What can we offer? We are currently recruiting more and more members to join us, and voice their opinion in creating a lasting and interesting ARMA 3 realism community. Thus we are looking for people who are eager to play ARMA in different ways, be it in leadership positions, aviation, mechanized or as regular infantry. The different gameplay possibilities offer a wide variety of fun to be had with the game. WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to try leadership positions, as it is a great exercise of character and we will not shun away any individuals who are interested and voice their opinions on trying these roles. IF you are interested in joining: Jump in our TeamSpeak server and ask questions to your hearts content: Or Contact me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002851967/ APPLY HERE! https://goo.gl/forms/CqO69kHRsYBAziBP2
  3. About 163rd Reconnaissance Company "Recon Wolves" The 163rd Reconnaissance Company was founded in late September of 2017 as an ARMA 3 Vietnam and Modern-era military realism unit focused on capturing the essence of a Recon unit and its actions. we are currently operating at a strength of two Squads and are planning on expanding to a whole platoon (30-40 men). We are currently accepting members age 16 upwards with some exceptions. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best shot in the world, as long as you’re willing to try, you will be fine! 163rd Reconnaissance Company Features * Main Operations every saturday at GMT 6.30pm. * Realistic military tactics and organization * Very mature and respectful community. * A community of friends to game with anytime across multiple games. Friendly Community We are all like-minded individuals with a wide variety of ages ranging from 16 to 40. All of us enjoy playing ArmA MilSim without the stress and drama that comes with being in a unit that required work on your end. So long as you are willing to learn how we play and turn up when required, that's all we need. What are the requirements to join? Age Requirement The 163rd does have a minimum age requirement of 16. We do have a mature community and will not hesitate to remove people that threaten that. We are a community that doesn't want to worry about anything we say in front of people of a younger audience. Don't Start Any Drama One of our main requirements. We are a friendly group of people that don't care much for ArmA drama, stress or arguments. We do not tolerate this within our group, if there is a problem, talk about it, do not generate unnecessary arguments. If you don't like someone, figure it out via the help of the community members, or avoid them. Few More Must exhibit maturity. Must be willing to comply with the unit training and operations regime. Must be at least 16 years of age (waivable for applicants with exceptionally high maturity levels). Overbearing, loud, or obnoxious candidates will not be accepted. The applicant must not be a member of any other unit. Must able to attend at least 50% of the operations per month We are looking for People who can fill leadership roles People with an interest in ARMA 3 MilSIm Maturity and and cooperativeness Interested? Jump in our TeamSpeak server and ask questions to your hearts content: Or Contact me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002851967/ APPLY HERE! https://goo.gl/forms/CqO69kHRsYBAziBP2
  4. Realism name: 1.SS-Panzer-Division Timezone/location : US/EU Gamemode preference : 90% Player Versus Player / 10% Cooperative vs AI for training purposes. Website address: www.1SS-Division.com Teamspeak Address: Background: We are a virtual reenactment group as well as a research and study group. Whose members are always striving to learn more about the daily lives of the SS Soldaten during the Second World War as well as the study of the tactics that he employed on the battlefield. 1.SS-Panzer-Division is a highly motivated and professional group of 15+ members who have been continually active since 2011 as a German Realism unit in Darkest Hour 44-45. We are now turning to Invasion 44 to give us the opportunity in which we can further the level of realism and immersion. We bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience that we believe is easily applicable to this game and engine. Short description: We are an axis realism unit which strives to portray a Waffen SS Panzer Division as accurately as possible through the use of realistic tactics, organization, and equipment to accomplish our mission. We are formed of both realism veterans and new soldaten. But we all share a genuine interest in combat history of the german armed forces in World War 2. We are always interested in new Soldaten to join our ranks! If you are interested in enlisting with us, Feel free to check out our Rekrutierungsbüro on our website. To enlist register with a realism name, then fill our the application on our forums correctly and wait for an officer to respond to your application. *** All potential applicants who are looking to join a Neo Nazi, or like wise fascist type organization will not find it here and will not be accepted, so there is no need to apply! Language: English
  5. Joint Task Force 207 The Joint Task Force 207 has reached the 60 player milestone! After a few reforms we are ready to accept recruits once again! The Joint Task Force 207 has also formed an alliance. This alliance means we can learn from them and they can learn from us. We will be part of an operation every week on a Saturday with many people from the Arma 2 community and this is coming very soon. We are still looking for roles to be filled in. We have also just created a new logistics corps. The job of the logistics corps is to make life in the field easier for our soldiers. The logistic corps will provide ammo, Fuel, Repairs for all vehicles and be in charge of setting up FOB's. And they will have many more jobs! Roles Currently Available Field Medic Light Machine Gunner Basic Rifleman Logistics Soldier/Basic Man Logistics Guard Contact Us Now! Interested in joining? Get in touch! [*] Website - JTF207.enjin.com [*] Teamspeak - [*] Steam - [JTF207] A.Watson
  6. Joint Task Force 207 We Need you! The Joint Task Force 207 has reached the 50 player milestone! We are looking to fill more places within our group, the places that need filling are Infantry Medic Riflemen Fire Team Leaders Armoured Tank Gunners Tank Drivers Crewman Contact Us Now! [*] Website - JTF207.enjin.com [*] Teamspeak - [*] Steam - [JTF207] A.Watson
  7. The Joint Task Force 207 are still looking for new recruits We are also in need of one more pilot as well as: -A marksman & Spotter -Medic -Machine Gunner And general infantry! if your interested sign up here: Visit our website: http://jtf207.enjin.com/ Or join our teamspeak:
  8. After a short break the JTF 207 is back, we hit the milestone of 40 members on our website, and are playing now ARMA 3 aswell, we play some mini ops in ARMA 3 since 60% of the members have the game. We are in need of: -Laser Designators -Tank Crewmen -Pilots -HMG squad members -Grenadiers Sign Up Here: Visit our website: http://jtf207.enjin.com/ Or join the teamspeak: On the teamspeak search for the recruitment office Picture from our latest op, Operation Magistral We were playing the russian army and reliving the chechnyan crisis
  9. The JTF 207 are still growing and we have hit the 20 member milestone. We are currently looking for more Combat Engineers and Medics. Feel free to sign up on our enjin site http://jtf207.enjin.com/ Or join us on our teamspeak
  10. We are still accepting Recruit so please feel free to get in contact. We are in need of competent fire team leaders and medics.
  11. Joint Task Force 207 The Community The Joint Task Force 207 is a competitive and semi-serious division. We are community based and we will always have people around playing different games and there is no reason why you cant join them. We are trained and ready for every situation that faces us. A lot of our more experienced members will be willing to help out any member in the community whether that is to do with installing a mod or anything else that may be needed. Some people are more experienced than others but not to worry, when we are on an operation you will be placed with a mix of experienced and less experienced members. What do we offer? We offer a range of different experiences within arma 2 and we can adapt for your skills. We recently recruited an armored crew to aid us through operations but they may not always be needed, this is dependent on the complexity of the operation. On almost every operation we will have aviation watching our backs, they provide air support when needed as well as evacs and supply drops. The Joint Task Force 207 offers many more jobs in the field as well as the air and we are always looking for more members to fill in more spots so we can expand more and start taking up harder and more complex missions. What are we looking for? To join the Joint Task Force 207 you will need to have these skills or can easily learn them. These are the key skills needed to join the rest we can teach you. Maturity - The age limit to join is 14+, this means we are trusting you to be mature.If you are found not to be mature, you will not be accepted to join the Joint Task Force 207 Teamwork - Teamwork is Key, if you are not able to work cooperatively then the Joint Task Force is not the right place for you. If you are found not to be able to work in a team you will be removed from the Joint Task Force 207 Communication - Communication is a key skill. If you are unable to speak clear English or cant speak due to other reasons, the Joint Task Force 207 is not for you. If you are found to not be able to communicate efficiently, you will be removed from the Joint Task Force 207 Punctuality and high attendance - Punctuality is very important. Turning up to an operation that is underway is a big 'no no'. Having high attendance is also very important unless you have a reason of not attending then there is no reason why you shouldn't attend. Age Requirements As stated above, you will need to be 14 years old or higher. The reason of this age limit is that we need maturity and most people below that age are not mature so as it stands, you must be 14 years old or higher. If you sound younger then the age you have stated you may be questioned. If you seem keen to join and come across as mature but you are under the age of 14 you may be given a trial. How To Apply There are two ways of applying to join the Joint Task Force 207. The first way of joining is by going to our website JTF207.enjin.com and filling out an application. Then the second way is by join our Teamspeak server (Listed Below) and going to our recruitment office. Either way you will get an interview within 30 minutes because we have active recruitment officers. If you would like to ask more questions you can join our Teamspeak server or message a recruitment officer on steam. Contact Information [*] Website - JTF207.enjin.com [*] Teamspeak - [*] Steam - [JTF207] A.Watson
  12. lostty

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I think this has great potential and would be beast if it would have some clans based on it