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  1. So @bludski I want to report this problem right here, maybe you are already aware https://streamable.com/qnp481 For some context, I have exactly 38 units placed in that area, 19 on each row. As you will see in the video, when I look at that area (1500 viewdistance) I get ~35 fps. Now the odd thing is this only happens on this map (Prei Khmaoch Luong), every other map is just fine. Also as you can notice in the video, if I start deleting units there's a point where it goes from ~35 to 120, instantly. We played a mission on this map today, totally different one, and we had a problem where looking at a particular degree angle caused us to drop in frames like this, totally not related to server or client performance. Anybody knows about this problem and what might be causing it? Again, I tried this very same setup on other maps and I get 120 solid fps no matter what, so I'm already assuming the map here has something to do with it. Notice the fps counter in the bottom left. I tried without mods and the issue still remains. Thanks for your attention and for that awesome map!
  2. I changed the values you told me and it works fine now, thanks!
  3. When playing in dedicated server, cached units still appear phisically when watching from Zeus or the camera. They are stuck in place but still present visually. Is that intended? Because to me it looks like the caching is not working properly.
  4. Hey direone, thanks for this great mod! Here are some screenshots I took today for my group. The units I'm using are custom ones. http://imgur.com/a/Pq9sE Thanks again, looking forward for more poses!
  5. I didn't know you guys had a Discord server, thanks a lot!
  6. I know, but seeing as my comment was getting buried and I needed the information with urgency I had to ask again. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help.
  7. I did, there's no info on it, hence the question. I know there was a command for it in the standalone version of the LHD, the old one, but it doesn't seem to work with the one in CUP.
  8. I'll ask again since there's no info on it. Is there any way to disable defenses on the LHD from CUP?
  9. I'm trying to find some info on this but I can't. Is there any way to disable the defense systems on the LHD?
  10. When you assign a Zeus Module to a unit using a variable, it only works the first time the mission launches. When the player joins again he can't access Zeus anymore. I created a mission in the 2D editor using the same configuration and it works fine, just as it should. For the record, Zeus Modules assigned via UID or #adminLogged work fine either way, not a single problem with those.
  11. Thank you very much for your answer. By the way, we are using the UGL and the calibration seems wrong, the distance does not match the real one, the grenades always fall short. Are you aware of this problem? Thanks again.
  12. Amazing work, really. I instantly fell in love with this release. Thanks a lot. I do have a request though, could you give these weapons HuntIR (ACE) compatibility? that would be really useful. Again, thank you very much!
  13. Can you please take a look at what I asked in #260 ? Thank you very much.
  14. I know I can set someone captive with the new module, but how do I untie him with a trigger? anybody knows? Thanks.
  15. First, I would like to say congratulations on this new project and good luck with the first release! And second, I would like to ask you guys if ACE3 will feature some kind of Artillery Computer system like ACE2 had. Maybe sometime in the future? Thank you very much and again, the best of luck with the project.