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  1. Ginga121

    AAF Desert

    Awesome! Thanks very much, that's great!
  2. Ginga121

    AAF Desert

    I've seen that but that seems to be the class names for the actual infantry with the gear on, not the individual items. I need the class names for the individual items to be added to ammo boxes etc. The backpacks are there which is helpful but I can't see the helmet, plate carrier and uniform class names. An example being "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam" for multicam uniforms. If you don't have them easily available do you know the best way for me to look them up?
  3. Ginga121

    AAF Desert

    Hi dude. Do you have the class names for the plate carriers, uniforms and helmets? We want to add them to the gear management system we use on our server as it doesn't auto detect items.
  4. Ginga121

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    For some reason, running ACRE on our server stops anyone being able to connect. Any ideas?
  5. Ginga121

    L85a2 v3

    Is there a server key? I can't find one but I could just be being dense.
  6. Ginga121

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    We tried using ACRE2 but some of my friends found that their radio's stopped working after they had died and been revived/respawned and they would have to restart Arma to get it to work again. The direct voice channels worked and the radios would make the necessary sounds to imply they were transmitting but none of them could transmit over the radio. I'm not sure if it is the mission or the mod, but any info or tips on how to stop this would be really great. We are on a hosted server, not a dedicated. No mod restrictions. Running a domination mission currently, ACRE parameters in mission setup make no difference.
  7. Has V2 been released yet and I've just missed it or are you still working on it?
  8. Ginga121

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    team fortress arma 3 edition!!!! :d
  9. Yea I know it was a joke! But still, it wasn't that bad :P I think haha
  10. That was a sexy circle! Didn't you make a very basic sight of some sort as well or was that someone else?
  11. Ah my bad! In future you need to say something like that first haha! From your original post it simply sounded like you meant he just recoloured it and it wasn't right. I had no idea you meant that he hadn't used the correct plate carriers. @da12thMonkey I have to agree with you there. Modelling is a lot harder and more complicated than skinning anyway. +1 I would love to be able to to 3D modeling. I'd probably make some silly made-up gun for the future :P Playing with modern firearms over and over can get a bit tedious. It would be nice to see some new designs. Obviously I don't want laser gun style weapons, lasers are boring
  12. So Kiory... when's this secret project (think that's what Craig said you were doing) going to be finished? I need something to watch during the day while job hunting to keep me from going insane haha ;)
  13. Congrats bro! You finished that quietly haha! Saw you got a mention on the BI Sitrep update :D
  14. Just because there are a lot of people who claim that doesn't mean you have to tarnish those with legitimate reason to say something like that with the same brush... And before anyone asks no I obviously can't give out his name on an internet forum, that would be stupid. Naturally you will probably think I'm making this up because of that... and that every other guy who says it comes up with some excuse like it. Go ahead and think what you want, he's not going to suddenly stop existing because you don't believe me. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess that depends on how much time you have spent discussing tax returns with him. If you spend all your free time discussing tax returns I guess it would be possible. However, I never once mentioned the word expert or that I had expert knowledge. The only thing I have said I have fairly solid info on is the fact that there is no 'set camo uniform' for SAS but that is fairly common knowledge anyway. Everything else I said I saw using images... which I got from google if you must know. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't care what he calls his mod partly because it's his mod and partly because I don't possess the texturing skills to do any better. He can call it "UK Super Mounted Unicorn Brigade camo" if he wants. I think it's awesome and have been using it since it was released. Hell, the game is 20-25ish years in the future... If he wants to make up a new pattern/gun and call it "UKSF Camo pattern/gun 2035" then that's cool with me, if it looks good I'll download it!
  15. ]Look... This whole "not the right camo" thing is a joke. If you think you know how it should be go out and make it and you can call your mod SAS or UKSF or whatever... but people are still going to go to your mod and say "why does the way you made your guys make them SF" @Messiah Well I haven't posted his name or anything that isn't already known about the SAS so why not? They aren't sworn to secrecy over every little detail about their life in the SAS. There are even documentaries about the SAS on youtube where you can find a lot of this info out. I see your point, it was probably a mistake to mention that because it makes little difference but I think the main point is that I have friends in the army who I can talk to. I guess the point I was getting at is that because I am British, I am more likely to know people in the British army than someone who is not British. Obviously there will be people who may or may not be British that do know more people than I do in the British Army. Perhaps I should have said "Because I live in Britain I have lots of friends in the British army"? Maybe that would be more appropriate.