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  1. Each time i want to re-enter the cargo truck using the side stairs, it is very difficult to reach the top of the platform, because some kind of weird parasistic collision occurs, bringing the astronaut upside - down to the ground, this is more obvious when carrying an object and/or jumping because most of the time i' am stuck for some weird reason in the middle of the stair , and when the bug occurs i' m throwed away at an high altitude and death occurs when hitting ground. Into the airlock , when the truck is not perfectly horizontal , there is some difficulty to trigger the cycle button, this is very annoying because death occurs when in emergency oxygen is no more available, the amount of time lost trying to close the damn door results by death by suffocation. And the last one , obviously also because of the damn button, you got ejected from the airlock because you trigerred the "open door " button instead of the "cycle" one . Damnit !
  2. I tried everything, remapping it , holding it , nothing happens, please help, what is wrong ? What is Mouse 4 button ? I have only 3 button on my mouse ! What is the ... with this ? Remapped on enter key and left alt key, nothing happens, still no rotational control on objects, very frutrating ! If this is a bug , please correct it . Thx.
  3. netshaman

    An idea to improve realism

    Come on, please, read another time, all is explained !
  4. As you already know, reeal Mars missions are suffering of the delay due to the distance bet ween Earth and Mars. It takes about 20 minutes for a signal to reach Mars and vice-versa. In the game it is silly to implement such a feature because that will make the game absolutely boring like hell, we all know that ! But , i had an idea that will allow the game " simulate" these famous 20 minutes without making the player bored . In the options, we can have a turn by turn option : enabling this makes the game behaving like a turn based one. Simple: you want to go to this strange crater you see here ? So you need to tell the probe to go to the destination you wish making some waypoints and when your route satisfies you , then you send the signal and this triggers a timer in accelerate mode that simulates the time radio signals takes to reach the probe, in real time it takes like 1 minute max and you can see on the game clock that the game time is accelerated for a while and when the clock stops then the probe starts to move to the destination programmed. This hybrid mode between "real time" and " game time " allows the game to be more challenging, because you need to think and analyse what the probe will do before sending it your orders. So if you make a mistake, you can see in real time what happens to your preciuos probe, so you become very carefull ans not send the probe where it cannot go without problems. Cheers !
  5. netshaman

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    Preordered, can't wait !!! This idea is brilliant really !
  6. I must say that is the final version not the beta in case you are wondering...
  7. netshaman

    Bugs in 1.05.0026

    I got a CTD for the second time, with this error : Very annoying, i m unable to complete this mission ! Damn !
  8. When i am on an island where there is a storm, i can see the lightning and the rain , but there is no sound for these weather manifestations ! I only can ear the sound of the birds like i am on a island where the weather is calm. Bug or what ?
  9. Hi . I have an annoying problem at the launch of the game : when playing cinematics before the first mission and so on, the sound is totally desynchronised with the graphics and finishes before the end of the movie : the result is that the movie ends before end ! I have lowered the resolution but, no change. It is very annoying because , the story is ununderstandable in this case , please fix that ! Thx . It is the 1.2 version with the patch. Edit: this problem only occurs with the introduction video and the first one at the beginning of the campaign . Thers is no one one who can help me to solve that ? What are the video files please , to view them in a video viewer ?
  10. I cannot ever have the beta 2 because the link is still for the first version ! In our dreams i guess... Do we have to pay another time for it ? A shame ! That was not the primal deal for P&C beta if i understood well !
  11. netshaman

    How to get the beta ?

    So i emailed them and they tell me to re-download the game, but after that it is the SAME version , not the new version :(
  12. netshaman

    How to get the beta ?

    Damn, that was too late for me i guess... => received no mail to warn me :( Hope i still have the final one ...
  13. So i saw some people have the new beta. I had paid for a P&C version, but now how can i manage to get the last beta as it is available as said in the P&C rules ? Someone said that we receive an email for this , but since 15 days i had received nothing. Did i missed something ?