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  1. chondo999

    TAC Vests

    The beards are still not as good as the ones from TRYK's. Can you just leave out the new beards out of the update?
  2. Zen, is there a way to add the setIdentity, specifically setFace and setVoice command to the custom loadout section, in order to fully encompass the entirety of character customization in arma 3? I tried manually inserting those options and it did not work.
  3. chondo999

    TAC Vests

    Will you be fixing it anytime soon?
  4. chondo999

    TAC Vests

    It looks like there is something wrong with the beard in your update compared to the standard version. If you do a side by side comparison you will notice a huge difference. There are a lot of jagged lines and clippings in the updated version. The older version works quite well. Just sometime I noticed.
  5. chondo999

    TAC Vests

    What an awesome addition. Thanks a lot bro!!!!!!!! Quick question, which pbo is for the beard?
  6. chondo999

    ASR AI 3

    I want to totally get rid of ASR_AI ability to affect AI's skill (sniper, militia, team leader, etc).
  7. chondo999

    ASR AI 3

    Will setting "asr_ai3_main_setskills = 0" completely disable all the skill component of ASR_AI?
  8. I don't really understand what the wiki is saying to do. Could you please give me an example?
  9. the backpack is not on the player. it is attached to the atv. using the attach to command and groundweaponholder command to spawn it.
  10. I am making a mission where the player starts riding an atv with his backpack and weapon on the back (not in the cargo) of the atv. I know how to do everything else. I just get stuck adding the ammo and other items into the backpack. Please, help.
  11. Hey Zen. Is your framework compatible with ASR AI?
  12. !(player in vehiclename) is not working. Help
  13. I know there is a Gcam for A3. I was just wondering if someone could make the Gcam Recorder compatible with Arma 3, if that is even possible. Here is the link to the Gcam recorder: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13944