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  1. I love this mod, it adds so many unique and current weapons to the game. however I have noticed an issue with the HK416 GL sight or its zeroing. Recently the arma 3 1.4 update went up so it might be some of the changes in 1.4 that screwed it up, but when using the GL it seems to have the wrong zeroing for the displayed range. 50m lands at 100m targets 100m lands at 200 150 lands at 300m and anything above 200m zeroing lands at 400m
  2. i know you guys don't like being asked when your going to release it, so i'm simply going to ask how the mod is going
  3. Hey, love your mod! getting the game only really gives you the M1 Abrams so there is not much variety when it comes to heavy armour. the addon of this tank is wonderful as i have always loved british vehicles and equipment (maybe the mk6 helmet not so much :p). though one thing bothers me the most about this mod... the armor on the turret is horrid, it won't take more than one Sabot round to the front of the turret (not to mention sides). now i don't have access to any of the Chally2's actual armor values, but i'm pretty sure the Chally can take more than one Sabot to the face... some others brought up the fact that ACE armor values bumped the values up, thus making the Chally2 seem really under-armored. (not to say that you haven't done this) I put the Chally2 about 500m away from an M1A1 Abrams and i fired a single APFSDS-T shell at the Chally's hull, nothing, as i expected, however when i fired one at the turret (in another test) the Chally2 immediately blew up and cooked off... in the meanwhile it takes about 3-5 shells to make an Abrams with TUSK begin to set fire. now, this, to me, does not make sense as the Challenger 2 is built as one of the most protected Tanks in the world and i really hate to see one brew up after only a single Sabot round. so, not to push you or offend your mod making skills, but could you bump the armor values for the ACE version up closer to the M1A2 TUSK? and yes i support the idea of making two different versions of the mod, one for Vanilla and one for ACE. oh also more minor things i have noticed was the fact that for some reason the reticule is off center (not zeroed) when the Challenger 2 mod is on and there is some sort of "halfdestruction.rvmat" error thank you for reading my horrible writing skills and probably confusing ideas: Kids