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  1. Llano

    Random FPS Spikes

    How does the internet connection affect the fps?
  2. I haven't played Arma 3 in a while now.. so.. Is there any performance boost since the 64-bit upgrade?
  3. So, with other words you are saying that we will have a performance boost soon? Ha, I've heard that before
  4. Could you show actual benchmark that this i what caused it? Also what mission, players, etc etc. I have some doubts that it's actually the disabling of those commands that made you gained it.
  5. Well, to be honest, what else to expect on their official forum? This is the place where most fanbois/performance-problem-deniers (etc etc..) hold up. Go to other forums and you will see a completely different tone.
  6. And who plays Arma 3 with 12 km view distance? How come even the missions developed by BIS runs like shit with many people on them? The fact that they even market that you can play with over 60 people on servers is amazing. Everyone knows it will run like shit. Also, that benchmark is in singleplayer? To be honest it doesn't say shit. 60 fps in SP with what? 0 AI on a empty map? Most people here has problem with MP performance.
  7. Llano

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    Maybe.. but that has nothing to do with the mechanics. It all falls down to how the performance willl be in the upcoming game (Arma 4?), and by judging at how Arma 3 is, it doesn't look bright. If it will have the same problem, it will be a no-buy for me.
  8. Simply because it doesn't work. There is no difference between leaving the checkbox unchecked, or choosing the number of cores that you have. As usual, all this is is placebo.
  9. Llano

    Arma 4 discussion

    Ohwell, digging their own grave imo. Yeah let's throw even more stuff into the game so it gets even shittier performance.
  10. Well, i'm not going to continue this pointles discussion. You clearly don't understand what me and other people is trying to tell you, Vasily.B. Oh and merry christmas.
  11. Yes, i am very aware how to search or read google. That link only gives me result of people stating that they got better fps when they overclocked. And i don't even know what you are trying to say with that russian/whatever piece. That you may damage the cpu if you overclock over the official parameters. Well, no shit? And how again does this backup your statement that overclocking cpu/gpu wont help performance wise?
  12. Sigh. Can you provide any actual benchmark of this?
  13. That's your source? A link to a google search... wow. And i see multiple post that says that it increased their fps by overclocking.