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  1. Thanks for the reply, have grabbed the update ;-) I completed all the training on Trainie. I found the X52 scheme, and now using that, seems to work ok. Now I know 'Expert' mode is 'Not' initially trimmed, I'll give that a go. Yes must get track IR, needed to see the instruments... I'm getting crashes after a lot of flying? god nows why? I have a very fast pc i7 980X extreme, 12GB mem, GT580 3D Card, 3x SSD drives, plus 18GB of page file on a 150GB Raptor drive, to save SSD wear. 8 hours flying today more tomorrow Thanks for the help guys. Regards Steve
  2. Thanks guys for the fast reply, I think part of my problem was the difficulty was on 'beginner' and that setup seems to do stupid things? I updated 1.02 & 1.03, things seem better now. I set difficulty to 'trainer' and had a quick fly around just using keys, including 4 landings, with no problems, the controls seem more realistic now. As for expert setting?? I don't buy it? at least not with a quick keyboard test, seems more like chaos control? permanent right hand spin, with full left rudder? Seeing the instruments is the hard bit as I don't have IR Tracker. I've flown a 'real' heli (Turbine Scout) which was way easier than TOH ;-) so either there is a default 'way-out-of-trim' initial setting on expert? or I'm missing something. I'll setup X52 now properly (I hope) and have a go, there's a lot to learn just on setup and trim controls it appears. Many thanks for the suggestions and help. Regards Steve
  3. Hi all I've just bought TOH, also a Saitek X52 controller (non-Pro) I seem to be having probs getting the setup correct, using rudder at zero speed makes the heli accelerate? that shouldn't happen. I wondered if any of the pilots here are using an X52, and managed to get it to perform with some sort of accuracy? Or, is there a setup file I can download that would work with TOH? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Steve