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  1. Become a "Internet Forum Moderator" and feel the really...
  2. http://www.vg247.com/2011/05/27/us-army-spending-57-million-on-military-simulator-using-cryengine-3/ It can, why not ? Maybe. Too bad it has been not released for public use. Look if you think that some RV engines are pinnacle of the Sim world you might be wrong.
  3. Not sure what you mean. http://freesdk.crydev.net/display/COMMUNITY/XML+-+Vehicle http://freesdk.crydev.net/display/COMMUNITY/XML+-+Weapon Search that page more, seems that Cryengine 3 can do a lot more things or equal as RV4 much faster. Dunno...
  4. What about this ? http://www.twmod.org/content.html#.UTDVM6mI5ol X1Software should nicely ask them about cooperation, Iron Front 2 on Cryengine 3 ? :bounce3:
  5. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    They work on fixes for DayZ... Or no, they studying the tries and vegetables be more realistic on Arma 3 engine... FPDR And Sea life too.
  6. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    Then should not be it Arma 2 the Ultimate Infantry-Centric game instead http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/scale_small/0/56/1066418-952481_111047_front.jpg ? In sub-text "Ask a modder if you want it more realistic"...
  7. Its not definitely blaming though. Its just summary of RV3 egine and its technological limits as an 2009 released game...
  8. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    +1 Epic question.
  9. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    No, but it could be in the expectation. Try CPU benchmark of vanilla Arma 2 and you will see why though...
  10. raptor90

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Why me ? I am not "Arma" dev. Either modder...
  11. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    You mean less FPS ? Damn, BIS should really give attention to x64 Bit and Multi-Core/thread optimizations instead some "Physx" But the "not necessary" words by devs are quite bad.
  12. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    I am very worried about that word "centric". If you take it out the meaning you will realize that Arma 4 will be arcade. No different then OFP by codemasters.
  13. raptor90

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Because its BIS !!! Like a boss studio, hyped with their "ARMA" games which is all but not simulators...
  14. Exactly that happens when you want to make truly simulation using "RV" engine... It simply can`t run good, really it can`t.
  15. raptor90

    Vehicle damage model

    You can see how "realistic" model is set in Arma 2 games... On expert difficulty place you as commander in M1Abrams TUSK and T-34/85 about 10 meters of each other frontally, don`t shoot. M1Abrams which has 600mm+ as a anti-penetration protection is destroyed by WW2 tank... I feel really cheated by BIS and their Ultimate Military Simulator... Even more that ACR does not work no matter how many things commands etc i tried. I look forward to Cryengine 3 simulation capabilities, still its better optimized than hyped RV engine.