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    [MP/RC] The Great Altis Race v1.0

    I loved the original - can't wait to try this version out. Now to round up some friends and have a full-on race even though I always lose as I suck at driving in Arma :)
  2. Vilos Cohaagen

    [COOP] Escape Roy

    Thanks for taking the time to reply - I will have another crack at it :) Either way it is cool to see development of Escape continuing. It is without question the best Arma mission of all time (IMHO) :) ---------- Post added at 20:34 ---------- Previous post was at 20:32 ---------- It was on PlayWithSix as an additional map for A3MP. I kind of assumed Icebreakr put it there, but if he didn't I won't use it. I really want him to bring his maps to Arma 3 and don't want to dissuade him from doing so :) I love Lingor. I know last time I heard he was waiting for a major bug to be fixed in the Arma 3 map tools that was preventing him from updating it.
  3. Vilos Cohaagen

    [COOP] Escape Roy

    Hi Roy, Interesting take on Escape, it is good to have different versions though I think I prefer the vanilla version myself (though don't take that as discouragement - it is just that my greatest experiences in Arma 2 and the new version in Arma 3 are playing the original version :) ) I just tried it out on Namalsk and it kept spawning everything roughly 30m above the ocean, and when I tried it on Chernarus there was no guard in your new-style prison? Without a guard I was unable to work out how you are supposed to get the initial weapon or two to escape? Also the patrolling guards did not recognise me as hostile when I went out and about. I was running the missions on my dedicated server. Also I noted that the Karts, Vehicles mod, Artillery Warning, NO Goggles/TWS are all set to default to "on" (I reckon all of those should default to "off" myself as they are quite big changes to Escape) with the difficulty set at Cadet. Anyway good luck with the mission - I look forward to trying the elements of your new ideas that get added to NeoArmageddon's original Arma3 versions :)
  4. Awesome stuff! Escape from Chernarus was my all time favourite Arma 2 mission and I've been loving Escape Altis and am really pleased to see it is still being worked on. Would love to do some testing with my group so I'll grab your latest dev build and have a go :)
  5. The latest stable update rendered my save games from the campaign incompatible. Slightly annoying, though not the end of the world. Just means I have to restart the current mission again - would have been nice to be warned first... :(
  6. Vilos Cohaagen

    [MP/RC] - The Great Altis Highway Race

    My group have had a great deal of fun with this race. We played it extensively and helped ange1u5 test it. I'd recommend no less than 3 players, though that said just solo driving is fun too. It worked fine both hosting on a player's machine or on my dedicated server.
  7. TPW MODs is top stuff! It brings the island to life. I totally understand why you want to work on SP only, so I really hope someone can make an MP version, but either way it is now essential for any SP missions I play. Thanks for taking the time to make this and share these mods :)
  8. Hiya, I just took the F/A 18 out for a spin over Altis and it was glorious! 900kph with less than 50m altitude is certainly something and the controls were smooth as silk. You have done amazing work on this mod so far - I can't wait to see how it develops :)
  9. Vilos Cohaagen

    Things that are actually better with ARMA 3.

    Good OP! There are so many elements that I am enjoying in Arma3, but I think for me it is the lighting and new fog systems for the environment. The colour temperature of the lighting is perfect and the fog is more than window dressing adding new tactical options. On the tactical side I absolutely adore the full range of stances and they have become second nature during play and are something I really miss when playing A2 or other games. I'm also enjoying exploring Altis on the small scale, there is so much detail on the island and so many locations that I visit in missions or the editor that inspire mission ideas or just surprise. Aside from a few issues with Altis I am also mightily impressed with the performance and how it has been optimised even since Alpha launch. Yes, there are issues with the game, but I've been enjoying watching the game evolve and also seeing issues get resolved that would previously have made it to release. I've already had some memorable experiences in missions with friends, and I'm sure I have many more to come.
  10. Loving all your mods and I'm very much enjoying the SP versions (tried this, your Civilians Script and am going to give the Houselights a go) - can't wait for the MP versions. Thanks for taking the time to write and share these. The medical system in vanilla is lacking urgency and also downplays the need for medics ("combat life savers" - i still prefer the term medic).
  11. Brilliant! Thanks for releasing this - I'm definitely going to be using it lots :)
  12. Vilos Cohaagen

    Fatigue effects

    I am loving Arma3, but I keep feeling like all the soldiers have asthma. You seem to be unable to jog even 100m without sounding like you are about to pass out and die. Speaking as someone who spent a lot of time running with heavy packs in the past, this feels a bit extreme. The blacking out effects kick in a bit too often - honestly I think you would have to job well over 1km for that to kick in, but I've seen it kick in over far shorter distances.
  13. Vilos Cohaagen

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    wow! so cool - I already love Altis
  14. Vilos Cohaagen

    Project Mars One

    Awesome - definitely watching this one. I've been interested in the concept since BI first announced Take On Mars though I was sad to hear it was in the Carrier Command engine rather than the RV4. Good luck with it!
  15. Specifically I think that I'd love to see some interesting use of the new fog systems on your map, perhaps with fog dynamically changing by time of day. Combine that with your lovely buildings and I think you would have a very spooky atmosphere. In general, I would say make sure there is variation and contrast in lighting and environment - nothing emphasises the scary more than contrast :)