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  1. mmtaraval

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    Ditto. I tried all of the above and no dice.
  2. mmtaraval

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    When playing as a single player are there AI enemies and friendlies? I don't see anyone.
  3. I've had this happen many times, mainly in DUWS. I found that snipers will switch to their side arms and become stuck, so removing sidearms for snipers helps, but I usually have to save and load the mission for team members to move. This bug happens with tpw mods and vanilla.
  4. Saving and loading the game is the only way I can get units to move when stuck.
  5. mmtaraval

    AI gets stuck

    I have this problem with snipers a lot, I usually have them rearm their main weapon and they become unstuck.
  6. mmtaraval

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    For SP do you just drop it in SP mission folder? i don't see any option to recruit AI at the HQ
  7. I've been having the same problem, have you tried to disembark one of your squad, when I did that the helo landed.
  8. Does version .75 utilize a delete script to clean up the dead?
  9. Fatigue issue was resolved after being shot and patched up again by medic.
  10. I have tested with and without ai mods and I only experience AI squad freezing and being in a constant state of fatigue with this mission, even after medic heals me or being healed at base camp. Sometimes it sets in on immediate contact with the enemy, and other times a few hours into play. I've had to scrap 5 games so far with no luck. One of my favorites so far but will check in on later updates. I will test some more and see if other scenarios have the same issues
  11. Do you think the mod would affect my ai squad? I am running into the issue where my squad would get stuck in the crouched position when making contact and calling for a regroup or formation change or awareness mode does not help. Seems only saving and loading mission will help, but only after several attempts, but the enemy is able to pick us off.
  12. mmtaraval

    AI squad not moving

    Anyone have this issue? Saving and loading mission works after 5 or so attempts but by that time enemy has moved in and killed most of my squad or myself.
  13. I posted this in troubleshooting but I have only had a problem with this in DUWS, I am stuck in a constant state of fatigue, I am at base camp, healed and rested, in a standing position and I will become out of breath with blurred vision every 5 seconds. I was on a mission earlier, on a hillside when the problem happened. Saving and reopening the mission does not help. Any ideas? thanks
  14. mmtaraval

    always fatigued

    I am playing a sp scenario and find myself always fatigued, I am not injured and have tested standing still on flat ground but I will become out of breath and my vision will become blurred, this will happen every 5 seconds.
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160117-SP-Dynamic-Universal-War-System-(DUWS-alpha0-1)