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  1. Hello all, I'm currently working on a Christmas themed mission for my group. The big gimmick to it is all of our gear are in presents, however I've run into a problem. Some of the uniforms are restricted despite the opfor not being anything that would be using this RHS gear. Is there a way to whitelist some of these uniforms so they can be equipped without a problem? This will literally and figuratively ruin Christmas if I can't unrestrict these. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm currently trying to have an addaction replace a body with a bodybag. I'm not using ace medical so that isn't feasible. What I have right now in the 3den Enhanced hold action option is this: _bag = createVehicle ["land_bodybag_01_black_f", position body; [_bag, true, [0, 2, 0], 45] call ace_dragging_fnc_setDraggable; [_bag, 3] call ace_cargo_fnc_setSize; body hideObject true; However, nothing happens. Suggestions?
  3. Is there any way to completely disable the medical system without having to remove the medical pbos. I have the medical options I would imagine affect that all turned off, and a single revive set up, but in game when shot there's still the pain and bleeding effects while also being invulnerable.
  4. Hello all! So, I've run into an issue that I didn't realize was an issue until the other day. In all missions across my server, both ones I've made as well as some others, it turns out you can't loot the dead. I'm fine with it morally and ethically, but whenever I'm in the inventory, no matter how many times I dry and drag that gold watch over to my inventory, it doesn't work. Now, I saw an older ticket on BIS' tracker that suggested an init.sqf with this in it: waitUntil {time != 0} ; {_x setUnitLoadout getUnitLoadout _x} forEach allUnits ; Which did not seem to fix it. Any suggestions would be super appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/8Grmgqk This is the list of mods that I'm running. I don't see anything in there that could cause issues but who knows what I'm missing.
  5. I forgot to mention. I doubly confirmed that it works fine in single player. I'm able to loot ammo and items from the dead.
  6. I discovered a bunch in Icebreakr's FAP pack. Whole plan is hell platoon over there to hunt me and the boys in the jungle. Relentlessly. At night.
  7. Hey all. I'm trying to attach a fire effect to an infantry unit, so that it sticks to it as the unit walks around. I've tried using attachToRelative, which didn't work. I also tried the suggestions in this topic: Which also did not work. Obviously the soldier needs to stay alive as this is what I'm going for: https://i.imgur.com/3MCDUsR.png Any ideas?
  8. If I had any children left to give to strangers, you would be getting one. This is awesome, thank you. And this is perfect and this is only asking because I'm curious, but is there anyway for that particle emitter to light up the area around it as well?
  9. Hello gang. I have a server (being started through TADST), and it has been running fine for several months. It was down for about a week or so, and when I tried to launch it today, the server doesn't display. I've checked all my port forwardings and those were fine (2302-2305, but they were working before). I have tried connecting to it directly in A3, trying to open a connection with its specific port using my external IP, both while and while not running the server in the DMZ and disabling stupid advanced security crap on my router, but none of those seemed to fix it, and I'm just totally stumped now. I will also add I am able to remote desktop into it. Any ideas? **The server starts up fine otherwise, it reads a mission and starts
  10. Well I thought about the update, so I decided to just nuke the install and start fresh and that seems to have fixed it.
  11. combataz

    3den Enhanced

    🤦‍♂️ It somehow dropped the careless behavior. That worked. Thanks! Take it back. Did a few more test runs and they're still bugging out 😕
  12. combataz

    3den Enhanced

    My extraction helicopters seem to just want to tap the ground and leave and I can assure you I'm not begging them to touch and go. I don't think I'm doing something wrong because I've had extractions work in the past, but they seem to be acting strange. Is it just something I'm doing?
  13. Does anybody have a good config setup that mirrors basic medical from previous ACE, or is that still not really possible?
  14. Hey all. I'm working on a mission where me and the boys are defending a town as civilians get evacuated via an AI controlled helicopter. I'm trying to have this helicopter fly the civilians to a location, transport unload them, before coming back, landing, and having another group of units get in. So, the extraction helicopter starts a little ways out from the AO, before coming to the evacuation point, where it will land, and load one of the civilian groups. It takes off, goes to the transport unload zone, before going to a move waypoint before cycling down to the land waypoint again. However, it ignores that land/get in waypoint and just flies back to the transport unload waypoint. What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it has something to do with synchronizing the units to the load waypoint, but I'm not sure what exactly that is, beyond them not carrying over through that cycle. What am I missing that doesn't involve a hundred waypoints going back and forth?
  15. Apologies! This is an AI controlled helicopter. All players are shooters on the ground. The idea is this is all happening in the background as I watch my friends die horrible deaths, alone in a field in Malden.
  16. Hey all. I'm working on a mission right now where I want to impose an altitude restriction to channel two helicopters through some valleys. There are multiple AA assets above the route they'll be taking, and enableSimulation is set to false. I have two triggers, both repeatable enabling and disabling the AI at altitudes, however I'm not 100% sure what the relationship between the trigger's Z position and the C size. It didn't seem like I was able to stack them on top of each other. So, I guess my questions are how C and Z relate, if its possible to break (radar) missile lock via trigger, and if there's a way to have a radar weapon target, but not fire. I want the people I play with to suffer.
  17. Has anybody found a way to fix this broken AI stuff? https://imgur.com/oRWXTG2 https://imgur.com/GyVfZ5f I should not have to choose between AI that seem to be invincible or AI fragile enough that if I shoot at a helicopter a single bullet kills everything in its path. Its ridiculous. I still have no clue if I have the regular medical stuff dialed back to a point where this game is fun, because it just seems to end up with everybody bleeding to death anyway. My group hasn't played in a month because having to memorize which bandages I need for what sucks all the fun out of this game. What the **** do I have to do to fix this?
  18. Hey all. I created a few units in a mission and gave them a specific Identity name. When I'm in the editor and previewing, the names appear properly, however when I add the missions to my server they default to a generic name. Its the same with my briefings. They're fine in the editor, but the moment I get into the server, they disappear. Why is this?
  19. I tried that, going the route of making an addon, and it didn't seem to carry over on my server. I'll make a separate addon folder for it and see how it goes. I play with a tiny group, I want to run around screaming for Doctor Feelgood to give me some feel good juice, not worry if I have enough blood in this bag to mix with my vodka while checking somebody's pulse.
  20. Where does one put the exported version of ACE settings? I've been struggling to figure out how to tone down the new medical system and have it stick.
  21. So this would be taking the actual contents of what the Create Diary Record module does and put that content in that .sqf file? Why is it that some missions load the briefing and namings fine, but others don't? I don't ever remember having this issue in ArmA 2. I'm also using 3den so I'm not sure how that is going to affect things. I also had a cargo van that should have had its doors open appear with everything shut. I'm assuming that's similar?
  22. I'm using Ferrex's enhanced infotext script, and I'm wondering how I can display different infotext to different groups. Specifically, one group has it displayed when the mission loads, and the other I want to receive its infotext brief when it crosses a trigger. Is this possible? If yes, how so? If not, please break my heart for not being able to fulfill this gimmick.
  23. Hey all. I'm trying to setup a trigger that displays text at the bottom left of the screen, with three strings, the current time, and the profile name of the player playing (It is for multiplayer, but from what I understand the profileName will work in mp?). How would I go about doing this?
  24. Ah, sorry, apologies. I want it to be displayed to everybody. Follow up question, are transition effects a thing for something like this? A fade in, for example.