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  1. There are no AIs because the mission author did not set any waypoints/behaviour to AIs and so it is mostly pointless to have team-mates AIs in the mission. However you can unpbo the mission and edit description.ext - you must change DisableAI= 1 to DisableAI= 0 then team-mates AIs will be available but keep in mind you should set AIs behaviour/scoring in editor.
  2. allah

    Shadow Ops

    Hello, this is small co04 mission which is using all LOL addons + updated WW4 mod. Your target is training base on Afghan Everon. You can choose difficulty (3 levels), weather and weapons (briefing). No AI allowed, markers (blue points) for your positions at map, 1.2 spectate script, Briefing & Debriefing included (ÄŒesky + English), short intro and so on... It SHOULD be the final version but post any bugs/suggestions here please. ABC is my old co24 mission for WW4 & LOL addons. ADDONS: Nakedsquid DOWNLOAD LINKS: Shadow Ops: http://www.mediafire.com/?k8t5ofcipppfduc ABC: http://www.mediafire.com/?lhibh73klziytte