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    I'l add that to a todo list! as-well as the reverse.
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    Just wanted to give a heads up that a new version is coming soonish. With a almost full rewrite and a nice slew of graphical update.
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    Correct. If you watch the entire video you will notice this.
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    Many of my programming tears went into this. eagerly awaiting your feedback!
  5. (units Grp1) join player; since you create the group in the global variable Grp1 you can use it to with "units" that lists all the units in the group then you join that group to the player. with (units Grp1) join player; if that dosen't work { _x join player; // _x is local to the foreach loop } forEach units Grp1;
  6. Just got this posted on the CIT https://dev-heaven.net/issues/28539
  7. My tank looses EH after it respawns using this respawn script script Is there anyway around this? init.sqf Respawn script
  8. Question to the devs: Do you use jayarmalib to fetch the position of the player from the game?
  9. Anyone got a good address's for the position in arma as im trying to write a positional sound plugin for it. But the problem is the only good vector array I've found so far for position turns into [-0.0001,etc,etc] when you scope in (binocs/tankscopes/static ironsight) I just wondered if anyone had a tip or possible a hex number for it.