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  1. I'd tell you to go pick up any long piece of something that could be moved around as if it was a weapon and move it as fast as you can and tell me that ARMA 3 did something wrong but I assume that is out of your thought process when you came here to complain like 90% of people that don't get the concept of Alpha, I can move a weapon like object in a full circle in under a second without much trouble and real soldiers have a hell of a lot more training than I do (considering I have none), Bottom line is the aiming is perfectly fine and a lot better than arma 2 when it comes to realism, Why do a lot of you seem to think moving a weapon 180 degrees takes like 5 seconds like it did in Arma 2, I think the problem is real life limitations look very unrealistic when its translated to video games which is why we feel the need to slow everything down a bit more to get it to seem a bit more realistic.
  2. rohan11221

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Sweet, 2 more people to be diverted away from ARMA 3 and put into the DayZ cash cow, That said welcome home you guys you're not out of it yet but at least you're home.
  3. rohan11221

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    I'm getting Addon 'ons_weapons' requires addon 'INKO_Disposable' except I have INKO and I am running it with the rest of the required mods.
  4. I'd say they will be using some sort of HK 416/417 variants since they are the natural step away from the M4/M16.
  5. Since I won't use playwithsix till absolutely necessary or until you add a way for me to launch with all of the mods I want, I'm having a problem with normal Sixupdater every time I try to open Six it gives me an error: Six Updater GUI has stopped working, I looked around and apparently It means my version is not up to date but I doubt that since its the one i downloaded directly off of your site...
  6. Quick Screen I took and put some rough editing into, Sorry for jaggeder edges. Also I find that the fact that the nose has the be a bit in the air to slow down to zero seems a lot more realistic to me cause there are plenty of videos where a Chinook is picking people up off the side of a mountain and its hovering even with the nose a bit higher then the rest, I love this model its so much easier to land and gain/lose speed and altitude.
  7. I have the most epic screen shot lined up but i can't figure out how to keep the helicopter in place while i take it from another angle :(
  8. I am so god damn pumped for this.
  9. rohan11221

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    Why did I have to find this before its released, god dammit.
  10. rohan11221

    Opinions on the Alpha Release Date

    I'd say the full game should be out around march to august if they want to make any amount of profit since certain idiots will be done with the $60 reject game that has been the same for 3 years and will be looking for a new game, Other then that I think that the Ivan and Martin thing should not effect the rate at which they give information, Trying to undermine the greek courts will only make it worse for them, Especially if the Czech government gets pulled into an espionage case, Would only make them look like super spies, That's my take on it anyway, They'll be home soon.
  11. I've actually seen many trucks like that where the bed will move independently with the cab most recently a few days ago where they had it on display at a car show i was at.
  12. ARH Tiger, Only cause it looks cool.
  13. To be honest what i think Bohemia really needs to do is let people make their own servers and what not but have a few servers scattered around the world (US, Canada, England, Australia and other large player base countries) and just have that running 24/7 with a mission that is basically a fight for land with fobs scattered around the map that you have to control and dominate land so then you can have the fight going 24/7 sort of like planetside 2 how you can leave and come back and its a completely different battlefield instead of a different mission which i think would be great for utilizing all of the air/land/sea assets that people have so you could have air dedicated clans and infantry dedicated clans and stuff that all join together for a giant fight to dominate an island... I don't know i just think that a Planetside 2 approach would be amazing.
  14. rohan11221

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    I'm not looking to play some star trek simulator and unless everything in the world changes (literally everything) none of this technology will be available for a long time, Keep it simple aka guns planes helicopters and boats, None of this space travel and self healing stuff, Plus I think they are going for a sort of 'What would happen if a war between 2 modern military countries but with cool rail guns and advanced stuff' kind of game instead of a game that would show what it would actually be like... Plus nor you or me have any idea how technology will progress who knows it might come to a grinding halt for 20 years.