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  1. Awesome will give it a try tonight thanks Blackheart! Woops: Turns out I have two accounts/was logged in as Bungy lol
  2. yomato26

    [COOP] Vigilancia Aeternum

    After playing for a few hours last night, really liking this mission. Some suggestions: Spawning - As per comments above by other users, the enemy spawning is a bit borked. I had 3 guys spawn in 2 meters away from me during a firefight and shoot me in the head lol IED's - I feel like this is just a RNG? Are there actually fixed locations of these or is there like a 1/10 chance of hitting one every 10 meters on a road. (would be cool to actually see them and defuse) Is there any HALO or recruit AI options? Especially the AI would be useful to recruit a pilot to fly you around or to at least have the Transport helicopter pick you up and take you somewhere rather than just land near you get out and run away. Keep up the good work, really liking it so far :)
  3. yomato26

    [COOP] Vigilancia Aeternum

    This sounds awesome, giving it a shot on my server now. Would be awesome if you added CUP mod support on this too! :)
  4. Hey mate, Any chance of adding parameters to disable fatigue and change respawn timer?
  5. Rekkless, replied to your PM. New version works perfectly. Old version had an issue with a dependancy on ACE3. I confirmed from RPT Log. New version is great though. Cheers.
  6. Tested again with my mods on same issue doesnt want to load up the map, Without mods only the needed ones it is also still having dramas for me. Just keeps scrolling "Mission Tactical Australia read from bank." This is on the dedicated server console. Ill do some more testing tonight to find out some more details from the log etc, bit hard from work :)
  7. Hey mate I'll give it another test tonight I'll disable all unneeded mods and give u more info if there are any dramas. Cheers
  8. Hey Rekkless, Love the maps. Just tried to load up the Australia one on dedicated and am getting endless Mission Tactical Australia read from bank.
  9. Mate you are a legend, Yeah i am using A3MP on takistan. So if i switch to AiA saving should work? Sweet! Thanks heaps
  10. Hi, Just a quick question, and i know ill get a lot of people saying not possible due to scripts etc, but can someone explain how to get saving working for MP insurgency maps? i have tried editing the init.sqf to include enableSaving [true, false]; which does give me the option in game. However when i go to resume i get a whole list of errors "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted ca_anims...." and a whole list of CA_addons. I know it is possible to get working because ItsThomas has it working on his Insurgency - Stratis Mission. Any help would be appreciated, just sick of playing half way through a mission then get D/C or something and my mates and i have to start all over again. Willing to use any mods to make it work too. Thank you.
  11. yomato26

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones muffled

    Just an update i think ive narrowed it down to the subwoofer channel when i turn it right down on the tiamat controller the problem is no longer apparent however i then lose all bass... real strange
  12. yomato26

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones muffled

    Thanks for trying to help out Ratszo i appreciate it. Read that forum and looks like im screwed. lol i have the synapse 2.0 driver but all it does is change it to a stereo headset then makes it Virtual 7.1 which is pointless cos it still sounds stereo in the game. i dont have any sound cancellation features or muting switched on that i can see? Cheers mate.
  13. yomato26

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones muffled

    Ratszo, I've tried using with and without Razer drivers. Not using a graphics EQ at all, every other game works fine just ARMA3 for some reason after the rebuild of my PC does not like 7.1 anymore :|
  14. Hi there, sorry if this has been posted i had a search and found similar things that basically ARMA3 does not support 7.1 surround? I haven't noticed it before but a recently dead HD resulted in me having to reinstall the game and windows. I am using a Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround headset which is configured to 7.1 in windows playback devices options. When im playing arma all of the footsteps and AI voices are muffled to the s**t house and it sounds like my guy is either underwater or has a very thick helmet on. The only way i have found to fix it is to switch it to stereo mode in the windows playback devices options which makes the sound in the game sound like crap. I also have the in game audio set to 128 samples and have tried changing through all of them. Has anyone had this issue before? Is it just the game has a s*it sound engine and doesn't want to work with 7.1 or am i doing something wrong Appreciate any feedback/advice Thank you.
  15. yomato26

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Using a 7.1 Tiamat aswell hahaha