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    Milsim Signature question

    This is cool and I am appreciative of the find but I'm talking about those Forum signatures of uniforms with nameplates and ribbons that at a lot of these Milsim clans have. Still thanks for the awesome finds.
  2. Potentially very stupid question, How do Milsim Units make those uniform Signatures? They look awesome.
  3. Hello I am looking for a Non SOCOM realism unit thats based on the Army. I have experience with ACE and ACRE as well as Team leading. I am in particular looking to help a new unit form but i'm willing to join any and all Standard US Army Units. Most of my skills is in Infantry but I am willing to branch out. I'm willing to learn what ever is needed (Except web mastering.). I'm open when it comes to mods as long as we'll have ACE and ACRE and will not consume the whole of my hard drive. US based. Willing to fill any slot needed. Terrible at driving. Has only the very basic knowledge on flying choppers. Generally flexible Mature if I may say so my self.
  4. Name:Gardner Has:Arma CO ACE2 and ACRE Age:18 Location:US, Texas Looking for:RPG, Milsim unit preferably Army. I would prefer a standard Army unit over a special forces/Socom unit. Wants to do:Infantry Mic:yes.