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  1. emt2215

    25th Infantry Division

    Hello, We are still recruiting for ground forces and aviation. Also, we are searching for an experienced web site designer with experience in PHP Nuke. Age requirement is atleast 18 yrs old. Please contact myself thru PM or go to our site and contact me there at www.25th-id.us.... Also, our teamspeak is Thanks, COL Coleman 3/25th
  2. emt2215

    25th Infantry Division

    Gentlemen, We have a New Public Server Address: Port: 2302 and we have a NEW Insurgency Map 25thID style. Check us out and remember our teamspeak is and our website www.25th-id.us 6 Months and still going STRONG ARMY STRONG........And as always we are RECRUITING!!!! Thank You, COL L.Coleman
  3. emt2215

    25th Infantry Division

    Update: We have switched Teamspeak servers to better serve our members. The NEW teamspeak is and we have also added 2 servers for our Training and Operations. We are also, starting our first Operation. Operation Fresh Start, we be starting on Sunday 11SEP11. And we are still accepting applications for NEW members... http://www.25th-id.us
  4. I know this may have been asked or explained a 1000 times. But I have look through 10000 scripts and can't find the two I was needing. The two I need is first, what is the script to place a restricted area on a made FOB, like if a place enters the FOB without being in a unit, it will give a 20 sec before killing them. and the second script, how to add a person directly to a unit. With their slot being only for them? Thank you, Coleman
  5. We at 25th Infantry Division, are newer at the ARMA 2 community. We have no ties to any of the other 25thID units, first of. Now we are recruiting mainly for Infantry (2/27th) and also, we have other positions opened in HHC with the Aviation and Cavalry Detachments. We are recruiting for mature 18+ and older to fill out ranks. We are not a younger group as to most, we are older group of guys. Also, will are setup as a Milsim unit, that uses the US ARMY rank structure, Code of Conduct and Values. We are striving to give the realism feel without being so tough and strict that it takes the fun out of the game, and all we ask is that you participate and bring a good attitude. What we have to offer: 32-man Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead: Combined Ops Game Server provided by Defconservers Server IP: We use Teamspeak 3 for VoiceComs Website that is still in the works at www.25th-id.us And a good group of guys that will take time to work with you even if you are new to ARMA 2. Go to our site and if you wish to enlist, place a application in and a recruiter will contact you. Thank You, Col L.Coleman BN Commander 3BCT, 25th Infantry Division
  6. I'm not really new to the game and this question may have been answered somewhere along the line, but when going onto a CO-OP Server I have my character setup using Green Beret with Shades, and getting on the server I notice I'm wearing a Kev Helmet with shades and then I see the green beret is under the helmet lol.....WHY??? Thanks for any input.... EMT2215