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    Co-op Missions

    I had some free time and finished up this mission, so here it is much sooner than I thought. : D Combat Shock DELTA ECKO CHARLY is temporarily holding a firing position on a hill west of the Durman forests and Timurkalay. Spotters will locate insurgent activity in the woods and assist mortar gunners. Download

    Co-op Missions

    Heheh! Thanks for the videos, it was fun to watch. : D Here's some new missions for Lingor, and one mission for Iron Front if you'd like. : DDDDDDDD I have another mission almost ready to be uploaded, and then one in the beginning stage. Soon!! One day! Maybe in a few weeks. Lingor Cop: Jungle Wolf Esquadra de Operacoes Policiais Especiais (EOPE) performs aerial recon over a road in Lingor Island. Download Lingor Cop 2: Tactical Drug Action Esquadra de Operacoes Policiais Especiais (EOPE) raid a harbor known for a being a hotspot of smuggled cocaine. Download Feuersturm Co-04 Russians are bringing up supplies closer to the battlefield. Aerial reconnaissance confirms the current position at a small wooden house along the road. Destroy the forward supply depot! Download

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hi Sickboy, I was wondering how you got mortar ammo in the MagicBox item? (ace_sys_weapons_magicbox) I've been trying to find this file myself so I could decompile it, but no luck. :X
  4. That page lists only vanilla weapons and magazines for me. That's where I got the 8Rnd_81mmHE_M252 classname from in the first place.
  5. Thanks, I may use the vehicle ammo boxes. One more question, I know that in ACE you can get mortar rounds from a box (the MagicBox with all the weapons/ammo in it), but I can't seem to find a classname for ACE mortar rounds anywhere. :0 The ammobox in question, running ACE and ACEX.

    Need help with Briefing

    If you're not seeing the briefing on the map screen, that means it's not made right. Did you specify a side? (west=BLUFOR, east=OPFOR) Here is a sample briefing.sqf that I'm using for one of my new missions. waitUntil {!(isNull player)}; waitUntil {player==player}; switch (side player) do { case WEST: { player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Situation","The heavily forested mountains in this area make for good cover against air assets, and being close to a town makes it a risky target to bomb. Careful firing and spotting is necessary for the completion of this mission."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Briefing","DELTA ECKO CHARLY is temporarily holding a <marker name='base2'>firing position</marker> on a hill west of the Durman forests and <marker name='town'>Timurkalay</marker>. Spotters will locate insurgent activity in the woods and assist mortar gunners."]]; tskObj_2=player createSimpleTask ["Return to Base"]; tskObj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Return to base after firing and surveying the area.","Return to Base","Return to Base"]; tskObj_1=player createSimpleTask ["Spot insurgent activity in forest"]; tskObj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Look for armed vehicles and fire upon them.","Spot insurgent activity in forest","Spot insurgent activity in forest"]; player setCurrentTask tskObj_1; tskObj_1 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "mark1"); tskObj_2 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "base2"); }; case EAST: { }; case RESISTANCE: { }; case CIVILIAN: { }; };

    Need help with Briefing

    You need to make a Briefing.html file, then you'll be able to preview it. The Briefing.html can be blank.
  8. I've tried adding 8Rnd_81mmHE_M252 and 8Rnd_81mmILLUM_M252 as magazines into a crate, but they don't appear. I'd like to make a crate with 81mm rounds in it so a player can reload their mortar.
  9. Good mission! Me and my friends played it on Expert. : D Some screenshots of it:

    Co-op Missions

    Here's another mission pack download mirror: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zrgkmw You're welcome, thanks for playing them! : D

    Co-op Missions

    Oh lol, I didn't have that happen when I tested it. I hope it doesn't occur too often, perhaps I should change the AI's waypoint behavior to "safe" :0

    Co-op Missions

    After a lot of testing I think this mission is good to go now. Tell me if there's any bugs, thanks! :cool: On Darkened Wings DELTA ECKO FORCE is tasked to rescue hostages held at a terrorist mountain camp. AH-64D Apache 'WARRIOR' will provide cover fire for the rescue squad and engage any hostile forces. Background briefing by Sander Download

    2 Player coop missions?

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16066 2 player co-op mission I made for ARMA 2 free :cool:

    Co-op Missions

    Oh cool, thanks! : D The radar may have been hit by secondary explosions from the tanks.