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  1. all good! thanks for hotfix!
  2. anybody checked if it carries over to other maps?
  3. LeeManatee

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    just incase you are reworking the project, it would be glorious to have FRAGO for use in zeus/dynamic missions http://www.fireleadership.gov/toolbox/briefing_intent/MCS_Mission_Briefing_Template.pdf
  4. Greetings, I have a rather stupid question on building mission with asymetric commander Do i need to populate an area with occupying AI force and be on that side to see how insurgency tries to ambush us etc? Does asymetric AI need to be in same TAOR as occupying force? Will it try to attack another commander if he is not in same TAOR? I've read a wiki page about insurgency, but i still don't understand how it works may be there is a skype group or something where i could bother you with such questions?
  5. this is proably one of the best sources of information on ALiVE i stumbled upon, great job
  6. it would be bloody amazing if we were able to draw lines on tablet, to make air and ground routes
  7. edit: no idea, done everything as written on wiki page. map light adjustment and map shake still present. i have no idea if it's these modules sole problem or something wrong with the serverconfigs
  8. sorry, for some reason still doesn't work. how i can debug it?
  9. is there any documentation on how to setup serverside configs? i just created @ace_server and added ace folder to userconfigs, yet it does not work. for some reason it stays enabled all
  10. can we please get a decent compass with readable mills aswell? and is there a way to increase the size of ctrl+shift+k angle thing? sorry way yoo asleeep to remember how it's called like, but we would greatly appreciate if this tool will be enlarged aswell as getting readable mills compass. loving mortatrs rangetables so far!
  11. question: where can i find userconfig file to customize my keys? i can't find it, thanks in advance
  12. would be amazing to have download link fixed
  13. i sincerely hope that all features will be configurable with serverside config file, as we would HATE to have to deal with .pbo files to enable disable features as well as having to re-upload them each update and host a custom repositary. please, please, please! we really love how CSE works with userconfig and CSE_server!
  14. can we please enable and configure features with serverside config file instead of messing with .pbo files? i really enjoyed the way CSE was configured, as i didn't need to have a reposityry with custom mod, compared to annoyance of agm. in this way i was able to have baseline of settings on server and enable specific features through modules in missions, so one scenarios were low tech and others with blufor tracker etc
  15. my dick is so hard right now, i think i broke my table and keyboard
  16. is there a way to place alive modules "live" while in zeus? i mean it would be fantastic to be able to drop alive TAOR zones and set it up in zeus, and then activate it to spawn units if this possible - it will make all and any kind of mission making go away ;)
  17. LeeManatee

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    bloody amazing. thats precisely what i needed. if only we will have proper binoculars with mills and ruler on map, our community mod pack will be complete
  18. LeeManatee

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Glowbal, you are our hero!
  19. LeeManatee

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    i'm pretty sure autor of that article and editor who let it pass can be legaly charged for defamation. this is serious as they claim modders to be "isis supporters". freedom of speech is fine, but defamation is a crime and should not be tolerated.
  20. LeeManatee

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    brillian mission, loving every bit of it!
  21. LeeManatee


    eagerly looking forward for version that supports leights opfor pack ;)
  22. LeeManatee

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    there are issues with using alive now, as it does not spawn LOP_AM at all and ignore units type for LOP_ISIS looking for alive configs patch
  23. LeeManatee

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Greetings, We are quite disturbed by the lack of Russian UAV units in RHS, as it is not realistic and missing quite valuable aspect of modern Russian Army Recently Russian military industry announced that new "Russian Cyborg Biker Robot" is currenty is being adopted by Armed Forces of Russian Federation. We would like to know if/when this new Russian UAV unit will be implemented in next RHS AFRF Update References: [^]http://www.cnet.com/news/russias-combat-robot-biker-fails-to-impress-putin/ [^]
  24. LeeManatee

    MGSR Mod

    thats a dream, but i would love to see mgs4 PMC units in arma 3