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  1. colum, thank you for responding. Please keep in mind I am rather new with all this. I do not own a ts3 server. I play alone with 2 of my friends. We open a private channel in the "free" public server that comes with Teamspeak. I searched everything I could in options, but everywhere permissions are concerned, it says I do not have sufficient to modify anything... I have notice something, regarding our issue. If we leave TS settings to default, and hotkey acre to one of the mouse buttons, the problem does not occur as often, or most lately, at all. What could be the reason ??
  2. greetings ! another very content acre user here....up till lately after being cursed by steam to the latest version 1.62, six updater helped me to put all the versions back on track, and go through the jayarma2lib debacle. But now, something totally weird is happening. Playing with only one friend, and at the start of a mission, everything is working, we use "commchecks" every few seconds to see if it works. And it does. And then all of a sudden, the radio transmission button gets weird, so that we only hear eachother as if talking normally, but the squeekof the radio can still be heard (just the voice is not distorted). And then moments later, the teamspeak lady goes ballistic, saying error error error, and those red spam notifications flood our channel. After that we need to cool of for a few minutes, due to roid rage, because we both cherish our belongings. ANY ideas, please ?
  3. hi Jingle thanks for the reply. im not entirely sure what you mean with waypoint ? As to now, I havent really uncovered what that order in the menu does, "next waypoint"...do you mean this ?
  4. greetings, ive missed this option since the original flash. I had a huge break from playing sometime after arma vanilla came out, and started playinga again so please forgive me if something like this already exists, and be kind enough to point me in its direction :D basically alot of times during play, there are cases where it would be great if I could give the command of the squad under me to another human player for a while. Or split the team of 7 into 2 groups, one 4 other 3 guys. Im guessing the easiest way to do this is via console, which should call a script or two. on second note does anything of the sort exist already ?? regards
  5. velebrz

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    hi LordJarhead, mad props for the quick reply. could you please help me with some hints as to what to replace/change/delete. I am having some consistency issues I think, certain sounds get confused wether which soundpack to use, and thus end up with errors and or silence. How should I merge the folders with ACE so JSRS is exactly the one that uses the sound conversion.
  6. velebrz

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    hi all any hints as to how to use jsrs with ACE ? Apart from completely replacing ACE SM with JSRS anyone plays jsrs with ACE + ACE XTRAS ?? thanks for info
  7. cheers guys, I play arma2 combined ops with 2 of my friends. We have it modded, to perfectly tailor to our wishes, ace, acre and all. Since alot of the coop missions are made for big player groups we usually have to resort to several AI units. Which is fine, but sometimes lack in immersion because of some weird AI behavior sometimes. Because of this, most of the missions including any type of Air combat/support besides scripted infil exfil is strictly a nogo. Is there a mission out there, where one of the players could take on the role of a heli pilot, providing insertion, after that holding pattern, target ID and support from above, and then provide exfil at certain locations. The other two players would work on the ground, with one or two team leaders (i.e. two squads with commands each, or one player command the other in the same group) kind regards vele
  8. hey guys, thanks for the input....so you say it is possible in theory, but advise against trying it ?? @pvp scene : OAC mod...does it do this ?
  9. the title says it all i think...is it possible to port, or open or something an old game, and play it in arma 2 environ ??
  10. velebrz

    FireFOX Coop Missions

    I will try to find time and come test tonight ! always in line for a good coop mission :D
  11. velebrz

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    greetings Animal, thanks for the reply. no, the pilot doesnt become part of the team. I cannot issue any orders, or give him any items. happened three times now.
  12. velebrz

    ACE for OA 1.13

    much obliged Sickboy ! Great tool, works like a charm
  13. velebrz

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    another thankful user. much obliged animal, very, very nice missions. I have one question though, about Crash and Grab, that was bundled when I installed ace. when me and my friends get to the pilot, and open the gates, he just runs somewhere and crouches behind a building. As teamleader I cant issue any orders, and with him being stubborn he always dies in the middle of firefights. Its getting impossible to finish the mission, even after careful planing and when everything goes to plan, he doesnt want to do anything. At best he goes prone, crawls 5meters one way, then stands up, and gets killed, or repeat step 1, and then get killed. we are using complete ace, with acre and asr ai mod. are we doing anything wrong ?? regards
  14. velebrz

    ACE for OA 1.13

    greetings Robalo. Thank you for the answer. one issue though. IF i open any of those files, or try to extract, i get an error "seems this is not an arma pbo" im opening with pboview.
  15. velebrz

    ACE for OA 1.13

    anyone has any ideas ?