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  1. Wolf72nd

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    Can`t get this to work with Alive,get message assign troops to Opcom. I installed the Hotfix, used the class names Marv_IS for ISIS Marv_Kr for Kurds Marv_IR for Iraqi No joy, any ideas? Thank You.
  2. Hello M8t, There is nothing in the download zip except a .pbo Demo Mission ?
  3. Wolf72nd

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    @Marve_XT, PM ARjay of the Alive Dev Team, He would be able to help you config your Mod to work with Alive. BTW great Mod !
  4. Thanks for all your hard work Mikey, All the best M8t. :cool:
  5. Charliereddog, If you made the mission before the last Alive Update, try deleting then replacing the Alive Modules. Had a similar issue and doing this fixed it for me. :cool:
  6. Mikey74, AISS2 works fine with BTC_Revive v0.98. Just an FYI. :)
  7. Mikey74 Can confirm it`s BTC_Revive causing the issue, Removed it from the mission, it works fine now. Have to use default BIS Respawn,which sucks,but at least the mision works now. Thanks for looking into this M8T :cool: ---------- Post added at 02:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 AM ---------- Mikey74, I think I fixed it by downloading a new version of BTC_Revive. I`ll test more and report back. Thanks M8T !
  8. Mikey74, Made a mission with your Mod, I use BTC_Revive for repawn,problem is on respawn I seem invisible to Opfor, I can walk right up to them and they don`t fire? Any ideas how to fix? Thanks
  9. Mikey74, Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this, it really makes mission making so simple. It is really awesome!! Is it possible to synch modules to triggers so you could in effect set when units would spawn, ie: Blufor Present ? This is what Alive does by cache and it takes a lot of load off the server. Just wondered. I read the whole thread and did not see anything in this regard. Had a blast with just the main module down, placing units and watching AISS take control. Amazing ! Thanks again m8t, great work ! :cool:
  10. @roy86 Thanks for all your work,really enjoy this mission. My question is,If I host the mission on my pc,I can adjust Parameters fine,If I run a dedicated server and join,( all on same pc) I cannot adjust Parameters? Thanks for any help !
  11. Wolf72nd

    A-10C for Arma 3

    SnakePlissken, That key was changed, it now defaults to the E keyboard key. :cool:
  12. Ollem, Really like your work on this mod,also Lord Primate. My question is, I`m running a Dedicated Server, and joining as Client on the same PC. So, in the mission editor Do I add Embedd Los Enable, Find Cover Enable, TpwCas Dedicated Server Module/No Client/TpwCas mode=enable3, so that for Clients connecting to the Server,along with myself this will work correctly? Have read the whole thread but a little confused as to how to get this to work in my situation. Thank you for any help you can give !
  13. Great stuff BangaBob,but I don`t see any instructions? Thanks M8t !