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  1. Significantly improved transfers on all individual transfers of files over 5mb in size. Questionably slow transfers on individual files under 10kb in size. Zsync/Bisign type files transfer individually at 1-2kb/sec delaying transfers until the last one has transferred. In prior versions this seems to have been a non issue, with the test file you provided, it seems like the small file transfers are much delayed in contrast to prior builds. A normal transfer of the bisign files in the past took 3-5 seconds, where in this test build it delayed the process upwards of 3 minutes. I will run though a couple more build attempts to see if the small file transfers are affecting general performance on builds.
  2. Unable to run the replacement arma3sync.jar - UnsupportedClassVersionError: fr/soe/a3s/main/ArmA3Sync : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 Attempted to run with 1.6.90 & 1.5.84 exe and java -jar methods. Remote FTP appears to be hardcapped at 130-148KB/sec. 1.6.90 http://i.imgur.com/NFdPFiW.png Local Host FTP transfers are uncapped (filezilla to Test method at this point has to been to purge one folder from the repo, and just reupload the existing build on a non critical folder.
  3. Are there any options or flags needed to modify the FTP upload speeds when building and or updating a repository? In 1.5.84 I am able to maintain an upload speed between 380-450KB/sec on average, occasionally getting up to 900KB/sec After the update to 1.6.xx I seem to be hard capped at 148KB/sec tops. To the same server via other FTP clients I am able to transfer far faster, be it 5-20MB/sec. Is there any documentation on improving FTP transfer speeds?
  4. Can you confirm this in any way? As I currently have users playing on my server, with 3.1.1 in addition to, I am a bit surprised to hear that it is not working.
  5. Impulse 9

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    A small issue - While I have listed the unit's creation date of August 2010, the public view reports December 2010. See - https://units.arma3.com/unit/unitedoperations Already Mentioned - If we can have a direct API signup or redirect for members to join that would be pretty nice. Already Mentioned - If we can change the default rank (names) for use within our unit pages, it would help to prevent reediting every member that joins for a corrected title value.
  6. Impulse 9

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Which source did you download the mod and keys from? PWS/ArmAhollic? How did you upload the keys to the server? If FTP was your client set to binary/ascii or auto? I am running the keys provided w/o resigning locally and had no issues at this time with verifySignatures=2; Starting at the most basic level try starting up the server with just CBA and ACRE2, if it fails to start with those two alone with verifySignatures set to 2, then I would say it would be your key or file uploads for ACRE2 or CBA, and or the base game files. Since the base game files and I would assume CBA has not been modified on your server, just try to reupload the ACRE2 files again, and confirm that if you are using a FTP client that your transfers are set to Binary.
  7. Impulse 9

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    For those that are on the fence or unsure of what the JVON integration are, and what it matters. JVON sessions for clients that run ACRE2 are able to connect to any server they wish from any means they wish, commandline, server browser, PlayWithSix, or any other means, and without the need to use any separate application join to the server that they are participating on's JVON Server. Upon connecting to the server of your choice that is running ACRE2 with JVON present, you will automatically join that server's JVON session and game channel. This application is bundled with ACRE2 and requires no clientside configuration by default. It will launch when needed, and close when you disconnect from game. Side Note with the current build there are some instances where it can remain open after the game has been closed, this may or may not affect all users. And I would expect work to address this fairly frequently now that the 2.1.x.x builds have been put forward as public stable. Configuration of the application and hotkeys can be managed from ingame if needed. Additional diagnostic tools are included with the JVON client, to adjust for individual speaker and microphone configurations as well as selections. Additional configuration of acre functions now happens in game. There is no need to be out of game and edit a userconfig file or anything of that nature, even w/o the use of JVON. For the server hosts, setting up JVON is as simple as appending 4 additional lines to your server config, and running a single executable. There is also the option for *nix hosts to run this as well, although I have yet to test this functionality myself.
  8. Impulse 9

    ASR AI 3

    We had to have this created and forced to be unified over all of our clients, so that any time any user was a zeus the locality for AI created by them would behave in the same manner as those created in normal missions, and or headless client hand off missions. Or local client ai balancing approaches w/o the headless client. It just helps to create a unified and standard exprience. The last thing you would want to have happen is one group of ai being moutbreathing and drooling all over themselves while another group of AI just happens to be expert level wallhack qualities.
  9. Impulse 9

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Congratulations on the release.
  10. Impulse 9

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Is there a possibility we can get the font for use with the PSD? EDIT- For those that do want the font it is named AllStar4. It is avilable for free from the following location http://www.dafont.com/allstar4.font
  11. Impulse 9

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Congrats on the release! My F5 Key thanks you for the last 6 hours.
  12. This is pretty incredible, Congrats on the release!
  13. Resolved File Creation - Looking forward to impending release.
  14. I run something such as the following in a batch file to sign some addons. You may just want to open a command prompt window and do this via the command line if this is a one time event. Create Your PrivateKey Sign all Files in a directory with your PrivateKey You would only need to run the first line once to create the private key. You would run the second part from where your privatekey is located, referencing the directory where you want to sign all of the files. Replace "YourPrivateKeyName" with whatever you wish to call your signatures.
  15. Would ask that the default be blank, and patches be defined by hidden selections. If someone wanted to make use them for any specific group or the like it could always be edited in the mission to represent whichever group you would want at that point. Build a good size of selections for units built in could not hurt, but defining it as a hidden selection with a default blank area would benifit all groups and users whom may want to use this model. This would also allow them to create their own hidden selection files to include their own patches for whatever unit/group they want. Be it Group/Clan/Community or whatnot. If we could do this with nameplate space as well... that would just be something special. Edit, to confirm there are blank options included?