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  1. Hello. Is there a way to turn off the "FCSRotationDamper" or whatever it is called now? I suffered from the same problem on Take On Helicopters. I would like to enjoy Arma 3 again but it's not possible for me due to this "problem".. Thanks for help, Antoine from France.
  2. Yes that's what I call bug. With 40+ players using this method we had some hard crash. And server cycle drop. By default I use V to talk on 343 Then if I press my "script" key it will switch to 148 or.. the 2nd radio and talk on it. If you manually select 148 to be the defaut radio then if you use script it will talk on 343.. Easy :)
  3. +1 :cool: It was to check if you read it x'P Well you got it then. You should be able to do whatever you want with autoHotkey I think. That's the problem. If you take a radio then release it for X reason then take it back.. It will bug. That's why the swtich to next or preview radio is the best way to go. This way you're sure it will work Tell me if you succes or not. I'm interested.
  4. Yep theses options : Aren't OK. It bug cause of ID or something like that. I can't explain it. That's why I suggest you to do this ; With your software. I can't remember the name but i'm sure you'll succes this way. :cool: ---------- Post added at 10:55 ---------- Previous post was at 10:52 ---------- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?137672-ShackTac-ACRE-Volume-Control&p=2238317&viewfull=1#post2238317 Here it is. Niv use a soft to make some advenced macro, script.. That's the way to go if you don't have a Logitech Keyboard. Or other keyboard script tool
  5. Doveman,.. Doveman Is it you I helped a bit on the St_Acre_Volume Topic? Anayway theses Push to talk on a specific radio are bugged. As you can see. I'm in AZERTY :D //CTRL ; SHIFT ; CAPS LOCK must not be assigned to any kind of movement. For exemple with default ACRE key if you switch radio it will make you move.. Fail fail fail. The same happen in vehicule.. SHIFT+ALT+S.. Tadaaaa you engine turn ON. You're spotted ! Acre Volume calibration. St_Acre_Volume tips. ---------- Post added at 07:50 ---------- Previous post was at 07:44 ---------- It seems you know how to make macro or script, so what you need is a key that will do This could be use on Logitech script. (LUA) http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/g13-advanced-gameboard
  6. hon0

    Left handed option?

    I follow ! +1
  7. This is an good question. What's the best for the server to keep 50fps? Have a nice Day !
  8. Could my friend and I be in your tester list? @Kontakt-5. Would be an honor. :cool:
  9. The shout mod from St_Acre_Volume can be hear.. By me at least. At 195m max. Tested with a rangefinder. Just calibrate your volume. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?137672-ShackTac-ACRE-Volume-Control&p=2240521&viewfull=1#post2240521 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133891-A-C-R-E-Advanced-Combat-Radio-Environment-1-4-Stable-Release-Thread&p=2242806&viewfull=1#post2242806
  10. Your mission are really cool to play Kju ! Thanks ! Keep them up :cool:
  11. Good ! Waiting for it :)
  12. I can hear them at 195. But without any others noises, as wind or ambiant combat. It seems legit to me. My problem is people don't hearing me during a firefight even if they're close to me <25m. Some people don't know.. Or can't equilibrate their volume to make TS's one prioritary. To set them up correctly I always recommand to make some noise with a chopper and set up the volume till you can hear people talking arround you. Try to fix that without having your headset or TS master Volume at 100%. So when calibrated you'll be able to turn them up or down depending on the situation. - Headset volume - Windows Master Volume - Teamspeak Master Volume + Acre Radio volume (Double clic on the plugin) - Arma 2 Effect Volume They're no specific hotkey for Short range or long range radio. class PTTRadio // Talk over radio { key = #; // CAPSLOCK (please unbind from your normal PTT key) shift = 0; ctrl = 0; alt = 0; }; // Talk over SELECTED radio I always had problem with "class PTTRadioAlternate_#". If you can do macro, script. You should. if (event == "G_PRESSED") and (arg == G_KEY_NUMBER) then PressandReleaseKey("The one you use to switch radio") Sleep(10) PressKey("The one you use to talk over SELECTED radio") elseif (event == "G_RELEASED") and (arg == G_KEY_NUMBER) then ReleaseKey("The one you use to talk over SELECTED radio") Sleep(10) PressandReleaseKey("The one you use to switch radio") Also if you use Shift and ALT in a combi. Be sure to desactivate the windows keybind that make you keyboard switch from AZERTY/QWERTY.
  13. While people shout (St_acre_Volume) I can hear them up to 195m. Tested with a rangefinder. Without St_acre_Volume I can hear people whispering in their mic at 50+ m.... So for me that's normal.. You don't have a problem. All the others have one.
  14. I don't know if you can assign more than one button in the key.hpp. However I'm sure you can assign your radio key to your joystick. If you can set it up.. What is your joystick/controller?
  15. Hello I'm stuck in this mission. I can't lift the 2nd containers without damage it.. A solution?:confused: Thanks Antoine
  16. That's it. I wasn't using track IR for leaning at first cause But now it's fine. Just set it up in your command option and active the correct axe in your TIR Software. Also don't forged to adjust your curves ! No dead zone while flying !
  17. Recalibrate. Delete the In Game controlleur setting deadZone. Use the saitek driver to set correct dead zone.
  18. Hello. I think you should give a look at your driver. I can do it with my old X45. So I guess you can too. http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp59/Xandre/X52deadzone.png
  19. Hello. What's your joystick? Check in the command option if all the axes are well and logicaly set up. No conflict. etc.. +1