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  1. Any updates? Are you planning to have another release candidate before full release?
  2. pvt_ryan

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Do you have any plans to finish this terrain?
  3. Between you figuring out the mid-range texture problems on Sahrani and the latest engine update that fixed the texture tiling glitch on old maps, this sounds better and better every day. The only other terrain issues I can think of are the pond glitch and the "Use of Land_fuel_tank_big may cause binarization" error. My group is very excited to make the switch when CUP gets a release- we vote modular as well. We'll also look forward to the addition of the improvements from SMD Sahrani and JBAD Buildings.
  4. Any plans to update the editor previews now that the satellite texture tiling/tartan glitch has been fixed?
  5. pvt_ryan

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Really looking forward to a complete version of this one!
  6. Good to hear this project is still alive! Unfortunately my group initially opted for A3MP in quite an arbitrary manner, and it's all but impossible to convince the other members that making the switch and downloading AiA would be worthwhile in light of the fact that it's just as dead as A3MP. We'll certainly be utilizing CUP Terrain when it gets released, however.
  7. pvt_ryan

    Lack of airfield near Kavala?

    Lol, maybe so! The lack of helipads is another thing, maybe owing to the fact that there's little military presence (in the form of military bases) near Kavala either...
  8. Is it just me, or is there no airfield anywhere close to Kavala? I understand that the man airport is in the middle of the island, but isn't it kind of strange that there's a dirt airfield in every corner of the island except the most populated one? You'd think that they could have fit one in somewhere around there, so can anyone think of a reason why there's not an airfield anywhere close to Altis' biggest town? Maybe I'm the only one who's noticed this, but it seems a bit strange to me. Is anyone else bothered by this?
  9. Yeah, Bohemia has clearly made an effort at achieving this, but with Altis' size in comparison to Stratis, some of the things that stuck out in Stratis (the chapels, military encampments, or radar spheres) don't really stick out that much in Altis. Even simply naming more of the features that are already there might help this (giving a name to the mountain range in the northwest, or the central plains, or the major roadways). But at the moment I'm personally not convinced that there's enough reason to explore different parts of the island just for the sake of it; once you've seen one chapel or medium-sized Mediterranean town you've seen them all.
  10. Hey everyone, so the "official launch" of A3 has now arrived. Hopefully most people figured out that this is a launch pretty much in name only, and had the sense to buy the game earlier on instead of paying the higher price and having expectations of more content. Even though there seems to be plenty of whiny threads here by people who seem to be missing the point (about A3 being a platform for multiplayer more than a singleplayer game, and forgetting the fact that Bohemia acknowledged that there will be missing content at launch a long time ago (withholding it is preferable to releasing it in a super-buggy state), personally I'm happy enough with the current state of ARMA 3. Like many others I do hope for more fixed-wing (and also rocket/missile launcher) assets in the future, which it seems Bohemia will be providing when they can, and otherwise my only actual complaints are the clipping between soldiers and the terrain and the poor vehicle damage model (for which I've made a support ticket). That said, the primary purpose of this thread is to make a suggestion regarding Altis, which has been generally well-received so far, and rightfully so. Most people are slightly disappointed by the inability to enter unique buildings (such as the hospital in Kavala), and I can understand that. However, I would argue that if anything Altis requires more unique features, even if they are superficial in nature. The main issue I have with Altis is that- in part due to its almost unfathomable size- I can easily appreciate its beauty and amazingness as a whole, but when it comes to individual locations it can be slightly underwhelming. The most memorable parts are the unique bits- the salt flats, the swamp, the castles, Altis international airport, even the dried up dam, etc.- but there simply aren't enough of them. Even the cemetery they teased during the most recent livestream turns out to be a somewhat generic asset found in many different places. I can tell that Bohemia has made an effort to do this with the research domes, solar farms, and wind turbines scattered throughout, and while those contribute nicely to the overall aesthetic, they don't really distinguish individual locations. One or two impressive bridges spanning creeks or valleys would be one example, or more unique buildings (though this opens the question of whether they would be enter-able). It's great that there are so many towns in Altis, but ultimately there's little to distinguish one from the next aside from the layout of the streets. There's no real sense of variation in character between the various settlements in Altis; of course, they're all picturesque seaside/mountain towns, but this is a double-edged sword at times. When trying to communicate with others during play, there's not really much in the way of landmarks to reference from. On a broad level, Altis is a breathtakingly beautiful, but at the moment everything sort of bleeds into everything else. I know defining the locations by the engagements that take place at them is the ARMA way, but in the absence of any in-world lore, I still think Altis could benefit from more unique assets (landmarks and monuments alike) scattered throughout. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough; lemme know what you think.
  11. Hey, I'm completely new to the ARMA series with ARMA 3 and I'm looking for a group that can offer a tactical/serious but patient/friendly environment, preferably for PvE missions. I'm getting into ARMA now because I like the look of the core ARMA experience, and not just because of DayZ (which I've never played) or something like that. In fact I don't own ARMA 2 and I'm unsure whether I'll pick it up anytime soon (this alone seems to disqualify me from certain groups that still focus on ARMA 2), and I'm definitely looking for a group that mainly does ARMA 3 stuff. Given that I'm new to the series there might be a bit of a learning curve for me, but I'm definitely determined to adapt and learn in a serious environment. Military roleplay outside of the game might not be my thing, but I'm willing to start off as the scrubby AAR or whatever is needed. I won't be starting to play until I finish upgrading my PC in a couple weeks, but I'm 100% sure that I will be buying ARMA 3 at that time. I do want to jump right into the coop gaming scene so I can enjoy the game as much as possible from the start, as the game seems like it could be a bit intimidating at first. I'll have all the necessary communication tools, but go ahead and send me a PM if you think you have a group for me.
  12. pvt_ryan

    Steam discussion

    Facepalm. Right.
  13. pvt_ryan

    Steam discussion

    Are you unfamiliar with the meaning of the word "future", buddy? I assume that as a seemingly successful studio BIS will be making such decisions for future titles at some point. After all, this isn't an ARMA 3-specific subforum, in case you didn't notice.
  14. pvt_ryan

    Steam discussion

    I hate Steam unequivocally. 'Nuff said. Hopefully enough people posting in this thread will actually play into BIS' future decision process.