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  1. ratszo

    My anti torque pedals are all or nothing

    Set the curve in controller set-up ingame? Deadband is set there too. Default is 10%.
  2. ratszo

    Difficulty Overhaul

    VonID defaulted 'off' on expert --bad idea. Most servers do not intend to block vonID. Default 'on' pleaz.
  3. ratszo

    Constant "ghost" stutter

    Try v-sync? Or look at "frame_run_ahead" defaults in A3 config doc.
  4. ratszo

    BIS, any work being done on Voice Over Network?

    I' l b li ve t hen i ear it. Goo uk!
  5. ratszo

    Game crashes before start

    Idem --just started-up the game and got past the menu screen. Maybe re-dl'ing the 'mark' folder is it.
  6. View distance --will bring your cpu to its knees, if set too high. As a grunt, my VD is 500m. A 2.5 km VD ain't gonna help you in a 200m firefight @15 fps. "Object Detail" will also crash frames when you need them the most in a busy scene. Read my sig:
  7. ratszo

    Game crashes before start

    Had pc restarting at the menu. Was also restarting on another game, sometimes, spawning in, so likely my old power unit is fading. Two things i did yesterday to get ingame: --Deleted the 'Mark' folder. Then forced a re-download thru steams 'Verify cache'. About 500 mb. --Sweetened the voltage to gpu by .20v using afterburner. Can't say it's a perm fix. Haven't started the game up today, but it's what i did. Good luck!
  8. Razer driver here. Remember a post about "high pole rate" causing lag. At the time, i lowered my pole rate to 500/s. Hope that helps.
  9. ratszo

    Freez Arma 3 for medium PC

    4 gb ram is suspect. How much ram is used running backround stuff?
  10. ratszo

    Game crashes: Memory and Graphics

    "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" ======= May consider installing an older driver version? An older driver fixed it for this guy at 15th, meu: http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?topic=14023.0 Good luck!
  11. An old generic fix is to "repair" NetFramework found in 'installed programs'.
  12. ratszo

    Joystick Axis vs Keyboard Press

    Can set the "response curve" thru ingame config. Also, can shorten the dead-zone on the stick's control panel.
  13. ratszo

    Napoleonic Era Addon's

    Keep the dream alive ..., thank you.
  14. ratszo

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    I plan to be just like you, --'Cept drowning in pussy at Clark Field ....
  15. ratszo

    BIS, any work being done on Voice Over Network?

    I'm glad you're still following this issue. VON has been broken for years now --how can that be? How can broken comms be ignored for so long? Fix von; fix the core feature --20 months is long enough to figure it out.
  16. ratszo

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    Playing as light infantry felt good. Light infantry now have a clear advantage in movement & maneuver. You heavies need to embrace your limitations.
  17. Yeah, that ain't right. Only time i had something like that was after flashing my bios, forgot to reinstall the 'chip set' drivers. Can find those drivers thru the motherboard's manufacturer's web site. good luck!
  18. Thank you so much. Started crashing bsod on arma & an other game. Sys scan/repair thru cmd: sfc /scannow command ..., i owe you a beer.
  19. Loaded .45 cal tracers for a test.... Quite easy to see, no change. --Oops! sorry, tested on stable.
  20. ratszo

    Is this normal ??

    Yeah, just tried it. It does cycle to rifle first in prone position. Think you found a bug.
  21. Could be overheating the cpu. Laptop?
  22. Try lowering 'object detail'. Can look at reducing view & object distances. Tune setting for combat. Create a mission with enough stuff going on to floor frames, then tweak the settings for better fps. I benchmark off an old training mission that had me spawning in at 16-18 fps --now i'm at 29-31 fps on it. Good Luck.
  23. ratszo

    different ARMA 3 Client configs

    No way to change arma profile ingame. My saitek software allows for up to 3 profiles or "Shift-states", locked or unlocked by "Latching" any button one wishes to use. --So i use a button on the base to switch to my pilot profile for helos. --Another button close to my thumb locks zoom & a 'hold breath/fire on release' trigger. For steering, got both X-axis & twist-axis right/left --so each has 50% range. Makes for very smooth steering. Good software makes a good stick. Good Luck! PS --here's a link to my saitek programing manual: http://www.saitek.com/manuals/st/SST_Manual_En.html Also was thinking, one could alt-tab back to desktop to change profiles without restarting arma?
  24. ratszo

    HOJAM? (joystick+mouse)

    Throw right' bat left. Basic thing 'bout using a stick is good software to programme the stick --a dry input is not near enough. My saitak js software been using for years, know the in's & out's.. Really, it's all about combining actions between index finger & thumb --plus the x, y, z axis'. For example, my button 4 (under the thumb), lowers weapon, zooms out & freelook. --oh and click twice will change combat pace. It gets very idiosyncratic. Shift keys can change the profile, i have a helo profile on my button 9. If you got saitek software. pm me 'cause i got lots of tricks.