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  1. chrzrw79

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Used it a lot shortly before 1.6 update and still, but i used to many mods to recreate some of the issues i had with spawning or factions not shown. I highly recommend to short down your modset to a minimum to make troubleshooting somehow effective at all. Right now im using this ALIVE/CAF Modset with no issues: A3:ALiVE CAF 1.5 MCC Sandbox 3den Enhanced A3 MapPack 1.4 A3 MapPack Additional Pack 1.1 CUP TerrainsCore 1.0.1 CUP Units 1.3.1 CUP Vehicles 1.3 CUP Weapons 1.6 Fallujah 1.2 (A2 Map) No issues atm, will keep you updated! Thxx for your great work \o/
  2. Alive ADMIN Actions and Keybinds working again... refering to spyderblacks post in official alive forums here: http://alivemod.com/forum/2082-no-combat-support-menu-since-1-60-update after using this: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/releases/tag/v1.0.6.1605301 Thank you very much!
  3. Same here! ALIVE Key isnt showing any menues ingame at all When trying to configure ALIVE Controls i only get some drawing options and adding key20 at custom keys didnt work.
  4. Read and interview with .kju about ALLinARMA and Arma3 here: http://thearmainterviews.blogspot.de
  5. Read and interview with .kju about ALLinARMA and Arma3 here: http://thearmainterviews.blogspot.de
  6. chrzrw79

    Esbekistan Map v.1.0 20x20

    Read an interview about ESBEKISTAN @ The Arma Interviews
  7. Interview about MSO @ The Arma Interviews Plus some hot info about a new Arma3 Gamemode called "ALiVE":bounce3: The Arma Interviews
  8. .kju speaks about his mod "All in Arma" @ The Arma Interviews The Arma Interviews
  9. chrzrw79

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Shay_gman speaks about his Mod @ thearmainterviews.blogspot.de Check this brandnew Interviewblog!!! Interview about MCC-Sanbox @ thearmainterviews.blogspot.de
  10. chrzrw79

    Turkey gets it "Arab Spring" ?

    @Vilas: If the people in a democratic society decide and agree that everyone living in it should be treated equal and live freely, and then on the other hand, they protest against people who are "different" and dont live thier lives how the majority does, this kind of democracy makes no real sense for me!
  11. This Issue has already been reported here: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/all-in-arma/issues
  12. if it would keep track of the killed AI after respawning/retriggering them, this would be EXACTLY what im looking for! anyway: very nice job!!
  13. chrzrw79

    COWarModACE Release thread

    i still get error after patching the files...
  14. Hello Guys, we love to play "air Inbound 2" http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16505 its awesome in generating random missions but you always have to restart after finishing task is there a way to put this mission in cycle mode? like after i returned to the base, just simply get a new task an keep on...!? thxx 4 helping, chris
  15. chrzrw79

    Psychobastard's Coop Missions

    heyhey love your AirInbound Mission!!! would like to make som changes can u help? sent private message!! ...hoffe bis bald!