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  1. I edit the island Chernarus. When I export world (PEW-to-WRP) the Visitor 3 releases message "Unknown error during export of named areas", and when I run a game, it releases message "Config: some input after EndOfFile".
  2. VGD

    ARMA 2:OA Expansion Manager

    Hi, I launched a add-on via " -mod=", and then deleted it, but its entry still appear in Expansions menu. As I can delete the entry?
  3. Hi, I propose to make a Bear add-on for Chernarus to enrich the nature of this country. Therefore, it is time to make an animation for human models that allows to climb vertical surfaces. This can be done using animation to crawl on the ground.
  4. Hi, Expansions menu works incorrectly: it shows nonexistent addons (I removed them) and Up / Down buttons do not active...
  5. Hi, I am sorry if I mistaken that write here, but I has not found another place. I have two ideas: - Now, a some of objects are placed in the map editor called Visitor, other some of objects are placed in the mission editor. I suggest to develop technology that can allow the mission makers place all the objects on a map in the mission editor only, including roads. While a map contains only information about itself. This approach allows to edit an environment without a need unpack the PBO file of the map. - Now the City Generator add-on exists, but the process is complicated by the uneven surface in a location for the city generation. I suggest to develop technology that can temporarily align surface under the city. What do you think about this?
  6. Hi everyone! I want to use the names of existing (BIS) locations on the map, but I can not know what the "name of location." I found only one example on this issue in the wiki: NameLocation = name myLocation; What expression displays? Thanks
  7. Hi to all my players! I have updated the ArmA 2: OHR. See here Let's go to play:D
  8. Hi to all my players! I have updated the ArmA 2: OHR. See here Let's go to play:D
  9. Hi to all! I downloaded the Sample Data from Wiki and opened them in Oxygen 2 (BI Tools 2.5.1), all was good. But after, I couldn't do this and I receive message "Unable to load file. Load error". Aside this, now I can't open previous version of the ArmA Sample Models, but I can view them by Buldozer. Reinstalling of BI Tools don't gave the desired result.:( But I detected that program opens files only via P:\CA, NOT via C:\Documents and Settings\<userprofile>\My Documents\ArmAWork
  10. Hi to all my players! I have released two BETA versions of ArmA 2: OHR. See here Let's go to play:D
  11. Hi to all my players! I have released BETA version of OHR_s2ep1frs.Chernarus. See here Let's go to play:D
  12. Hi to all my players! The work on the Operation HARVEST-RED project continues. I have released BETA versions of three missions. See here
  13. It's a good idea that game developers indicate in the information for the game, who did exactly that, and links to the BI forums, where they can be contacted. It's easier to find them. Official links at this location http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/contacts is not obvious to anyone who is looking for them.
  14. I have sent the e-mail to the https://store.bistudio.com/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1&Itemid=50 Is there another address?
  15. Hi everyone! Now I am trying to contact the author(s) of Chernarus and Utes Maps. I asked BIStudio through the e-mail but have not received any response. Someone knows how I can contact the author(s) of these add-ons directly. Thanks:D