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  1. christiandjurberg

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Do you guys find the "Tobii 4C" under Options/Controlls/Controller? Or is only the "Tobii EyeX" displayed even tho you use the later 4C controller like I do? For me only Tobii EyeX controller is displayed and I wounder if thats why I have some issues. -And what about the head tracking? Is that implemented yet or not? Dosnt work for me, even tho I use ISE...
  2. christiandjurberg

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Bat idea to restrict both resolutions and sizes btw... BAAAAD idea.... :( Takes forever to photoshop/ fixing your photos. What does the resolution really matter? I mean some of your best old screenshots might not even be in HD and that makes them Low-HD when enlarging. Bad idea. Please remove this restriction? :) :wub: :ph34r:
  3. christiandjurberg

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Unable to change resoulution in YouTube videas on specific "Unit page"... When clicking the resolution wheel in the embedded YouTube video the "display window" changes to the next video/ screenshot. Thx
  4. christiandjurberg

    Oculus support

    Any update on the Oculus support here? And especially for my DK2? :) :wub:
  5. Does anyone know if there is any parachute object of an "ejected and landed" parachute which you can ad as an object on the ground for enhancing the immersion of when the mission starts like if you where a paratrooper? I cannot find any in the CUP objects anyway. Anybody knowing any mod of this or similar? Thx
  6. christiandjurberg

    RPA - ASOR Selector Box

    Any updates regarding this?
  7. Im having the same issue as some other people regarding the " Addon 'CUP_Bohemia_Config' requires addon 'CAMisc'​ " displaying for my PC client (no server)... -Any fix for this yet?
  8. Im having the same issue with the " Addon 'CUP_Bohemia_Config' requires addon 'CAMisc'​ " displaying for my PC client (no server)... Any fix for this yet?
  9. Are we really sure that this wasnt a 1st of april joke because the news came exactly that 1st of april all over the net? :/
  10. Anyone else having problems with getting the Apache to start? I have started it and flown before with no problems at all. First I thought it was my new HOTAS Warthog but now when trying without it cabled in I get the same issue. My old X45 worked without a problem :( When releasing the rotor-lock the heli stops/Enginge/ APU shuts down after a few seconds... I armed it and refuled it to be sure as well. Im I missing something? I do the exact same procedure as before and lite all tourtorials on the internet... :( Starting to feel stupit! haha My Coop pilot/ friend has no problem what so ever and were doing exactly the same thing / procedure... Help Pleease! :butbut: :) Anyone think its related to the Warthog HOTAS? Other experiences?
  11. Please read the readme in the filedownload from Armaholic :)
  12. christiandjurberg

    ArmA 3 stops recognizing joystick as controller

    Same here... :( Just bought my new HOTAS Warthog and this is what I get?! OMG! Hahahaha My 15 year old Seitek X45 did the job but... Why? BIA Pleeease attend to this issue. A heli DLC but no Joystick support? :( I will try the above and report in later on these workarounds /Blue Angel ---------- Post added at 06:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:50 PM ---------- I can add that I'm using a "one to many" USB Multiplayer connector. In other words the HOTAS Warthog two USB connectors and two other USB cables into a branch that then is connected to the PC via one USB cable. But that could not be the reason I guess from aboves post to tell :( ---------- Post added at 07:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:57 PM ---------- Please repost this in the thread... :) I'll try this "workaround ". Think I registered for this once a while ago. -No wonder they will release the win 10 as a free upgrade for win 7 & 8 users hahaha ---------- Post added at 07:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:05 PM ---------- Please repost this in the thread... :) I'll try this "workaround ". Think I registered for this once a while ago. -No wonder they will release the win 10 as a free upgrade for win 7 & 8 users hahaha
  13. Hi, Thx for this Wonderful mod! :) Too bad I have start up procedure issues from time to time. Maybe its related to my new HOTAS Warthog i a guess I have? Nod sure if these bugs mentioned bellow is already reported or not. Couldn't read through all 97 pages :cool: Visual weapons loaded bug: Steps to reproduce: When sitting in heli as pilot, arming (changing armament). Looking outside in 3rd person the riggs for loaded missiles looks/ displays empty (but its armed/ loaded. Swithcing to gunner and looking in 3rd person the missiles is in place. My bigger issue atm... I just installed my new HOTAS Warthog joystick, do you have an bug reports regarding this already? Rotary lock Steps to reproduce: Rotary lock keeps being locked after its been (clicked ) unlocked (w. "custom button 20") when using my HOTAS WARTHOG (Just got one! ;) Tried flipping all my new switches but no luck, and no control conflicts from what I can see :( Worked yesterda (almost all the time) on m old Saitek X45, Im looking in to this deeper at the moment, just like the tester I am :) Please let me know if you need help with testing in future projects :) Ill keep on posting bugs if I find any :) Thank You! ---------- Post added 02-26-2015 at 12:03 AM ---------- Previous post was 02-25-2015 at 10:26 PM ---------- I can inform that its on ARMA3 I play with the latest ArmA3 AH64D addon... Rotor seems Locked even tho it says its not, both in left display in the menu and the switch/ button is also set to off/ unlocked but you can see how the rotor keeps fighting forward but its getting stucked right away.