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  1. Have one Question Mark regarding the DLC... At first i enjoyed DLC well done...have now allready done the 10 SP Missions.......(AI is still struggle sometimes, but this oveall Arma Problem Bridges of Hell :) But the Leo gameplay was still a strugle for me without external View and only playing as Commander. Some of the RHS Tanks, you can point your Gunner to view a Direction with the "ALT-Tab" Key, in the Leo when you dissmiss a Target with the none stabilised commander view, the gunner will stubborn every time yank the Turret around. After sometime you going nuts with zooming out and try to look Targets behind one Tree Branch. Is it possible to give the Leo also the Feature to point the Gunner with the Alt Combo to overview ah Direction? Would be improve overall the gameplay with the mobile Leo.
  2. After the RHS update doesn't load anymore with Class errors, but on the next Day it worked again with no problems.... So wrong alert sorry :D
  3. With the new RHS update the Forgotten Few is broken with error of missing Classes sadly..
  4. mad_mm

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Possible to add the 1P78 Kashtan as Rail Mounted optic in future?
  5. After long abstinence from Arma only buy it again to play this Campaign again still a Artwork thx King... Complete my First Run trough the Campaign, still got some Question left and things that I noticed... First when current Time in the Operation Planning Menu is night the Mission play afterwards in Daylight you get equipped with Night Sight on the RPG, possible to get second set of RPG for Night and Day? Some of the Missions are playing deep behind enemy Lines, the approach with Heli and Ground vehicles sometime really troublesome.. Possible to get another Option personally found really nice the insertion with a Boat after we still on a Isle?
  6. It would be a nice idea i think, if you could call a airstrike from two Su-25 in some Missions instead of artillery
  7. mad_mm

    RH wip thread

    Is perhaps a gun for Russia in planning such as MP-443 Gratsch? OPFOR has no modern Handgun except the Makarov.....
  8. Good News, the civilians are the right step foward, for next Arma 3 King Nothing must be made the new Campaign, not the lame crazy Tank drive....
  9. There also Desert VDV Units from SARMAT....
  10. Hi it's the best Campaign since OFP, i play the addon Version i love the RHS things... I have also little bit trouble and stuff i would like to see... The first thing is there standing from time to time civilian vehicles on the Main Road (random script?) they block the Road for the troops transporter and the AI goes crazy (in one mission the AI drive wilde 10 minutes by the villiage) The Idear to aport the Helo is also a good thing, in one mission a enemy soldier hidden near the Spark Sqoud at a house, the Helo kill all with unguided Rockets. statistics one enemy and 6 red Soldiers ;) The third thing is a little bit atmosphere, i mean a red army checkpoint or civillians in the villiage, it's not priority but make's the campaign near perfect... Thanks for the best Campaign and read my crappy English