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  1. zxxxrhs

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    Does anyone know where the steam version places player-made scenarios?
  2. I'm playing ArmA:CWA with FFUR2007 and I have problem with civilians that they run in direction of attacker, run as a horde into a nearby building despite getting gunned down, etc. Is there any way to make them run away from danger?
  3. I'm making a mission where the player character isn't expected to survive. Is it possible to display debriefing on loss? Is it possible to make the player win the mission if they died, but fulfilled an objective, for example killed more than x enemies?
  4. Hello! I'm new to ArmA2. When I try to run the mod (with parameters: mod=@Addons;@CBA_CO;@COSLX), I get an error: Addon 'SLX_Cartriges' requires addon 'CAWeapons_E'. In main menu I get an error: Cannot load material file ca\characters_e\heads\male\defaulthead\data\hhl\white.rvmat. Some parts of the mod seem to work, but not all. For example wounds and gore don't work (SLX logo/loading screen shows up, weapons seem to have different sounds and some stuff seems to be different). Any idea what's wrong and how to make wounds and gore work? I have ArmA2: Combined Operations from GOG.
  5. zxxxrhs

    OFP Addon request thread

    Are there any addons that make civilians more diverse, make their behaviour more realistic and most importantly, add their own sounds?
  6. I noticed that it doesn't change round types. Is there any way to make it fire correct ammo?
  7. zxxxrhs

    Is it worth buying?

    Is it available in any DRM-free store?
  8. zxxxrhs

    Vehicle optics zoom?

    I had to copy the whole ViewOpticsBase class and rename it to ViewOptics because it claimed that the ViewOpticsBase class isn't defined or something. Now it works. Thanks a lot!
  9. zxxxrhs

    Vehicle optics zoom?

    A tank. I'm trying to disable zooming in and out.
  10. zxxxrhs

    Vehicle optics zoom?

    Where should I place it? I tried directly in the class and it didn't change anything. The same with pasting in a modified ViewGunnerBase and ViewOpticsBase classes.
  11. Is it possible to regulate it?
  12. zxxxrhs

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    Even generic vanilla OFP optics would be better than aiming with the centre of the screen.
  13. zxxxrhs

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    If it's an engine problem, I think that it would be better make a larger (wider?) model that would be more stable. While it would look ahistorical, 90% of vehicles keeling over during attack over a slightly uneven ground is even less historical. Any chances for guns, tanks, etc. getting sights?
  14. zxxxrhs

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    Does anyone else have problems with epileptic Renault FTs? They tend to spin/dance in place and very often keel over during the "dance".