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  1. Studio Mod.UA want to introduce to you new screen shots of our new addon of ukrainian peacekeepers in Afghanistan (period 2010-2011years) Note: As an example we’ve taken contemporary Ukrainian ISAF contingent. They are under еру Lithuanian command, that’s why they use G-36 and other Western equipment. Real photos of peacekeepers (february - october 2011) In-game screens *clickable There are still several bugs: -Problem with backpacks -No thermal textures -Language issue with BLUFOR units We are continuing the development and hope to release stable and bug-free version in near future.
  2. Ukrainian recons, version 1.0 from Mod.UA *clickable We've tried to make them as close as we could according to photo (description) of reconnaissance/special forces from real life: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Independence - UAF - Men In addon there are: - Sniper in "Ghillie" - Recon in KLMK with taÑtical vest "AK-12" from "STS" - Recon in KLMK with standart pouch for AK-magazines ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: LystonoÅ¡a Config , testing and military consultation: TankisT * If you have proposition write here aus-ugr@yandex.ru ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [h4]Attention: this add-on may only work correctly with addon of Armed forces of Ukraine !!![/h4] Also you need RH Ak's Pack for using this addon ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD
  3. TankisT_UA

    KAMAZ pack , version 1.0

    By the way - the real photo of "(KFOR) KAMAZ": *Kosovo, summer 2011
  4. This retexture addon includes few ukrainian KAMAZ vehicles You can find them: Independence - UAF - Vehicles/Support KAMAZ (Open/Tent/KFOR/Fuel/Ammo/Support) Author: Lystonoša DOWNLOAD * You need Pack of ukrainian mechanized infantry to use this addon Also, please visit English section of our site, where you can get information, or download other our addons for Arma 2!!!
  5. Sorry mate, but only with this pack, because in our army are used that variants of AK-74/AKS-74, which are not included in the standart version of ArmA2 :(
  6. Thank's =) And i'm going to write about section in mechanized Forces of Ukraine (I think in Russia Army that same complectation) for that users who are going to make anturage missions: Squad - Commander AV, MD, GO, 2 machinegunners with RPK-74, R, TL,SN, AT-Spec. commander AV- commander Armored vehicle (BTR-80/ BMP-2) MD- mechanic - driver GO- gun operator TL - Team Leader R - Rifleman SN - Sniper AT-spec. - AT-Specialist
  7. *clickable At last we made promised release:yay: So, what's new (link to old version below!) : - Totally remade the model of body armor; - Totally remade the texture of uniforms, equipment & blood; - Added to adequately cartridge pouches, etc. (quantity of cartridge pouches to be equal to the quantity of cartridges); - A version with the AK by RH; - Several new models of infantrymen (engineer, medic, pilots ...); - New textures of blood - Camouflage no longer glitters. For comparison - the old version of our units * Units are not united in groups . Examples of complectation of ukrainian forces squads will be below... We have different variations of oure troops: _######## - In body armour and protectors <######## - Without body armour in beret >######## - Without body armour in helmet -######## - Without body armour in cap without index - With body armour in helmet ================================================ DOWNLOAD English version with RH Ak's Pack ================================================ DOWNLOAD Ukrainian version with RH Ak's Pack Also, please visit English section of our site, where you can get information, or download other our addons for Arma 2!!!
  8. 2 new screenshots: *clickable Oh, and release will be at the monday-wednesday
  9. Hmmm... find me in ukrainian army soldiers with pistols! :) There is an officer on screens!
  10. Thanks :-) About your tanks we will write you later, ok?
  11. Recent updates from 09-05-2011: *clickable Also, please visit English section of our site, where you can get information, or download other our addons for Arma 2!!!
  12. "Combined operation":colgate: *clickable
  13. I'm in shock! :-) That's ... incredible for us! I will discuss your proposal with my "boss":D ... but, as i wrote in my 1-st post, in our plans first of all - our infantry)