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  1. I logged in just to say: Amazing work!
  2. Great job, even tho I don't lik MOBAs, this is quite fun (:
  3. Yeah! Finally, this is something that I miss on ArmA. It is needed in vehicles too!
  4. Hey guys, your work is getting better every patch =D But, after yesterday's hotfix, the tanks are impossibles to destroy. I want to know if this is only happening to me, before posting anything of dev-heaven .
  5. tyxo

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Agreed! Where do I sign ? I like all the other stuff.
  6. Dude, I have no word for this. just, AWESOME :O *-* Grats for you release, and grats for us too :D
  7. Holy sh1t! I cant believe. Congratulations Dean and Bohemia. Looking forward to it, but, as said, we want ArmA III D:. Thanks guys.
  8. tyxo

    DayZ as a Standalone game...?

    Now as my VGA died, I'm not playing it anymore, but what I heard about is that the players only kill each other and they are all kids, I loved the mod, but just remember that BIS is not EA. As a DLC or a mod it would be a good idea to ArmA III. I played bobtom's DZS and DayZ, I watched the gamemode of my dreams becoming a zombie deathmatch. Thanks for forget that we play ArmA not CoD. But, the mod is really good (:
  9. tyxo

    Music Recommendations

    Music ? Where ? Jesus.
  10. You'll see, it is to much fun when you find another people needing help or they find you when you need, trading with unknown people, man, I'm loving this mod. ---------------------- Good trailer Rocket, you guys are doing an awesome work. Thanks from me and my friends for your dedication on this mod.
  11. tyxo

    Celle 2

    Wow, waiting to test this thanks :D
  12. Nazi Zombies \o/ And, bobtom, did you fix those problems ? Will you add savage scripts ?
  13. In the top of priorities, i think, not just add new things(no idea), but fix the old things, AND try to add some salvage scripts to gain funds to make a base and this stuff. I like the idea of salvaging bodies and wrecks. Also add some custom ammo crates with one, or two weapons only and few ammo. Fix the respawn problem with CoIn, just resync the module to player "module synchronizeObjectsAdd [xxx];" in the init.sqf, i guess you already know. And try to organize a little more the missions files xD. Thanks to the progress. You did a great job in this mission ;D