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  1. I know, however, it's good enough for me though, given the low end computer. Did a small test with 59 AI (and me) on open ground. Got framerates at around 20-25. Acceptable given the specs.
  2. Playing on similar specs but with a Radeon HD 4850 card 500 MB. Having everything on Standard except textures and objects on high. AA off, resolution at 1366*768. View distance quite low, at around 2000m. Acceptable performance with around 15-20 characters (AI), worse in towns and villages. Works surprisingly well. However, I'm quite resistant to low framerates.
  3. because it has to, given ARMA's aims in AI, projectile calculations etcetera.
  4. is there any way to build a "wall" only for the AI around the water, disallowing them to enter it at all?
  5. And the bad computer among all these expansive deathmachines, will it run it at all? CPU: E8400 3Ghz 2 cores GPU: Radeon HD 4850 500 MB Resolution: 1366*768 RAM: 4 GB Its above minimum but a long way from recommended.... However, it runs Arma 2 surprisingly well.
  6. Maybe reduce the amount of blue on the sat map? The grass looks somewhat alien. Love the atmosphere though!
  7. Pfhaota

    Chernarus Satmap and Topographical map

    strange, the Image output option "write to disk" should create an image. Try with Fuse and display (it will not really fuse them together as all other options are nulled, but only stitch them). There is no progress bar, so sometimes it can seem like it never appears. Check if the exe's process is active in the task manager to be sure. Edit: Now I'm checking around in fiji directly. It's been awhile since I used it, e.g. I only used the now deprecated methods which I find easier to use. It seems like the new interface won't allow no fusing but still stitch. You could use the deprecated methods or fuse the images together with a very low overlap and the median method (which should be the fastest). Or find another program. :( Good luck.
  8. Pfhaota

    Chernarus Satmap and Topographical map

    use: s_{xxx}_{yyy}_lco.tif as you use 2 counters now, one per dimension, instead on one. (and set fusion method to none and remove compute overlap checkbox)
  9. Pfhaota

    Chernarus Satmap and Topographical map

    First, do not use any fusion method, as all your pics will fit perfectly together from the start. As for the error, use the filename defined position option instead. The lack of result is caused by fusion, which is extremely CPU intensive, giving the impression of nothing happening. If you turn off all the fusion/blend/overlap options, the process will be quicker. Check the task manager and you'll notice that it is working.
  10. Pfhaota

    Chernarus Satmap and Topographical map

    I think the .paa-files can be converted by command line by using Pal2PacE (as bulldozer does, but the other way around), and after you can stitch them automatically through an image processing program. Personally I've used the program Fiji, which can stitch images based on their filename. It is mostly used to stitch medical scans together but it's very versatile.
  11. Pfhaota

    Own terrain textures

    Yes, unless you use the method described in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?142178-mask_Ico-has-a-limit-of-4-layers
  12. Use Export Elevation Grid option and choose .XYZ there using space as delimiter. It is too big. It can be scaled down too whichever dimensions you need. However, I wouldn't recommend it as you would need to REALLY scale it down in order to make it possible to create. Chernarus is 15x15 km, your map would be 240x240km. I would recommend doing a small portion of the border area (5x5 or maybe 10x10 at a maximum) in order to get a hang of it, and later, if you still like creating content to arma, create a new map. However doing anything close to a full scale Cyprus is impossible.
  13. Pfhaota

    maps under construction:

    I might be wrong. I don't know if it's exclusively for PR, only that it's made for PR.
  14. Pfhaota

    maps under construction:

    If it is only for PR, there won't be any AI. Anyway, it looks fantastic.