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  1. Cards525

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I can't get this to work with Zeus, no matter what I do. Yes, I selected "Unofficial mods" in the Game Master. I tried manually syncing mods, that didn't work either. some help would be great
  2. Cards525


    Great Script man. Currently using it to randomly position a downed pilot :D 10/10 make more plz
  3. ... What you just said is EXACTLY what DAC does.... Lol
  4. Cards525

    US Marines

    You could make your own config.cpp... I've done it before.
  5. Pretty sure I asked this already, but Its been too long... The AI In my mission keep engaging each other while on the same side. fun=["z2",[1,0,0],[8,4,30,50],[],[],[],[0,11,2,11,1]] spawn DAC_Zone Dunno how I screwed up here. Help would be appreciated :D
  6. Cards525

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Couldn't find any documentation on the subject so I'll be blunt Any way to disable MCC from being used in a mission?
  7. Cards525

    Rabbits Invasion )

    Its all part of the conspiracy maaaan. BI'll get us one day with them bunnies, you all called me crazy but you just wait!
  8. Dunno where the bug reporter is so Ill dump muh stuff here. When you use AddItemCargo to put a uniform in a crate, only host can acess and use it. Otherwise uniform has to be dropped and picked up off the ground or a dead person. Otherwise the games perfect. Lovin it. Woulda wished for some Fixed-wing assets, even if it was a Civi Bi-plane haha
  9. mikie your a genius! Iceman, yours was good as well :), got me some framework to use :D Thanks e'reyone.
  10. The code didn't work. Could you try attaching it in an example mission? Maybe Im just putting it in wrong
  11. nothin. :( Does the script have to let the cache be destroyed before it can run or will it run with a fresh cache?
  12. Question. Would it be easier to replace the _PLMarker variable with a pre-placed marker and move it each time? IE : if (playerSide == West) then { _pos = [(getpos Cache_1 select 0) + 15, (getpos Cache_1 select 1) + 15, 0]; Markurhurhur setmarkerpos _Pos; Markurhurhur setMarkerDir (getdir Cache_1); }; Something along those lines?
  13. Just to verify. This is for an MP mission. Multiple people and it needs to run for a long ass time. Just to clarify that. player addEventHandler ["Killed","[player] execVM "mkr.sqf""] how will I re'do that then for multiple people
  14. Its for multiplayer :), if that makes any difference. And thank you. ---------- Post added at 02:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:51 PM ---------- Uh, ran into an issue. The marker won't delete and re-create. deleteMarker _plMarker; if (playerSide == West) then { _pos = [(getpos Cache_1 select 0) + 15, (getpos Cache_1 select 1) + 15, 0]; _plMarker = createMarker ["Cache1", _pos]; _plMarker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _plMarker setmarkerShape "Ellipse"; _plMarker setMarkerText format["Ammo cache?"]; _plMarker setMarkerSize [150, 150]; _plMarker setMarkerDir (getdir Cache_1); }; Hint "Complete"; The init of the box is 0 = [this, 300] execVM "Scripts\crB_scripts\crB_HousePos.sqf"; 0 = [this] execvm "Scripts\marker.sqf"; veh = [this, 10, 9999999, 0, False, FALSE, "0 = [this, 250] execVM 'Scripts\crB_scripts\crB_HousePos.sqf';0 = [this] execvm 'Scripts\marker.sqf'"] execVM "Scripts\vehicle.sqf";